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  1. For those that watched this 2013 documentary, what did you think of it? It was supposed to mark the 50th anniversary of JFK's killing and reveal the ''real killer''?

    Using Pres. Clinton's released 1993 files, ballistics and original FBI agent reports, as well as original eye witness and [at the time, closed] Warren Commission reports and fresh weaponry tests, it reveals startling revelations, based closely on testimony from SS agents (and Governor Connelly and other VIP's) that an agent in the car ahead of JFK was seen on the Zapruder film to be brandishing an automatic military weapon.

    It concluded that secret service agent George Hickey, seen holding a rifle in the car behind the President, "accidentally" delivered the fatal shot on JFK as ''Lee's'' shots also fired. The Zapruder film is probably the most analysed and examined piece of evidence in history, surely we would have seen the SS agent by now had this been true?

    I never believed the Warren Commission's ''report'' or that just one person did it, but this doc seems to go way into BS conspiracy-denial territory and to me smacked of establishment [or CIA] disinformation

    Interesting review of the doc here- http://www.philly.com/philly/news/Shooting_holes_in_theory_that_a_Secret_Service_agent_killed_President_Kennedy.html

  2. I based my opinion partly on the memory of a documentary I watched a few years ago, by (?) Timewatch, I believe? The surviving Jack was stated, if I remember accurately, in that programme to have 'refused to speak' about the affair and 'taken whatever secret he may hold with him'?

    But also there may be possible similarities between this and Polish General Sikorsky's "accidental" death in WW2.

    This article finds no foul play in the latter, though rumours of intrigue into his death, very convenient for Stalin (if not Churchill), remain.

  3. Len

    A) I did a search first but nothing relevant came up?

    B ) I personally think that, like other famous "accidents", it's blatantly obvious that it was not merely pilot or technical error.

    The surviving crewman refused to speak about this 'fog' and on board was the Prince on some mysterious journey, many of whose details do not 'add up'.

  4. I appreciate your love of the Fabs and that you think about the World we cohabit (which is why we're all here), but I think we might not come from the same angle?

    If the Walrus had no significance, then why in God does he admit that it was really him? Are they being honest? And beyond that do they know the whole story?

    By this time I believe that John, who wasn't talking to his old friend and rival Paul, was being antagonistic. He even said the Beatles went 'through a divorce'- we all know what they're like?

    What is your reaction to Paul putting Aleister Crowley on the screen behind him when he plays Helter Skelter in concert? Does that seem like a sensible thing to do if you want to in fact dismiss theorists who read things into the songs? Or does it seem like something someone would do to continue to in fact fuel speculation while dismissing the whole notion in interviews?

    Paul was always the 'stable' one, never in the papers for being out of control as was John. If he did this (I'm not refuting it) maybe he was just another fascinated famous guy regarding Crowley as were David Bowie and Jimmy Page? I think that it- like all of their album covers and lyrics- was either pure chance or a tease for fans? Nothing cosmic.

    The point is this. Most people took Paul is Dead to be either a hoax or coincidence or real. There are still to this day entire forums dedicated to Beatles mysteries. Nothing is Real and The King is Naked being two of them. The Iamaphoney series on Youtube is also dedicated to this. The theories are mostly about Paul, some are rather intriguing, but the point is that the reason why people continue to search through this is because of the sheer volume of items that are bizarre and unique to every other artist.

    I think that these people have emotional or mental problems? Something is lacking in their lives, polarised further by illness? I think George Harrison even said something like this, he hated fans by the late 60's.

    You of course realize I cannot state much of what I believe to be fact, so John's assertion that it cannot be refuted does have a place, but that doesn't make it untrue either. I spent 2 hours last night looking at everything related to John Wesley Harding due to the presence of the Beatles in a tree when you turn the LP upside down. My conclusion was nothing, I don't have any idea what the significance of the LP is as it relates to my beliefs. I look at these things anyways because it's what I research; I don't personally think my conclusions are irrational but they are definitely off the beaten path.

    Again I refer to my original point, there is a case to be made of looking too hard at nothing in order to see something?

    I do look at it though and I don't follow the party line as to which Beatles items are significant; a lot of them aren't to me, including some that you are mentioning but I haven't, but a number of things are and I don't believe the Beatles did a lot of them on purpose. No differently than me believing Bobby Kennedy having dinner with Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate the night before he died is quite significant but not because of anything that anyone deliberately did.

