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  1. It has, though, that red-within-white look under the camera flash that the bloodied ear has, and that the upper skull wound (with or without quotation marks) being measured has. To be clear: in a past thread, someone knowledgeable once said that a mortuary clip (my phrase) of this style was not to be found in an autopsist's or mortician's toolbox. The idea that there is such an object may come from the resemblance of the anomaly to a certain kind of metal women's hair clip or style of plastic paper clip, plus the surgeon apparently holding the front of the scalp taut and closed. If you look at the color photo of JFK's upper torso on the autopsy table - the one where you can see the skull cavity held inside the metal headrest - you can see that there's enough scalp tissue folded over that could be drawn back into position and held fast, even if some scalp damage is obliterated by dark photo retouching in the back-of-head photo.
  2. Was Eric trying to castrate the vaccine doctors? Was he after the mRNA, or the aluminum? Maybe he secretly got the first shot, then wasn't interested in the second? If anything, the Beatle myth, and not George personally, provided the cathexis here. George and Patti would be just the figures the libidinal energy for fame was displaced onto. It couldn't be Jimi Hendrix, whose talent Clapton feared, since Hendrix, unlike Eric the pretender, was actually Black, making his claim to sovereignty indubitable. Gee, this is a catchy parlor game. Any number can play these doctrinaire totems and taboos. But positing latent content in a ghostwritten autobiography is not the same as detecting it in overt speech and narrative structure. And Clapton's susceptibility to the family romance doesn't make him prima facie nuts when he objects to enforced vaccination. The worst part of this exchange is that it caused J*m H*****d to investigate my profile.
  3. A bit presumptive to assume that his family troubles affected his "mental health." Don't think I'll be making an appointment if you're willing to diagnose someone you don't know. Surprisingly reactive response, worthy of the MSM.
  4. Eric Clapton's anti-vax stance has apparently struck a nerve, hence this totalitarian-style tear-down in the MSM: https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/how-the-legendary-eric-clapton-destroyed-his-own-legacy/ar-AAPzLdM?li=BBnbfcL How the legendary Eric Clapton destroyed his own legacy
  5. Some have suggested the object is a mortuary clip, used to hold JFK's lower scalp in place over the shattered skull, while the doctor holds the front edge with thumb and forefinger. Others say there's no such article. Stray brain tissue has been another guess. It could be a painted-in lower skull wound.
  6. Divisions? It could be the cure for abortion in Texas. See my forthcoming article, "Lee Harvey Oswald in Texas Incel Culture."
  7. That two-handed act thing seems overdetermined. No wonder that guy needs help.
  8. It wasn't hard to disbelieve Dan Marvin, even before Eaglesham did. What kind of spook tells you who he wants you to shoot before you're fully recruited? However, what kind of naval officer shoots himself on the job, at a world-recognized facility? If it were so, it's a revenge act. Pitzer was alleged to have been looking forward to a career in commercial media.
  9. I haven't before seen a map of the scene with Jack Ruby's apartment labeled. All things being equal, could Oswald have been walking from Ruby's place, rather than to it? If he were walking to Texas Theater, better tradecraft would be to hide (walk) in plain sight on Jefferson Blvd.
  10. My memory is that Eaglesham was more of an agnostic on Pitzer, and in his Dark Corners website leaned toward murder. That site seems now MIA on the web.
  11. Expert knowledge like this was the reason Biden pulled out of Afghanistan, hand-grenading the servers at Bagram as we went.
  12. How about maintaining sustainable economies in seceded states, through intracontinental or intercontinental trade? Where would the World Bank and the IMF stand on supporting that? If one looks at the strategic effort the US, with NATO, put into fragmenting post-Soviet Yugoslavia, one doesn't need to invoke the shades of Jackson and Lincoln to imagine how secession would be quashed and vilified in today's America.
  13. The best segment of TMWKK was the interview with Dr. Evalea Glanges of Parkland, about the limo windshield bullet hole. Still survives on YouTube.
  14. Now thet's real Civil War talkin', thet thar! What are the states going to do for intercontinental defense?
  15. Nobody remembers John Birch. If they changed the name to The John Bitch Society, they might have something.
  16. I can't speak for William Weston, but he's been a member here and at Deep Politics Forum, and has always cheerfully taken questions.
  17. John. I did check the film for the pyrocanthus action, thanks.
  18. A couple of things come to mind generally, not in response to Greg's thesis. How could it be explained if Oswald was shot dead at the theater by someone other than a policeman? That he picked a gun battle with a stranger? That he "shot himself in the head" out of remorse? That a non-Hispanic Castro agent (Crafard or another Oswald look-alike) shot him to silence him, and escaped capture? It seems like a police killing and a paper trail would be best outcome, but there were complications with both. To avoid being identified in the darkened theater, the smartest exit for an Oswald assassin would be the door to the alley behind the screen that the police used to get in. How did the police get in that door, anyway? If it was the modern safety model, it could be opened from inside in emergencies, but would be locked to the outside. (I remember seeing these doors in theaters as a boy, c. 1965; they have to predate that, hence the glowing Exit signs beside theater screens.) What of the idea that Oswald's revolver was swapped for the revolver that another man used to kill Tippit? How can that be fit into a theater assassination scenario? What of the mixed revolver and semi-auto shells found in the grass? How do we reconcile these? A killer with two pistols on him? Could it be postulated that Ruth Paine forced the curtain rods on Oswald, and he took them so as not to displease his wife's benefactor (or one of his handlers)? What did Ruth Paine say about the curtain rod transaction? That too-big-for-his-lunch package has two witnesses (Frazier and Randle). Did Ruth Paine say she saw it? The package seems to be an essential part of the frame-up, not a cursory item.
  19. Dino Brugioni of NPIC in his interview by Doug Horne cites Clint Hill pushing Jackie forcefully back into her seat, which we don't see in the extant Zapruder. Clint Hill has said he did this in his memoirs. Aside from the head shot, [Brugioni] recalled one other thing about the extant film that was inconsistent with what he saw on 11/23/63: prior to viewing the film on July 9, 2011, he had independently recalled Secret Service agent Clint Hill either physically striking, or violently pushing Jackie Kennedy to force her from atop the trunk lid, back into the rear seat of the limousine. Brugioni spent a considerable portion of the interview attempting to find evidence of Clint Hill striking Jackie in the extant film, to no avail. He was quite mystified. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2012/05/douglas-p-horne/the-two-npic-zapruder-film-events-signposts-pointing-to-the-filmsalteration/
  20. Sidesteps the anti-Kennedy animus at CIA and among Cuban exiles just a bit.
  21. It's painful to count the delusory ideas in this article, and contemplate that this is the modern American electorate: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-supporters-at-iowa-rally-see-civil-war-coming-say-he-will-save-the-world/ar-AAPjK24?li=BBnbfcL Trump Supporters at Iowa Rally See 'Civil War Coming,' Say He Will 'Save the World' Let's not forget that our last civil war was birthed of intransigence and stupidity.
  22. How would the line that JFK and MLK were communist traitors, and RFK their enabler, play out in the age of QAnon, "Stop the Steal" and BLM?
  23. Search the word "pergola" in the back threads for past discussion of men possibly filming from within the pavilion at the west (left) end of the pergola. Photos used to illustrate may still be posted. From the looks of the photo above, though, the pergola floor would be a foot or more below Zapruder's perch.
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