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  1. Can you point out this short man with the long coat who embraces the woman with the baby, or point me in the direction of the clip which shows this action. I have studied Darnell very closely and can not see the action you speak of. Duncan MacRae Yes, I found it much quicker than I anticipated. It's in the 'Running Man' thread on page 5. Not the greatest quality ... but it's there. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...t=0&start=0 I hadn't actually seen this for several months so my memory wasn't totally clear. Having just looked at it again, the black man does seem to react..
  2. The image of the black man stood near to a woman holding the baby is a frame captured from a short film clip that was discussed here in some detail a few months back. One thing has troubled me and makes me think that they are not a couple at all. In the film clip there is a shorter man wearing a long coat (cropped but still visible in the photo here) who leans forward and embraces the woman. The black man doesn't react at all which certainly put a doubt in my mind that they are actually a couple. There was also some debate as to which way the woman was facing. The film clip indicates she
  3. I saw this thread just after getting in from seeing the 'Watchmen' film Duncan which features the character Rorschach. Co-incidentally they recreate the Kennedy assassination at the start of the film, only it's the 'Comedian' with a rifle up on the grassy knoll. Sometimes I wonder if the entire JFK thing isn't one great big Rorschach from start to finish, with everybody seeing what they want to see... Some of it is of course, that's unavoidable. Thanks for your opinion. Duncan MacRae
  4. Looking at the start of the animated, gif does any one else see a man in a long light jacket appear to embrace the woman or the baby ? They both seem to move towards each other. Moving on, in the 1st photo, I find it helpful to presume that the 'face' of the woman that appears to be looking to the left of the photo is probably someone else stood just behind her. To me she becomes much less contorted and seems to be glancing towards 'no feet' man over her right shoulder. Regarding the issue of 'no feet', he's not the only person in the images whose limbs are affected by the motion of the film
  5. <<Thank you for the report. Did anybody else impress? I have got tickets for the home game against Villarreal next Saturday >> Well, Green made several good saves in the first half (one overhead scissor kick from Aaron McLean in particular) and seemed to enjoy some good natured banter with the fans. His replacement (not sure of his name) looked very promising for the last 15 minutes or so. Parker had a good game in midfield setting up the early first goal. Always seemed to be first to the ball. Carlton Cole once again gave an impressive display until it came down to actually
  6. I was at London Road Tuesday night and was impressed with Behrami. He really hustles players never giving anyone near him a moment. Lucas Neill was played out of position at left back. He hit a nice pass over the defence for Bellamy's second goal but also managed to mis-hit a pass across his own penalty area out for a corner !
  7. Hi, it's my first post here and I've been waiting patiently hoping to add something to the conversations. I'm intrigued by this particular thread as I've never been aware that the Lovelady/Oswald figure ('F') was much further back than it appears in the Altgens picture. My observation is that 'F', whoever it is, has an extremely long left arm. In the Altgens picture the left arm of 'F' seems to reach right around in front of the neck of figure 'G' who, in the Wiegman frame, appears to be approximately 4 feet away..?
  8. Mark Haley

    The Fairs Cup

    The Fairs Cup takes me back to childhood in the 60's, a time when club loyalties were set aside during European competition and every live game of football on tv was a big deal. A far cry from today indeed. I wasn't old enough to see Spurs beat Athletico Madrid in 63 but from my lot West Ham winning the FA Cup in 64 through to Man Utd winning the European Cup in 68 the team I hoped would win on televised games always emerged victorious. Therefore, when Newcastle took on Ujpest Doza away in the second leg of the Fairs Cup Final in 1969 I just took it for granted they'd win - even when they fe
  9. I wish they'd had History lessons like that in the 1970's John. On a slightly different tact, I seem to recall the phrase 'back to square one' was associated with that game. Perhaps even originated from it... <<Thank you for that Mark. I will add it to my pages on Lewis and Ferguson. It will make an excellent source-based exercise for the history classroom.>>
  10. I often wondered how well the the 1980-81 team would have done if they'd been in the 1st Division that season. Coming off the back of the FA Cup win the team impressively reached the 1/4 final of the Cup Winners Cup, claimed several 1st Division scalps on the way to the League Cup Final (which they only lost to Liverpool after a replay) and won the 2nd Division title by a mile.
  11. There is a clip currently on youtube, filmed within a few yards from behind the goal, which conclusively shows what occurred. It's intriguing that only Charles Buchan described it correctly. Here ya go...
  12. I was born in England 1961. My first memory is standing in Christchurch Road, Boscombe with my Grand-Mother looking at the television sets in the Radio Rentals store all running the BBC announcement that President Kennedy had been assassinated. My second memory is my Dad telling me that "they shot the man who shot Kennedy". The subject has fascinated me ever since and I look forward to being able to read the various images and files posted here along with the opinions of forum members as to what they believe happened in Dealey Plaza. When I'm not online, I keep myself busy with a moderately
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