    Pure coincidence and happen-stance? Just as if I hadn't walked to get the papers, and missed a car careering onto the pavement? Only I ain't famous enough to make it exciting?

  5. Will, the Fabs even poo-poohed the idea of message-finding themselves! To the point that John even added the lyric in the 1968 track Glass Onion on the famed double 'White album' (officially titled 'The Beatles');'-

    "And here's a clue for you all...the Walrus [costumes in Magical Mystery Tour promo/film] was Paul"

    John confirmed this on numerous occasions when accused of messages in tracks like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (LSD), I am the Walrus, Strawberry Fields, Revolution 9 and their album covers- most notably Abbey Road and Sgt Pepper (plus it's lyrics)?

    They didn't, in my view, plant prophecies in their songs covertly, deliberately, divinely or otherwise?

  6. Will, can you consider the possibility that the supernatural element you propose is an esoteric description of events involving artists and therefore the esoteric with the supernatural redundant and this sort of analysis is to a believer of it never refutable and in fact a result of an inner dissonance?

    John, did you get that post from "Yes, Minister"? biggrin.gif

    Seriously though, Lennon had defeated the US Govt in 1076 and severely humiliated them by proving in court that they (the FBI) were bugging/following him when he won his green card that year.

    In 1980, at the same time as Lennon, a notorious peace campaigner and a hugely influential man globally, comes out of retirement, a new US right-wing Govt rules, and William J Casey, Reagan's campaign manager and then CIA chief who oversaw a re-expansion of the intelligence service as international relations faltered between east-west.

    Would a socialist anti-war musician be 'allowed' to get in the way?

  7. Will, I think you're looking too hard at things that simply are not there?

    I have been a fan of the Fabs for decades and have lisytened intently to their 66-69 songs via headphones. Yes in the song's backgrounds there are tape loops, backward lyrics, teasers, deliberate fan provocations, murmurs, laughs, swearing and general chat, but nothing like what you suggest?

    Just before the main 'Na na na' chorus of Hey Jude, John utters the F word when a guitar string snaps, they laugh behind Hey Bulldog, utter comments in Obla-di, Obla-da, etc, but no political or astrological comments?

  8. Prince George, the Duke of Kent - our present Queen's uncle- died as a passenger in a plane crash on August 25th 1942 during a mysterious flight over Scotland. The plane was en route to Iceland.

    But what was he even doing there?

    Both before and after his marriage, Kent had a long string of affairs with both men and women, from socialites to Hollywood celebrities. The better known of his partners included the African-American cabaret singer Florence Mills, banking heiress Poppy Baring, socialite Margaret Whigham (later Duchess of Argyll), musical star Jessie Matthews and actor Noel Coward, with whom he carried on a 19-year affair.

    The Duke of Kent is also said to have been addicted to drugs (notably morphine and cocaine) — a weakness which his older brother the Prince of Wales was deputed to cure him of during the latter part of the 1920s — and reportedly was blackmailed by a male prostitute to whom he wrote intimate letters.

    Another of his reported bisexual liaisons was with his distant cousin Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia; homosexual spy and art historian Anthony Blunt was reputedly another intimate.

    An unproven claim has been made that British Intelligence assassinated Prince George.

    The appeasement movement, involving many of the nobility and the powerful- even the [then] newly-abdicated King, Edward VIII (George's older brother)- were purportedly Nazi sympathisers.

    One possible reason is given by author Charles Higham, in the second, revised edition of his book The Dutchess of Windsor:The Secret Life, as serious concern over the Duke of Kent's lack of discretion and his political dealings with Nazi leadership, with negotiations towards a separate peace, to allow Germany to concentrate on its war with the Soviet Union in eastern Europe.

    Higham writes that the Special Operations Executive (SOE), worried that the Duke would talk about these matters once he left the British Isles, tampered with the plane before its takeoff, ensuring its crash soon afterwards, with the deaths of all but one of the passengers.

    There is another claim that the plane struck Wolf Rock on Ben Morven while attempting to take off from Loch More after picking up Rudolf Hess, who had been smuggled north after parachuting on Eaglesham Moor, near East Kilbride on a mission to broker a peace deal between Germany and Britain.

