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  1. This documentary was made for the BBC as part of Panorama. Panorama is a BBC television current afairs documentary series. First broadcast in 1953, it is the worlds longest running public affairs programme. On another note this reminds me of the time i searched for Dr. John McFarland and his wife Meryl. It took me a while and strange when i did find them. Dave
  2. The Rio Grande Building, in Dallas was also the home of 112th Military Inteligence unit in 1963. Dave
  3. Warren Caster brought a Mauser into the TSBD on the 20th November Lee. He said he took it home that same day, maybe he never and that was the Mauser the police found. Dave
  4. John i have seen film of Philips discussing the various coups he was involved in but i cant remember where i saw it, one of the JFK documentaries, i'm sure. I will look for it later. Dave
  5. Thanks Bernice, the colour photos you posted was taken by our friend Reed, this man seemd to be everywhere that day ie took pics of TSBD, Oswald bus and Oswald arrest. Just a normal guy taking pics hey, oh yes with ties to the military here is the pic you wanted by the way. Dave
  6. Cheers Bernice, I have that Pic from Robins site, just wish i could find the full 14 photographs, that complete the set of the Reed photographs. Dave
  7. This is were S L Reed became newly elected V.P. of the Albrook Officers' Club in 1965. http://william_h_ormsbee.tripod.com/alb_transfer_p01.htm Dave
  8. I have just discovered that it did cover New Oreans, i found this at MFF from the HSCA final report. http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?mode=searchResult&absPageId=69290 Dave
  9. Does anybody know if the 112th covered New Orleans. Thanks in advance. Dave
  10. Ive just recieved and deleted that e-mail from you Bernice. Dave x
  11. I did not think that people could post under a false name, if this is true mark (if thats his name) should be kicked off this forum. Dave
  12. Thanks Duke and everyone else. Some good points given by everyone. I am working on two different aspects of the assassination, Robert Oswald and possible military inteligence photographers, (including Powell and possibilly one other). It is very useful to know what people think is the best evidence in this very complex case and i thank you all for answering my question. Yes Lee im very well thank you, we will have to get together and have a chat, maybe over a bevvy mate. Dave
  13. Very interesting and informative presentation Greg. Dave
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