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  1. Jack, my best wishes for successful surgery today and a speedy recovery. Mark Haley
  2. Just wondering what impact the corset JFK was wearing would have on the measurements of the shirt. The existence of the 'back brace' (see link below) suggests to me JFK would be wearing a slightly larger shirt than he would normally otherwise require http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1287783/posts
  3. The Daily Mail have run with the story today. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1381431/Marilyn-Monroe-visited-Frank-Sinatras-retreat-night-died.html
  4. My first thought was it looked very similar to the opening of the 'Watchmen' film and was expecting to see the 'Comedian' appear in front of the fence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v34hQQz7GvY 2m 25sec
  5. Mark Haley

    The Run In

    More clubs than usual are in for a tense few weeks by the looks of things down at the foot of the table. You could realistically argue that even Sunderland up in 9th place are still looking over their shoulders. The gap is only 6 points. A couple of wins is all it takes to jump up several places. Usually at least one team has been cut adrift by this stage of the season. That hasn't happened this time around. It seems everybody has evrything to play for. So, who's for the high jump ? From what I've seen over the season I think Wolves, Birmingham and West Ham will have enough to pull away f
  6. I was merely pointing out that Hill wasn't stationary when he began his attempt to catch up with JFK's car.
  7. Just bear in mind Hill is actually already moving at whatever speed the follow up car was travelling at. For arguments sake, let's say the follow up car was roughly matching the speed of the President's Limo. If so, Hill was already travelling at 9 mph + before he even started running.
  8. A very pleasant trip down to Upton Park for a change. Maybe it was the couple of pints with various other Haleys in the Black Lion before the game that put me in a relaxed mood but I sat back into my seat quietly confident. For a while it looked misplaced as Burnley seemed far the more likely to score in the first 20 minutes. Green made a couple of decent saves to keep things level. Hitzelberger changed all that with an excellent 25 yard debut strike that swerved a couple of times en route to the back of the net. I'd been one of the fortunate ones who saw him play pre-season before (in typ
  9. Well... I'm sat here enduring an extraordinary first half at West Ham. Currently 3-0, it should actually be 6-2 ( sorry 6-3, O'Neill just hit the bar) If I had to settle for one word to sum up what I'm witnessing I'd probably go with 'appalling'. It's one of the most inept, clueless displays of defending I've seen in 6 decades - and that's saying something. The board clearly can't afford to sack him but Grant should be placed on 'gardening leave' immediately - and I mean immediately. he shouldn't even make it to the tunnel - and literally anybody put in temporarily as caretaker manager until
  10. That was a poor decision substituting Sears near the end against Everton. It left us with nobody up front to compete for the ball and invited Everton to press forward at will. 2 points lost.
  11. It really is awful how Avram Grant has been treated the last few weeks. He's been seriously undermined yet the team goes into the 2nd leg of League Cup a goal up and also put a reasonable enough run together to keep us within touching distance of the teams in the relegation mire. Until the defeat at home to Arsenal only Man Utd had a better record over the last month... Martin O'Neill is no doubt lined up to take over and is probably our best chance at avoiding relegation. However, he must surely be aware of the abysmal treatment Grant has received and I for one wouldn't blame him if he pas
  12. They used to have 'guess your age' booths at the fairground/carnival. At least I think they did. Perhaps I'm imagining it? I'd be really embarrased if Illunga and I went over, only to find their isn't one there ;-)
  13. One of the 'comments' below the article is actually very critical. 'Warimashi' claims that Dupree was "never actually tried on the rape charge" and that "every detail of the story is wrong"...
