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  1. Short blog on Merrick Garland and the OKC bombing prosecution, which he managed: https://rboothokc.medium.com/merrick-garland-should-start-his-crusade-against-white-supremacists-by-re-opening-the-1995-e30650a6e2e4
  2. Worth checking out ... the audiobook edition of "Oklahoma City: What the Investigation Missed and Why It Still Matters" https://www.amazon.com/Oklahoma-City-audiobook/dp/B007WZTRS2/ Listened to this a few times. Also this documentary, recently re-uploaded to YouTube: Terror From Within (2001, MGA Films)
  3. Interested in reading it... Tink's reputation precedes hm. Will be curious to see what he might put a spotlight on, and what he didn't.
  4. An excellent piece from The New Yorker about Putin's palace and Alexei Navalny by Masha Gessen (a staff writer at The New Yorker, the author of eleven books, including “Surviving Autocracy” and “The Future Is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia,” which won the National Book Award in 2017). https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/vladimir-putins-unchanging-unthinking-response-to-alexey-navalny "What was Putin thinking? Why has he poured unimaginable resources into a palace that he will never use—more than a billion dollars, spent in extreme and resource-intensive secre
  5. Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny released a 2 hour documentary/video on YouTube about a week ago that is making big waves in Russia--there were protests in over 30 cities this weekend, with more than 3,000 people arrested. People are protesting because Navalny was arrested when his flight landed in Moscow this weekend and due to the content of the documentary film which is outraging any Russian who has viewed it. The video is titled, in Russian "Дворец для Путина. История самой большой взятки" which translates loosely to Palace for Putin. The History of the Biggest Bribe. The video do
  6. You mean during the same term(s) that the Eisenhower administration carried out "Operation Wetback" ? Cogent summary. Excellent. I wasn't aware of Risen's book, glad to see that there is something on this out.
  7. You raise an important point that goes to the very core of the Unspeakable. A popular elected President had his head blown off in broad daylight in front of hundreds of people, and his alleged assassin was then led out from the police station--with no police officer standing in front of him, notably--directly into the path of a waiting assassin where he, too, was shot--in front of millions of Americans on live TV. Following this very public sequence of events the entire country and the world was fed an obvious pack of lies. What this ultimately means is that everything that followed was
  8. I do think that psychology plays a major role in the failure of historians and everyone else in examining Kennedy's career. Like you said, only these negative and largely slanted narratives exist that serve to demean. There hasn't been any honest or in depth analysis of Kennedy from writers and historians, save for a couple of people who happen to acknowledge the reality of JFK's assassination as the result of a conspiracy. It's no coincidence that the only honest accounts come from people who can face The Unspeakable and come to terms with it. For everyone else, the focus will be on the so-ca
  9. That is just really, really sad. Especially when you consider what known facts there are about this case. And about the mens' personalities. JFK was a warm, empathetic, caring man. He truly cared about people, and actively thought about the plight of being a minority in this country at a time when that never crossed anyone's mind. The story about him asking about the Coast Guard, no black faces, or talking to Abe Bolden really touches my heart. Meanwhile we also have enough facts to know that LBJ was a vile racist. Frequently calling blacks the n-word. Cynically pushing for legislat
  10. Right, this is of course the key question, with the anti-Nagell folks suggesting it was all fabricated after the fact. I believe otherwise and don't think the Secret Service would have questioned Marina Oswald about Nagell if he was just some nut.
  11. Yet another piece of the puzzle to incorporate into your ongoing framework of understanding about JFK on civil rights. The history books are all wrong about this and your lectures on BOR have served to correct that record. I still hope we'll see a book about it, but will take the lectures and essays for now. Perhaps a future historian will build upon your groundbreaking work in this area. It seems like JFK is viewed by most historians as off-limits: let the consensus stand and "don't go there" no matter the subject. I think there is a reason that only JFK assassination researchers have b
  12. The Nagell stuff isn't anything really illuminating. If anything he comes across as shifty and paranoid. The "contract" he made for Jim Garrison to sign is interesting -- he writes that Garrison is not allowed to seize any "documents (real or fabricated)" which by implication suggests Nagell had fabricated documents at his residence, which of course lends to the theory that Nagell fabricated the Oswald ID card among other things. The Garrison archives are worth going through and it was nice to send Len dump them online and cite WikiLeaks for the reason for doing so. When I dumped hundreds
  13. Hey David, I pulled it from a large (~1-2 gigs) zip file posted by Len Osanic on blackopradio.com a couple months back. Len is at osanic@prouty.org if you want to email him for the whole zip file which is about 2 gigs. Here is a link to my Dropbox for the Nagell files https://www.dropbox.com/s/ugaofkjxkx5vk53/Nagell%2C Richard (1 of 2).pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/a7n0gqask2r0hah/Nagell%2C Richard (2 of 2).pdf?dl=0
  14. I do understand why those things can be thought about Nagell. I read the transcript of his interview that Bill Boxley did for the Garrison team. I've also read some of his correspondence. It's something I think we should just agree to disagree about. Regarding Dago -- that was hysterically funny. Where did you find that interview, in the Weisberg archives? My favorite part was probably the part where Lane says "who shot Warren Reynolds?" and the response "I DON'T F*CKIN' KNOW!" or maybe the part where he claims that when he heard someone was shot, Dago says "I sure hope it was Warre
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