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  1. Evan, thank you for the welcome. JK
  2. I am a small business owner in North Queensland and an amateur historian. Of particular interest are the controversial assassinations of the 1960's. I stumbled across the Education Forum and found it to be a wealth of information and hope that I can contribute something to the various discussions.
  3. When I say the admiration is perverse please take it with slice of satire and a pinch of truth. I have several points to raise with you about your response. 1. Why are you grateful that that Saddam's reign of terror is over in Iraq? He was a terrorist, but for a long while he was Capitol Hill sponsered terrorist, which by definition becomes something along the lines of "rules a lawless country with a iron fist." "Pro-active in use of force against militants." Or other such terminology. He was also very much liked in the U.K as he gave us a barrier against the 'evil' Iranians. I would al
  4. This is the google found definition of terrorism as defined by the FBI, "the unlawful use of force against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population or any segment thereof, in the furtherance of political or social objectives". This definition includes three elements: (1) Terrorist activities are illegal and involve the use of force. (2) The actions are intended to intimidate or coerce. (3) The actions are committed in support of political or social objectives. It seems clear that actions in the neighbouring country of Chechnya clearly fit in this defi
  5. The the books that altered my perception of life were - 1. One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marques 2. A Man for all Seasons - (Play) Roger Bolt 3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson. If you haven't read and of these books I highly recommend them. All historians must also read American Tabloid and The Cold Six Thousand by James Elroy.
  6. A brief note to say, That I'm very sorry about my last message on this forum. I have recently been fighting with my own educational demons and that night in particular my demons won. I believe in the due process of education and I take back any comment which might have caused offense to any member of this forum. Please accept my heart felt apology. Yours Faithfully John Kelly
  7. I think the most important point I would like to make on this topic, is that I believe we are failing as history teachers. Lately have examined and re-examined my motivation for entering the history classroom. My Grade 12 IB class who are just about to leave for university have categorically told me that my history class was the most interesting and challenging class they took this semester. Yet not one of them is going to study history at university. The vast majority are studying either business or economics. One is going in the army! When I aked why they decided to study these subjects
  8. Subverting people not to go war, unless absolutely necessary, are the only true heroes in any war. With regards to the Vietnam war, I think saying that they were betrayed by internal American politics is an understatement. I've seen many different numbers estimating how many died in Cambodia, Loas and Vietnam, but we can be sure the numbers are between 2-3 million. Not even starting to count the long term effects of the 23 million tonnes of Agent Orange dropped on the country. People who flew aeroplanes over Vietnam are in my opinion not heroes. Their superiors are war criminals. What a
  9. Austen - I have a lot to discuss with you, however, I am very busy over the next couple of days. If you can be patient I will reply to all of the points you have put to me in your lenghtly post. I cannot agree with you about most of what you say, but I think it will benefit both myself and yourself, to discuss what is obviously a matter close to your nationality, religion and your heart. I would like to point out to you on personal point, that this is an educational forum and comments as such "What planet do you live on..." have no place in this arena. Lastly I do thank you for your time i
  10. One of the most interesting questions about the Middle East is, why do so many people single out Israel as one of the most important issues in the global arena? There are many reasons for this in my opinion. The tight relationship with America consistantly puts the issue in the press, and more coverage is given to the Arab-Israeli conflict, than Chechnya, Cuba, Columbia or Tibet, which are as pressing world issues and need attention. Also there is the clash of religious beliefs which creates strong feelings in Jewish households, Christian households and Arab households. Hebron and Jerusale
  11. I will start a debate about the continuing war in Iraq.
  12. On the nature of the topic, I would like to suggest the Holocaust as a possible topic. Simply because I've just finished work on the Holocaust and would be interested in the outcome of this debate. Other than this topic I would like to suggest - The War in Iraq and current American foreign policy. Or as it first attempt - What about something more universal such as 'What is the point of education?' Or what about matching topics from the teachers area to the student area? Nationalism in teaching?
  13. One of the wider points I want to highlight and this could very easily cross over into the debate of Nationalism on this forum, is that the German government and the German people have taken real measures to try deal with this the Holocaust. I was delighted to hear from Ulrike that at her school some neo-nazi poster were seen on campus and the students held a huge demonstration, organised and created by the students against these posters. I think I'm also correct in saying Germany has the highest voting turn out of any European country. The impression I get, is that German people are engage
  14. This is huge problem with aid. A few years ago Mark Thomas based one of his shows around this issue. Corporations actually make money by giving away useless goods as foreign aid. When these countries are desperate for basic medical supplies, we send over out of date contact lenses, or an obsolete dialasis machine, or other medical goods, which would be costly to destroy in Britain. Cheaper to give away in aid. Why does a socialist government allow this practice to continue? As if it wasn't bad enough to be amongst the poorest nations on earth, mutinational-coporations compond this mise
  15. I think the idea, 'Have we learned anything from the past?' is perfect way to phrase a unit of work about the Holocaust. There are several points here I would like to make to different points on this thread. I do stick by my orginal feelings on this issue, that there is a implicit scale system of genocide introduced by Western indoctrination, which places the Holocaust as the worst ever example of racial genocide, and therefore in some ways detracts from acts of genocide, racial or non-racial, that our country and other Western countries have committed post 1945. The Holocaust is consis
  16. A great idea. I will find two students for the debate. What date do wish to start the debate?
  17. There is a huge amount of power within the youth of today in Britain. The problem is no one has worked out how to harness this power. I believe it can be harnessed, but the issues have to be relevant to the people. I know there is solidarity in the youth of Britain. I'm also convinced that young people although not necessarily becoming more politicised, are becoming more aware of issues that will effect future generations and their own lives. If there was ever a class of people more willing to embrace a stance which is anti mutinational, anti war, pro environment, then it is the youth gen
  18. A good web-site to visit is Jews for Justice - www.jfjfp.org Or try typing in 'Self Hating Jews' into google for a interesting perspective. Noam Chomsky and Woody Allen make this list. This is how I feel about teaching the Holocaust from a British perspective. What most concerns me about the Holocaust and teaching the Holocaust to our students is the huge emphasis that is always put upon the idea, "This must never be allowed to happen again." Which is of course buttresses the idea that this was the last act of genocide to happen on the planet in the last 59 years. The Isreali's have bee
  19. I've found my experience of teaching abroad in China, hugely beneficial, both personally and I hope professionally. After I completed my P.G.C.E, I felt that the NQT qualificational status was just another hurdle which I did not wish to jump through. My two biggest problems teaching on the P.G.C.E, were class managment and utter lack of time. No time to put any thought into planning my lessons. No time to eat, sleep, or be a human being. How this was going to get any better with a 100% timetable on the NQT year, instead of an 80% timetable on the P.G.C.E was beyond me. A cycle of depression
  20. My name is John Kelly and this is only my second year teaching. I live and work at Shanghai High International School. This year I'm teaching IB English. My school is one of only two schools in China which is party funded. We are bi-lingual in Chinese and English. Our school is over 150 years old, but the international division is only ten years old. In the past ten years the number of pupils in the international division has risen from 7 in 1993, to 1150 in 2003. I have found educational forums vital to my job. This forum has some excellent members who have always taken the time to answe
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