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  1. could this name four leaves be related to cryptology or substitution?
  2. Ok, this is a thread/experiment to see what kind of a case the researchers here would make if they were before a grand jury in trial or whatever method of another inquiry headed by them. Not so much for debate as it is for finding out what kind of a case we'd have today if we were to be called upon to do another comission, or prosecute a trial against the guilty parties, or anything like that, so, name your strongest piece of evidence, the one that you think would "close the case" and establish a chain of evidence between the suspects and the crime. Although I'm not nearly as informed as mos
  3. what do you guys think of these, then? Zapruder Film Hoax Zapruder Film Authentic
  4. Why did RFK throw out the original coffin for JFK into the ocean? And why is he linked to disposing of some of the DNA evidence in the JFK assassination? I'm not casting theories here, just trying to understand preexisting ones: are these things true? I believe that, once again, TMWKK is where I heard this, and I was wondering if he did this, if so why, and is it connected to either assassination or not in your opinions?
  5. I've always thought this would make for a good conversation piece/curriculum movie in a philosophy class, specially existentialism. What do you guys think?
  6. From what I understand, their decline is well-deserved. They are mouthpieces for values such as Religious morals, conservative policies, and world leadership, but haven't actually practiced those values for at least 40 years. I don't think the democrats are much better, but at least they don't seem to always throw a senate or house temper tantrum for every bill any Republican tries to pass. And at least good domestic policy still exists on the radar to them. Neo-Conservative as a term even is a fallacy when applied to them, they should just be called the War Profiteering party, all else be dam
  7. Real ID Wiki It's still supposedly a few years off, in 2011 sometime, and it's supposed to "streamline" our identification processes, but it just sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen to me. Aside from the obvious possible paranoia(of surveillance or whatever), how much easier would any sort of scapegoating or identity theft be when all your Identity checks stem back to one single rfid card? I was wondering if anyone here had already been researching this at all?
  8. I know there is that dictabelt recording from a cops radio, but there's been debate as to whether that was actually there, and I was wondering if there are any other sources of audio from the assassination to cross-reference with that and the films to pin down the exact timing of events?
  9. Are you referring to the Daltex building, Ian? Bests, Barb :-) i believe so, yes.
  10. I have a dumb question on this subject, just to get up to snuff?? How many copies of the Zapruder film were supposedly made, and who all did it change hands through before becoming public?
  11. And what do you think? Do you think there is a 4th film unreleased as of yet? I've not really looked into it but I haven't seen much evidence there was. Oliver seems pretty obviously to be a xxxx and the images I've seen of the "Babushka Lady" are not clear enough to say one way or the other. Supposedly witnesses saw her or someone else shooting a fourth film but I haven't seen it. That's not to say it doesn't exist, because as I said before I haven't followed this very much. As for RFK's asssassination I'm not sure I think it might even have been Sirhan but I haven't looked at it very cl
  12. I actually saw that when it aired. Unfortunately, the only thing I can find concretely on the internet so far is evidence of a new "SuperHighway" from Canada to Mexico, bigger than any built before, and some misrepresentation sites, like taking theoretical souveneir amero coins created as a product and posing them as actual currency.
  13. Very, very informative post for me, more like this are needed in all debates I think. The one relevant thing I can see missing is that the EFF brought lawsuits against the cooperators with the NSA in their warrantless illegal wiretapping, and the case was never allowed to go forward for fear of "state secrets" being revealed, which leads me to think that they also wanted to avoid more of the Nixon Era scandal recurring.
  14. It appears to me at least that Science vs Religion is one of the oldest debates that still rages just as hotly, and as usual, it's a false dichotomy. I've seen plenty of religious dogma in the most science-minded, and plenty of scientific theorizing in many religious folk. It's like debating Sci Fi vs Fantasy, they both meld into each other after you've read enough books, and it's more than rare to find one that is Sci Fi to the exclusion of all Fantasy elements and vice versa. I'd say, check out Bill Moyer's take on Religion, then apply it to Science as well. Both have their uses, but are str
  15. Yeah, I've been scratching my head over his economic policies of late as well....
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