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  1. Wondering if anyone knows any more facts about Kathy Ainsworth, fingered as Polka Dot Dress in this website:


    I gave the link for the middle page of several. No credence in the contents is implied.

    David,that website is light on information. What it doesn't tell you is that Kathy Ainsworth's father in law was retired army Colonel Richard Ainsworth. Her mother was an ex circus follies dancer and a rabid anti Semite named Margaret Capomacchia. Her husband was Ralph Ainsworth who was a military police Sergeant in the National Guard. Kathy's close friends included the religious editor of the Miami Herald Adon Taft and Klan leader Sam Bowers. Kathy was also a member of the Americans for the preservation of the White Race.

    Tom Tarrants and Sam Bowers were arrested in a stolen car in late 1967. In the car was a submachine gun that the FBI traced back to having been stolen from a National Guard armory in Mobile Alabama in 1958.

    Ainsworth below. A photo not from that website.


  2. Larry Hancock explored the possibility the polka dot dress girl was a right-wing terrorist affiliated with the Minutemen. It certainly seems possible that Sirhan came under the spell--perhaps even literally--of a right-wing group vehemently opposed to Kennedy that exploited his feelings about Palestine to their advantage.

    What is not well known is at the time, the LAPD was interested in a woman named Sady Rossi. A few months later, Kathy Fulmer shows up saying that she was wearing a polka dot scalf. She also said she used the name Sady Rossi. Not long after that, Kathy Fulmer died of a drug overdose. An LA cop who I won't name (a family request) said that Fulmer was not Rossi and that Rossi had some interesting connections out of Miami. That cop was killed in a shoot out a few years later. Of course, during Sirhan's trial, Valerie Shulte was presented as the polka dot dress girl.


  3. It seems that Wilho Tikander was a resident of St. Louis County were my brother made his home. Do you know if Tikander is still living and how/why did you know about him?

    Wilho Tikander died on December 16, 1965 of an apparent heart attack. He was 61 years old. His obit appeared in the December 18 issue of the Chicago Tribune.


  4. Regarding the possibility that Bender/Droller being a Soviet mole, it was Mario Garcia Kohly who told Florida congressman William Cramer that Droller was a Soviet agent. Droller also used the name William Bender. Droller was also close to Pedro Diaz Lanz and allegedy was the one who controlled the operation where Diaz Lanz was to provide logistical support for Felipe Vidal but when Vidal showed up at the designated location the only ones there were the Cuban navy. This ultimately led to Vidal's capture and execution in Cuba. FWIW.


  5. Greg, from what I was told the operation took place just before the missile crisis. Also, it was Joe Kennedy who announced that the exiles wouldn't ever get Cuba back. No ideas on the child, sorry. Remember that those comments came from a family member of a solid suspect in the assassination itself. Also worth remembering that by December of 1963, there was an attempt to kill Vidal, Roy Hargraves and Ed Collins. Collins and Vidal were to die in 1964.


  6. Just to add some more confusion to Herminio Diaz. There was a story published in the Costa Rican newspaper La Nacion, dated May 18, 1957. It concerned the three men who were plotting to kill Jose Figueres. Diaz was one of those. The article carried this photo below which said this man was Diaz. From all reports, Diaz was supposed to be black. Remembering that the agency started their 201 file on this man because of his assassination plotting in 1957 and carried that through not only his supposed death in 1966 but through into the mid 70s and alleged drug associations. It doesn't make any sense.


  7. Douglas, the edition if Life Magazine dated 21 August 1964 carried part 2 of a story titled, How LBJ's Family Amassed A Fortune, It states that both men you mentioned were at LBJ's Ranch during December of 1963. Also a guest was Chancellor Ludwig Erhard.


  8. Ferrie allegedly flew Larry DeJoseph in a chopper to survey an area that was being looked at for a training facility in Lousiana. That came from a SOF mixed up in anti-Castro business at the time.

    DeJoseph was an employee of Trafficante's in Havana. He also mixed with Frank Fiorini and Gerry Hemming during the early 1960s. The photo attached shows Ferrie and deJoseph.


  9. I think the following qualifies as a Morales curiosity.

    In May of 1962, a Guantanamo Naval Base Intelligence Officer named Jack Modesett was summoned to a meeting by one Stanley Zamka aka David Morales.

    Modesett was asked about several Cubans, the stockpiling of weapons and how he was in favor of changing national policy so the base could take a much more aggressive attitude toward Cuba. The possibility of staging various operations was also discussed.

    Modesset was also happy to have CIA case officers at the base. He suggested that joint CIA and Navy operations against Cuba would be in the interest of all concerned. Modesett was fluent in Spanish and he and Morales arranged to stay in touch on matters of mutual interest.

    A month before Modesett was summoned by Morales, his father (oilman Jack Modesett Snr.) was killed in a one car accident in Texas. Modesett was President of Conroe Drilling Co. and Monkeen Oil Co. His partner at Monkeen was Joseph P. Kennedy.



    No documents to back this up as it comes from members of the family so forum members can make of it what they wish. Before the so called aggressive action against Cuba was taken, Joe Kennedy instigated an operation with Felip Vidal Santiago at the helm. The plan was to get Kennedy's illigitimate child out of Cuba. Vidal failed and made a powerful enemy in the process. Kennedy allegedly told Morales to tell the Cubans they would never get their country back. He was not happy to say the least. Vidal was also not impressed. Could this have started the road to Dallas? Jack Modesett and Hal Feeney, two charaters who have escaped major scrutiny maybe need to be looked at. Feeney also handled Claude Barnes Capehart which begs several other disturbing questions.

    After Vidal was executed in Cuba, his widow received a personal phone call from LBJ offering his condolences. He spoke to her for some time. She never revealed the topic of their extended conversation.


  10. If we are saying that the Mexico Oswald was Saul, and this in turn was Mario Tauler Sague, then this photograph below suggests not. (photo credit James Richards.)

    I think to identify this man, we need to look at who David Phillips was handling at the time. There is also the possibility that this man was an associate of Bernardo Torres and was mixed up in the hit on Lettelier.


  11. Robert, intelligence files regarding background checks go back to 1946 when he served with the 82nd Airborne Division. He was also investigated in 1947 where his military record is conflicting as to where he exactly was. It seems he was being fast tracked into the new agency. In 1950 he was assigned to the 7821st Composite Group in Germany and given full cryptographic clearance.


  12. William Alexander Robertson died on the 1st of December 1970. He was on his way back from a stint in Vietnam when he collapsed at a Dallas airport and expired several hours later.

    He is buried at the Culpeper National Cemetary in Section E, site 173.

    Rip Robertson was better known to his family and friends as Tex Robertson, quarter Cherokee Indian and winner of 2 Silver Stars on Saipan.


  13. Chapter 19 of your book is an article about George de Mohrenschildt that first appeared in New Times Magazine. You mention Willem Oltmans’ claim that de Mohrenschildt “served as a middleman between Lee Harvey Oswald and H.L. Hunt in an assassination plot involving other Texas oilman, anti-Castro Cubans, and elements of the FBI and CIA.”

    Oltmans later withdrew his claim that H.L. Hunt was invloved. He claimed that deMohrenschildt was the one who gave him that information but a later investigation proved Hunt was in no way involved.

    In a press conference, Oltmans also claimed that Jackie Kennedy and Gerald Ford were briefed on who was behind the Kennedy assassination.


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