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  1. Frantz, I'm finding your infra red images fascinating and hope you upload a few more for us to look at. You're bringing a fresh approach to photos everybody's been analysing for years. Make sure you add a photo of yourself as per forum rules so you can keep on contributing.
  2. I remember some time back somebody posted an animated gif here where Lovelady's face morphed over the guy whose face has been hidden. I think the suggestion was that Lovelady had actually been standing on a lower step and his head had been moved onto the top figure. *Edited to include gif* May I ask, is the man's face hidden in all copies of that photo ? MH
  3. I am Mark Haley. My Mum was a brilliant teacher, a genius. My Dad, also a teacher, became a Headmaster in 1968 because the Governors of the village school felt the villagers would not accept his wife as head teacher... I have one o-level. In 1994 I was invited to deputise for a music teacher at George Farmer School, Holbeach, Lincs who was on 3 months maternity leave. During that time I also gave French lessons, Art, History, Maths and Sport. All the year 11's taking Music GSCE passed. On my final day I was given a standing ovation by the pupils during assembly. It's amazing what you can achi
  4. ...to sack a manager Posh appear to have parted company with Darren Ferguson today. This after back to back promotions with signings mainly from the non-league, a decent 4 game run in the League Cup which included wins against Ipswich & Newcastle, crowds double what they were when he took over, an injury time winner at QPR ruled out by an incorrect offside decision... and several narrow defeats by the odd goal. Admittedly they fell into last place at the weekend in front of a 40,000 crowd at sportsdirect@stjamespark.com stadium ( a sign of how far the Posh had come and how far Newcastle
  5. RE: John Dugan Nov 3 2009, 06:15 AM "but to think that The Umbrella Man had ANYTHING to do with the shooting is realllllly stretching it. There is already a perfect explanation as to why TUM was there and what he was doing. To think that he could take a shot, and hit his target with some kind of device with any sort of accuracy is not physically possible, imho." John, here is the relevant testimony Louis Witt (TUM) gave to the HSCA: "I think I went sort of maybe halfway up the grassy area (on the north side of Elm Street), somewhere in that vicinity. I am pretty sure I sat down....(When the
  6. I wonder who scored the first West Ham goal actually filmed in its entirety ? We see the ball hit the back of the net against Bournemouth but it doesn't seem to match up with the previous footage. My guess would be the winning goal in the 1940 War Cup Final by Sam Small ..?
  7. Mark, there are "facts or reason either way" I gave some in my post which you dont seem to have read properly, I shall repeat them. " A member of an assassins team would never act so conspicuously, why would he have to? A simple raising of the arm, waving a hat or lifting a placard welcoming the president would have done the job just as well and gone completely unnoticed." Can you or anybody else counter that argument with a sensible argument? I'm really not interested in peoples belief or gut feelings. Thank you. Denis, we seem to have had a different interpretation of 'Facts Or Reason'
  8. Thanks for posting the gif Chris. Very helpful On first viewing I thought the Umbrella was twirling but, having increased the size and taken a good long repeated look at the visible frames, it seems to go down at the very start of the clip, then up. Focusing on one point on the rim of the Umbrella reveals it barely twirls at all.
  9. Discussing somebody holding an umbrella above his head, standing a few feet away from the President Of The USA as he gets shot is hardly meaningless, especially when the HSCA apparently ignores obviously flawed evidence given by a man purporting to be him. Why did they disregard it? While I personally don't believe Witt was part of a conspiracy, you're referring to Umbrella Man. In my opinion 2 entirely different men. It's hard to have any "facts or reason" when the original character was allowed to simply walk away un-challenged never to be heard of again. With Witt's testimony easily blow
  10. I half agree with you Christopher... I don't believe Witt was the Umbrella man. I'll fully agree with you if you can explain why the CIA coached him into saying completely the wrong story. Umbrella man is clearly standing still with the Umbrella open Yet he told the HSCA "I think I got up and started fiddling with that umbrella trying to get it open, and at the same time I was walking forward, walking toward the street". He has a clear view of the President. yet he told the HSCA he didn't see "because of this thing (the umbrella) in front of me....My view of the car during that length of tim
  11. I agree. He had over a decade to get his story straight and got it completely wrong. As I pointed out earlier in this thread, Witt testified to the HSCA that he was walking toward the motorcade trying to get his umbrella open and didn't see the shooting. Well, the photographic evidence available doesn't back up his story. Precisely the opposite. It reveals a man standing still with an umbrella open, well above his eyeline, an un-obstructed view just before the President was shot. Umbrella Man had a perfect view. I don't know what the man was doing with an umbrella but there's every reason t