  14. I've been finding it hard to sit down and type anything here lately. My most recent trip down to East Ham was for the visit of WBA which fizzled out like a damp squib. Scott Parker did connect with a long range effort to level the scores, then an early 2nd half penalty seemed to have put us in the driving seat again. Cue, everybody falling back into defense inviting the opposition on. West Brom duly equalised with a free header which just about everybody (but the West Ham defence) saw coming. So 2-2 and another 2 points wriggled out of our grasps. What's inspired me to write tonight? Well,
  15. Meanwhile... here we are a month on and it seems to be a case of 1 step forward, 2 steps back, step sideways, go to step forward, hesitate, after you, no after you... The performance against Newcastle was an almighty step back - all the way back to the Wolves debacle last season. Our inability to pass the ball to another West Ham shirt in the second half was literally breath-taking. Since then there's been a bit of progression. We've progressedin the League Cup and put up a much better fist of it at Arsenal. Now, we're being told that Grant has 3 days to save his job. I'm hoping that is jus
  16. Yes Duncan. I've just taken another good look at the Jeffries clip. JFK seems to make 2 waving gestures very quickly. The first at around 22 seconds (which I managed to freeze frame after several attempts) then very quickly again at 23 seconds. I'm inclined to think after the first wave he does appear to put his left fingers around his right hand. After the second wave... to be honest, I'd just be guessing.
  17. I've had a good look at the Jeffries clip that Duncan has posted above. Might JFK possibly be putting his left fingers around his right hand which is resting on the side of the car rather than balling it into a fist ? There's an indication of that at 22 seconds
  18. I looked at your animation last night Bob. For some reason I can't see it today? My original impression at the time though was, at frame 139, JFK's fingers seemed to be slightly bunched and not quite as far back as his hairline. It's almost as if he was 'picking' at something. Whenever I 'brush' my hair back my fingers are straight and the motion includes going all the way back behind my ear. I'm sure Kennedy brushed his hair back numerous times that day. He was travelling in a open top car after all, but at frame 139 I would agree he seems to be doing something slightly different.
  19. Things are definitely looking up. A decent, hard earned draw at Stoke followed by an away win in the League Cup at Sunderland. Plus a little bonus of debut goals for Piquionne and Obinna. A little gap in the clouds appearing...
  20. I went along to the Chelsea game on Saturday without any great expectations. For once I sat at the right end (or wrong end ?) as I had a good view of 3 of the goals scored. I also had a great view of Piquionne's miss from about yard. More of that later. I don't know if I've mellowed with age but the verbal abuse that Drogba received when he trotted over to take an early corner seemed a bit unneccesary. He had the last laugh when Essian got on the end of his cross to give Chelsea an early lead. Worse was to quickly follow when Drogba ignored more verbal onslaughts to fire in a dipping free k
  21. Green made several good saves but made a mistake with the first goal punching a cross that was going off for a goal kick. Downing was clearly offside but the referee and lino missed it Reid was given a roasting at right back by Villa's winger Albrighton. As far as I know he isn't a right back and did better the last quarter of an hour or so in the centre after Tomkins was substituted. Ilunga mediocre Tomkins had a very poor first half. Underhit a back pass (again) to Carew. Green managed to tackle him only for the ball to ricochet off Tomkins 20 yards against the post. Tomkins then gave the
  22. McCarthy looked a little bit fitter than he did towards the end of last season, but that's not saying much. Sears seemed to be most effective when he drifted out on to the left wing. It's just possible he might make an impact out there. Up front I'm sorry to say he is too lightweight. Of course Sears did in fact score for Crystal Palace - against Bristol City. Unfortunately for him the Referee, Linesmen and 4th official were the only people in the entire stadium who hadn't realised his shot went into the net and back out again. I just hope he can find a goal from somewhere and maybe get his
  23. Fortunately for me West Ham began their pre-season just a stroll up the London Road at Peterborough United. A monsoon-esque downpour finally drifted away just before I had to set off. So, no umbrella required. The players came out on to the pitch in their new retro away kits (white with one claret and one light blue hoop) as worn by Noel Cantwell in 1960. Peterborough (the Posh) came out looking remarkably similar to Chelsea. Pre-season games are usually played in a good spirit. You're unlikely to see too many hefty challenges, though Mark Noble put in a couple of tasty tackles in the first
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