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  1. Take away the requirement that childless liberals need to pay municipal school taxes, and I'm all in. He's saying childless leaders are making decisions that are short-term in mind, not focused on the long-term future health of this country because they don't have a stake in the game. Parents have a stake in the game, they have children so give parents a bigger say. Right, because leaders with children graft and whore twice as hard.
  2. Illuminati Eye of Horus and everything! (See blue area upper left in FB poster link.) Figure 1: The six mathematical parts of the Eye of Horus The Eye of Horus with its six parts: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, and 1/64. The fractions were used to represent the Heqat fractions, the measuring unit that was utilized by the ancient Egyptians for grains and flour, all with powers of two in their denominators and one in their numerator. Each of these fractions corresponds to a different human sense: The 1/2 accounts for the sense of smell, the 1/4 represents sight, the 1/8 represents thought, the 1/16 represents hearing, the 1/32 represents taste, and the 1/64 represents touch.
  3. My perception of the extant Z-film evidence is that Connally is hit while his torso is fully turned, back is exposed to the nominal south side of the Plaza. Thus the entrance-to-exit wound trajectory seems incompatible with a missed shot at JFK passing between JFK's and Jackie's heads and striking Connally. It seems like that angle and moment would produce an exit wound on the opposite side of Connally's body. A nicety such as Connally slated to replace Sen. Ralph Yarborough in the jump seat very close to zero hour may have been eluded the fire teams, who were expecting a "Kennedy lover" in the limo. Or a shooter on the south side, frustrated with his angle, may have impulsively created mayhem, hoping to gain a better sighting of JFK's head upon the added excitement of a Connally hit. Maybe the broad target of Connally's back was too much provocation.
  4. Pence tarnished in eyes of GOP: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/pence-flatlines-as-2024-field-takes-shape/ar-AAMjlRX?li=BBnb7Kz Which puts the GOP about here on the recidivism sale: https://www.insider.com/capitol-rioters-bail-revoked-after-problematic-voicemails-report-2021-7
  5. I would prefer not to see him as president, but Pence seems a better man than we've given him credit for being. And I believe he was targeted as a "traitor" worthy of the scaffold by an entity above the mob on 1/6. We should understand, however, that the recent news stories and book reviews citing his opposition to Trump are in the service of rehabilitating Pence and diminishing Trump. At this point, he's a war hero, and the go-to GOP candidate for 2024, which is still some time away. Don't be surprised if the GOP does a volte-face, rejects mob baiting extremism, and returns to traditional conservatism with Pence as stalwart figurehead. He looks like Eisenhower compared to the rest of the party, and the GOP has several years to ease into the transition, looking over their shoulders all the while.
  6. Gil - great series. Do you know if the 36" MC required a side-mounted scope? It would have to, yes?
  7. Phil said he was working for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in order to find out more about the plot --Jim Glover Same thing Oswald's handlers told him?
  8. Her meeting Lee in Russia should have been a large red flag for Marina in 1964, but I think Marina played it as it lay.
  9. The Phillips family say the wallet was Byron's. Marguerite says it was a promotional wallet from Byron's bank. If the former is true, here's a scenario: Marguerite, always on the grift, stole Byron's wallet The Phillips family couldn't prove it, so Marguerite was dismissed because she was chatty and "domineering" Marguerite, as housekeeper, knew dirt on Byron that he wouldn't want revealed, compelling him to sponsor Marina Marguerite couldn't return the wallet, and wouldn't discuss it with Byron, as either would be admitting a crime Marguerite gave the wallet to Lee so he would know who to extort any additional immigration help from A stolen wallet paired with a dismissal should be a red flag. However, I would not rule out some higher influence than Marguerite on Byron Phillips' decision, which would still allow my scenario. Charitably signing an immigration affidavit of support to appease an ordinarily dismissed employee is a stretch.