  12. A couple of goals for the U21's against Macedonia the other night. All very encouraging.
  13. Here is relevant testimony Witt gave to the HSCA: "I think I went sort of maybe halfway up the grassy area (on the north side of Elm Street), somewhere in that vicinity. I am pretty sure I sat down....(When the motorcade approached) I think I got up and started fiddling with that umbrella trying to get it open, and at the same time I was walking forward, walking toward the street....Whereas other people I understand saw the President shot and his movements; I did not see this because of this thing (the umbrella) in front of me....My view of the car during that length of time was blocked by th
  14. Oh well, it seems West Ham changed their 2nd kit to 'all White' because of the power cuts in the early 1970's. Mid-week games were played under reduced floodlighting and a referee felt our famous Bobby Moore 'Light Blue with Claret hoops (first worn in a pre-season tournament in Austria 1959) would be difficult to distinguish against the Ipswich shirt (much earlier than the 1975 Cup Semi-Final). However the decision to wear all white in the 1980 Cup Final was entirely down to the white kit being perceived as lucky. Further to the 1911 game, it appears at that time home teams may have been
  15. I was travelling back from Heathrow Sunday. As ever I had the footy on the radio. While West Ham wasn't the main commentary game, the brief reports coming out of Upton Park were all very positive. One up, controlling the game. Very encouraging. Then, just before half time it emerged that Fulham were down to 10 men. "Great" I thought, "if I put my foot down I'll be back home in time to watch a stream of the second half". How I wished I hadn't bothered. The picture came through just in time to see the equaliser hit the back of the net. What transpired after that took me back to the previous
  16. 25 Feb 1911 FA Cup 3rd Round West Ham v Manchester Utd 2-1. 27,000 Very brief footage that suggests West Ham were playing at home in White shirts: The poster of the footage has incorrectly dated it as 1912. However the clip apparently matches a photo in a recent ex-Hammer magazine article. I think it's possible that West Ham were required to change their shirts on the day because of a clash of colours. I don't know if Man Utd had played West Ham ( still a Southern League team) before and may not have been aware of a potential clash between red & claret. Just over 69 years late
  17. Diamanti must be in with a chance of playing. I'd like to see Hines given an opportunity as he seems to be scoring for fun at the moment. Managers seem reluctant to bring young players on too quickly so he may have to wait a while yet. Perhaps 20 minuts or so towards the end ?
  18. Isn't it a shame Mike that part of the match day experience requires figuring out how to get into the stadium safely and getting home unscathed. Wherever you are in the world.
  19. Cor, you've gone and done it now John Let's hope your Grand-son has one or 2 trophies to celebrate along the journey. To answer your question I think the FA will stop short of throwing us out of the competition. There's bound to be some kind of fine and maybe a 'Castilla' game behind closed doors (if we get a home tie in the next round).
  20. I'm delighted we have the chance to look through the photos and reports of the 1965 Cup Winners Cup campaign. The only thing I've ever seen is video of the final. That was a wonderful game, arguably West Ham's pinnacle. All the other games have been mere statistics...numbers on a page. Until now.. Nice one.
  21. Admittedly it's very early days but Liverpool doesn't seem a happy ship and already they've lost as many league games as they did in the whole of last season. Chelsea and Arsenal are both looking good. Man Utd's 5-0 win at Wigan doesn't look quite as impressive now that Blackpool have also beaten them 4-1. Spurs & Man City will be breathing hot in their heels. My best friend is a Liverpool supporter. I've had plenty of stick off him over the years. This season might just give me an opportunity to get my own back. Early days...
  22. I've always enjoyed travelling down to Upton Park in East London for the football. Somehow it makes me feel close to my Dad when I'm in East Ham. He lived there the first half of his life, took a teaching job in the school right next to the ground so he could watch games from the roof, met my Mum there and took myself and brother to many games. Because of my profession I rarely get a chance to see my team play at weekends. Historically, games between 'us' and Millwall have always been a major headache for the authorities. I knew, even when I was ordering the ticket online, that it
  23. Wow John, you're optimistic. I think we'll be battling for 10th... along with Fulham, Balckburn & Sunderland.
  24. The first game my Dad took me to at Upton Park was against Chelsea at the start of the 1966/67 season. I was only 5 and have practically no re-collection of it, though I have seen the 'Match Of The Day' highlights since and our World Cup winning trio received a deserved ovation as they ran onto the pitch applauded by players from both teams. Surely this was to be 'our year'... I only mention it because West Ham lost the game 1-2. A sign of things to come. We didn't win the league that season. Didn't even come close. 16th ! I think the best we managed with Moore, Hurst & Peters in the same
  25. No one is 100% sure exactly why Shankly retired. Bob Paisley did say in an interview that Shankly may have mistakenly believed he wouldn't get his pension if he didn't retire...but he wasn't certain of it.
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