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  1. __________________________________________________________________ Hi Duncan, First time I've heard of Ruby's having a Carousel Club in Fort Worth. I wonder if Al meant to say Dallas. I realize that I might be wrong on this. Thanks, --Thomas Wow, my first post and I've already lost all credibility. Sorry, I haven't thought about the subject for a long time until this week, a friend encouraged me to write the book. Al
  2. I'm not a journalist and not obsessed with the Kennedy assassination. I was a launch crewmember on duty in a missile launch blockhouse when I learned of the assassination. I was married to Jada from 1972 through 1976 and close friend until herdeath. Jada was listed as Jada Conforto in the Warren Commission Report. I have information and many pictures of her. I am writing what I know about Jada with the intention of publishing it in a book or novel based on her life. I wish for the public to learn the life story of this amazing lady. I just hope that what I have will be preserved for future use. I am now in my 60s and a retired Mr. High Tech. I'm a lover of non-fiction, adventure novels, photography and high tech futuristic science topics. I occupy my time with many technical projects, local history, genealogy, and climatology.
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