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  1. Don, hi, is this the part you were referring to? I would make two points in response. First, consider some standard examples of such right-wing conspiracy theories, such as those involving Freemasons or Communists. These can be understood in two ways. On one interpretation, the idea would be that Freemasons, Communists, or whomever, given their ideological commitments, have actively sought to get themselves and their sympathizers into positions of power and influence so as to promote and implement their ideas, and that they have done so subtly and by using duplicity. But there is nothing in t
  2. Ian, you may possibly be talking about a hypothesised fourth copy of the Zfilm. AFAIK: There was the original, the two SS copies. one which was sent to Washington straight away and a third that Harrry D. Holmes and FBI Sorrels(?) thumbed through, frame by frame, that night. (plus the transparencies. It's travels may very well give genesis to a fourth (amd more?) copy of the prebreak Z film. Nights followed of showings to select locals. Perhaps too many to indicate they were only using the last copy which should by now be in the (sticky nailpolish tipped fingertips?) hands of the authorities
  3. Some of it is of course, that's unavoidable. Thanks for your opinion. Duncan MacRae XXXXXXX awesome. And very true.♦ Edited by moderator due to language.
  4. Multiple points to be made here, even on a broad, shallow understanding of the facts like mine, as I've heard this line all too often , and eloquent though it may be , it just dont' hold any water really: People who think the U.S. government was complicit in 9/11 or in the JFK assassination sometimes complain that those who dismiss them as “conspiracy theorists” are guilty of inconsistency. For don’t the defenders of the “official story” behind 9/11 themselves believe in a conspiracy, namely one masterminded by Osama bin Laden? Don’t they acknowledge the existence of conspiracies like Waterga
  5. Okay, new here, so you'll have to forgive me if I'm not up to snuff on the latest opions on was badge man a real person or did photographer a have an umbrella dart gun? I was wondering what this "4th film" was and who supposedly filmed it, as I've been hitting up one of the few sources of free and readily searchable info on the web==youtube, and this video and several others mention a never released 4th film. Is there confirmation of a 4th film and who filmed it? Is there any leaked portions of it now?
  6. I was raised by crazed hippies who believed any half-baked conspiracy theory they could get their hands on, so I became interested in seeing if any of them held up under evidence. More recently I became interested in the JFK assassination because it's so obviously a conspiracy yet there's never enough evidence or even eyewitness testimony to pin down what happened. I am interested in it because I feel that in the same way that the skeptics who simply cite the warren commission report fail to take all the evidence into account, most book writers/etc of the assassination try and line up all the
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