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  1. Thank you for this thread, Mr Simkin. I came across this study on Dorian Gray a while ago as a part of my De Profundis research. It's an interesting reading material. The Evil in Dorian Gray: A Psychoanalytic Study of the Protagonist in The Picture of Dorian Gray http://dooku.miun.se/engelska/englishC/C-essay/HT06/Final/eklund%20rosanna_final%20essay.pdf
  2. Reading Circle has been added to this year's curriculum in the School of Foreign Languages, where students choose a novel and discuss the main idea, the plot and the characters in the classroom as groups of four or five. The roles of group members are as follows : Discussion Leader, Word Master, Summarizer, Passage Master and Culture Connector. A very useful activity for EFL students to connect with the culture and literature of the target language.
  3. The Smashing Pumpkins - Try, Try, Try
  4. The Tea Party - Heaven Coming Down
  5. I COME AND STAND BY EVERY DOOR (THE LITTLE GIRL) I come and stand at every door but none can hear my silent tread. I knock and yet remain unseen for I am dead, for I am dead. I'm only seven tho' I died in Hiroshima long ago. I'm seven now as I was then when children die they do not grow. My hair was scorched by swirling flame, my eyes grew dim, my eyes grew blind. Death came and turned my bones to dust, and that was scattered by the wind. I need no fruit, I need no rice, I need no sweets or even bread. I ask for nothing for myself, for I am dead, for I am dead. All that I ask is that for peace you fight today, you fight today, so that the children of the world may live and grow and laugh and play. Nazım Hikmet [1956] http://famouspoetsan...ts/nazim_hikmet
  6. My thanks to JDolva for the translation of the Swedish lyrics. It requires such talent to summarise all 23 lines with just one sentence "it's about letting go".
  7. Hi Duke,

    Just saying a big hello from the UK - still working hard and trying to find enough free time to catch up with everyone.

    Hope you are fine and well - chat soon.


    PS: Are you still a Smiths fan?

  8. I answered your questions even before you started asking them. The cargo of the flotilla has been addressed twice in the links I posted. But you keep ignoring it because you don't like it. What you understand from debate is bullying .Unfortunately, It's not going to work this time. Your arguments are baseless and you're nothing but a waste of time.
  9. What, you're a psychiatrist now? Or have you been inhaling too much "chemtrails" lately? ------------- Why Israel Enforces the Naval Blockade of the Gaza Strip Recent attempts by the Israeli military to stop humanitarian aid from reaching the Gaza Strip have drawn world attention to the 1.5 million Palestinians living in deprivation. The seizure of the Rachel Corrie, named for an American activist crushed to death in 2003 by an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) bulldozer, is the latest effort to thwart the Israeli blockade. The ship was diverted to the port of Ashdod. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly justified the blockade of the Gaza Strip on the basis of Hamas rockets fired from Gaza into Israel. Since the June 2007 blockade began, however, only 30 deaths resulted from rocket attacks while the Israeli military offensive of December 2008 resulted in the deaths of 1,200 Palestinians. One of the greatest problems facing the people of Gaza is hunger and thus the reason for outside humanitarian aid. The On-Going Crisis of Need in Gaza Already in December 2008, The Observer, using United Nations' data, stated that 51.8 percent of the Palestinians in Gaza were "living below poverty line." The situation has only worsened. Adrian Blomfield, writing from Gaza City for the Telegraph (June 5, 2010), states that "people have been forced to subsist rather than live." At the same time, he quotes a pro-Israel commentator, Gerald Steinberg, who blamed the media hype on UN reports as "simply political propaganda." Professor Steinberg heads the NGO Monitor. Steinberg, as other apologists for Israeli military intervention to stop outside humanitarian aid by running the blockage, maintains that the relationship between Israel and the Gaza Palestinians is a military confrontation and any such aid should be considered immoral. (BBC interview, June 1, 2010) Under the guise of humanitarian aid, activists could supply the Palestinians with the means to continue a military confrontation. The Legal Center for Freedom of Movement (Gisha) publishes a list of prohibited goods regarding the Gaza Strip. Gisha is based in Israel and is supported by both Jews and Arabs. Prohibited items include chocolate, vinegar, fresh meat, fabric for clothing, fishing rods, spare parts for tractors, newspapers, and various fishing nets. Many of the prohibited items directly affect the Palestinian’s ability to farm and fish. Read more at Suite101: Why Israel Enforces the Naval Blockade of the Gaza Strip
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