  10. JFK knows there's a press car up there. The paps encourage him to get up on the seat, maybe with hand signals. Out of joie de vivre he does it, probably knowing he'll look like Superman speeding to the supermarket. Maybe he can see the town ahead and figures he'll make a white knight entrance.
  11. I wasn't arguing that Oz's chin changes in the DPD photos and footage. It's interesting that if you look at the BYP posted on this thread, Oswald is photographed with that same bright white stripe across the skin between chin and lip that you see in the DPD footage video I posted. We put a lot of stock in the BYP splices being made at mid-chin, so that stripe is another facial feature to consider when we consider whether Roscoe White's lower chin was used.
  12. Also, if that's Roscoe White's torso in the BYP, he looks to have lost 10-15 pounds from his Marine photo used for wrist comparison.
  13. Perhaps you or Mr. Cohen would care to explain Oswald's famously distorted right leg, with outwardly bent knee and impossible hip posture, in one of the BYP. That would put either of you one up on the late Jack White, who never came to a conclusion. The only other time Oswald was that contorted was when he was shot. He found the posture untenable then and fell down - as he should in that BYP. Not even motion blur to explain that leg, cocked at an angle that would discomfit a ballet dancer. And do the legs in that photo match the upper body size and posture? The BYP look like something concocted by a couple of photographic subgeniuses, whether in some garage or at a CIA station. Perhaps Oswald said he could prove they were faked because he was one of the fakers, working hastily at Jaggers Chiles Stovall. The DPD files revealed a copycat picture taken of a cop behind the house, and also a photo layer from which the cop had been excised. Did that occur because someone independently minded at DPD suspected the photos were faked?
  14. His chin does seem wider (and strangely brighter) in the midnight press conference footage, but it may be camera lenses and angles, increasing five o'clock shadow, and Oswald's fatigue.
  15. Convenient how the Sixth Floor model doesn't depict the south knoll or the overpass. Hey, Jamey - have you thought of building it yourself, out of Legos? I'm only half kidding. It would get you on the six o'clock news.
  16. Make sure you get one with red threads running from the sniper perches to the limo, James Tague, etc.
  17. The Times might as well tack the committee room scene from The Parallax View onto the end of this video, as nothing will be done. All this over a president who, to anyone with roots in the area spreading from metropolitan New York to Atlantic City, is well known as a cheat and a fraud. Guess it didn't catch on in the America where satellite dishes carried the TV show in which he was portrayed as the lawgiver of a fake meritocracy that in the real world would exclude almost all of his audience. Inspirational verse @37:24 in the video: "Your mother's a fat whore!" Worthy of Patrick Henry, to be certain.
  18. If it's so, he probably looks at it as a symbiotic relationship. You've got a blog, he's got a song. Maybe he absorbed too much Weberman.
  19. Essay-memoir by Sam Sussman, who may be Dylan's natural son: https://harpers.org/archive/2021/05/the-silent-type-on-possibly-being-bob-dylans-son/
  20. Back to the 19th century. We'll whup that thar Santy-Anny yet, by gum!
  21. Useful article in The New Yorker on Kyle Rittenhouse, James Blake, and the Kenosha riot. The post-shooting peripheral players, influencers and funders are...something else. This link is to an audio reading, but you may be able to find a print copy on the New Yorker site: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/07/05/kyle-rittenhouse-american-vigilante?utm_source=nl&utm_brand=tny&utm_mailing=TNY_Daily_062821&utm_campaign=aud-dev&utm_medium=email&bxid=6040f1b0ef3183092004f8fa&cndid=63993243&hasha=81262d0f3910b072bfe5fd99ec774f61&hashb=3e4c5d7606d2f0522192d6658a2e1623c42027e0&hashc=dd7e8ad54c5a3fa182b971b5cb1e57cf34b669eb92845a687c0a1d23013fa6b9&esrc=None&mbid=CRMNYR012019&utm_content=A&utm_term=TNY_Daily Or are we done with all that?...
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