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  1. Well, unless all the people lined up waving excitedly on the kerb suddenly ran out of shot and were replaced by a completely different set of onlookers, the brief clip purporting to be the turn onto Elm is a re-creation and not a part of Zapruder's original film.
  2. http://www.jfkassassinationforum.com/index.php/topic,8916.0.html or http://www.jfkassassinationforum.com/index.php/topic,12177.0.html 337 pages of Prayer Man discussion to get your teeth into.
  3. Excellent news. Very pleased to hear the site will continue.
  4. Re Lovelady's shirt. Buttoned or unbuttoned? There is a very brief moment in the Martin film where Lovelady moves into a position where you can see his shirt is unbuttoned. I'm currently on an iPad and not able to post a frame capture. However there is an article on precisely this subject here: http://22november1963.org.uk/oswald-on-tsbd-front-steps I don't believe that 'Prayer Man' could be seen from Altgens position in 'Altgens 6' so it seems clear to me that Lovelady isn't Prayer Man. From the footage that is available I think it's highly unlikely that Prayer Man could have seen the
  5. It helps to see other photos from different angles to have a clearer perspective where everybody is. While this frame from the Weigman film isn't exactly the same moment, the President's car has just gone past, a couple of ladies seem to be reacting and a man is looking back over his shoulder obviously distracted by something behind him. Clearly Prayer Man wouldn't be seen from Altgens position I think the only part of the black man's body visible from Altgen's position would be his head. His neck is obscured by the hair of another person standing further along Elm St which also makes it
  6. This could shake everything up..? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2512339/Will-footage-second-shooter-prove-Lee-Harvey-Oswald-did-NOT-act-JFK-shooting.html
  7. From the Independent Newspaper, UK. Sept 2nd. "Parkland is the name of the Dallas Hospital to which President John F Kennedy was rushed after he was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22nd 1963. “It’s a xxxxty place to die,” we hear one character murmur in Peter Landesman’s new ensemble drama, produced by Tom Hanks and set in Dallas at the time of Kennedy’s assassination. The film is very well filmed in a verite style reminiscent of DA Pennebaker documentaries of the early 60s. There is constant use of handheld camera and lots of sweaty close-ups of panicked FBI agents and medical staff
  8. Fascinating thread. From the close up crop above it looks to me like Prayer Man turns as if to head back into the building At the final frames I think that is his neck your seeing.
  9. I've been following the debate on goal line technology for sometime. Today FIFA have made a decision that they intend to use 'GoalControl' at the next World Cup. An elaborate system of 14 cameras that follow the ball and can signal to the Referee that the ball has crossed the line within a second. 'Hawkeye' aren't entirely out of the equation. The FA may well decide to use them instead for Premier League games. From day one I've been all for the idea. There have been too many instances since Geoff Hurst famously hit the underside of the bar in the 1966 World Cup Final and, nowadays, too muc
  10. You'd be better off using a photo hosting website. For example photobucket.com. Upload the images there, without reducing the size, then link to them here.
  11. This episode is quickly turning into a disaster for the BBC. However, their main rivals ITV will be mortified that one of their presenters, Phillip Schofield, committed such an inexcusable faux pax on live television that has been widely and justifiably condemned by journalists, politicians... pretty much everybody. In fairness to Cameron, the last thing he could've expected to have been handed by Schofield ( who presents 'Dancing On Ice' and the occasional Quiz Show when he isn't presenting the light and frothy 'This Morning' show) was a list of suspected peadophiles he'd found in a few min
  12. Sorry to hear this news. RIP Jack .
  13. I'm at the back, second in from the left John. Regulars here might be interested to know that John Richardson (first on the left) was officially the first person in the UK to hear that JFK had been shot at. John's first job when he left school was as office boy in the Reuters London office. One of his tasks was to watch the 'ticker' machine and take any important breaking news through to the editors. He was just finishing up for the day when the ticker tape machine kicked in...
  14. Yes, it's almost un-readable these days. I think editorially they are aiming at the people who actually buy newspapers these days. Hence the deluge of articles about 'Soaps, reality shows and X-Factor' You're right though, the JFK assassination crops up fairly frequently. I made it on to the sports pages a couple of years back. So, purely to lighten the mood, check this out
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