    The Sunderland was certainly heading Southwest when it hit the ground and broke up, although it has been claimed that The Duke of Kent was at the controls and he was "buzzing" his cousin's lodge at Langwell Estate, Berridale. Purportedly, women's clothing and footwear was found at the crash site by estate workers first on the scene.

    A possible reason for the Sunderland crashing was it was unable to gain enough altitude/airspeed after take off to clear the hillside, due to its short take-off on Loch More, extra passenger and heavy fuel load,

    enough to take it to Ayrshire without stopping.

    One member of crew survived the crash with only minor injuries, but never talked about the event and took what he knew to the grave, further fuelling conspiracy theorists.

    Rumours circulate that Churchill alledgedly mentioned having De Gaulle killed (unconscious mutterings after one too many?) - is it so improbable and far from his character that he might have had the Prince's aircraft 'nobbled'?

  9. Has anyone seen this French-Canadian documentary about the links, or alledged links, between Cancer and the colossal profits made by huge Pharmaceutical companies?


    Are some even colluding with some food and drink manufacturers, or those with an interest in 'curing' people? Is anyone withholding evidence, or information about the true causes of the many forms of Cancer?

  10. Picture the scene at Deepcut British Army training barracks in the 1990's. You are a recruit in the British army, subjected to constant bullying. There's even alledged rapes going on. You probably decide to leave, BUT one of your superior officers has a gun to your head, and tells you that if you that if you try and dishonour the army with your complaints, they will shoot you.

    The next day your body is recovered within the barracks, showing multiple close-up bullet wounds - one single shot to the head, plus multiple wounds from more distant gunfire.

    The internal army investigation closes with a verdict of suicide. Of course, the Ministry of Defence supports the ruling, and so does the British Government.






    Who were the people who died?

    They were all new recruits, training at the Royal Logistics Corps' primary training base at the Princess Royal Barracks at Deepcut.

    Private Sean Benton, 20, was hit by one bullet at close range and another four apparently fired from a distance, in June 1995.

    Cheryl James, 18, died in November 1995 from a single bullet to the head.

    Private Geoff Gray, 17, was hit by two bullets to the head. Another three believed to have been fired at the same time were not found.

    James Collinson was killed by a single shot up through the chin in March 2002. He was 17.

    Are there others?

    None that are known about, although there was an unrelated death of a another Deepcut recruit. But statistics point to high levels of deaths among young army recruits.

    MoD figures showed there were 1,748 non-combat deaths of army personnel in or around military property from 1990 to 2002, and 188 deaths due to firearms between January 1990 and July 2002.

    Families of soldiers elsewhere who died in non-combat situations now want public inquiries, too.

    What do the various parties say?

    The families of all four victims are not convinced that their sons and daughters killed themselves.

    They want an independent inquiry held in public to ascertain all the facts and - if the claims are true - to establish what life was like for them at the barracks that might have driven them to such desperate measures.

    A number of MPs - about a quarter of the Commons - have backed their calls.

    The government refused a public inquiry while the police investigation was going on, but has not committed itself on what it will do now that the police probe is complete.

    Police delayed publishing their report while they held talks with an independent investigator appointed by the bereaved families.

    Who has investigated it?

    The Army held internal inquiries into the deaths of Privates Benton and James.

    It will hold similar investigations on Privates Gray and Collinson once it receives Surrey police report.

    The coroner has held inquests into the first three, recording a verdict of suicide on Private Benton and open verdicts on Privates James and Gray. He will conduct an inquest into Private Collinson's death after he receives the Surrey police report.

    He must decide whether to make an application to the High Court to hold new inquests on the other three.

    Why do the families want another inquiry?

    They were unhappy with the army inquiry and want an independent investigation.

    They say potentially vital evidence went missing and some claim police suspect some soldiers were not as forthcoming as they might be.

    Each wants to know:

    • Was it murder - and if so, why?

    • What could have been done to prevent it?

    • If it was suicide, how could it happen?

    They want transparency and reassurance that there has been no cover-up, which they believe can come only from an independent public investigation.

    So there have been conspiracy theories?

    There have certainly been plenty of accusations of a cover-up, with most of the investigations away from public scrutiny.

    There were claims that some of Private James' letters were withheld from her inquest. The Army says they were shown to the coroner, but he denies this.

    Private Collinson's parents feared their home was bugged, but police found nothing.

    However, the government did allow independent investigator Frank Swann access to the Deepcut barracks.

    What are the remaining options?

    The police report will go to Surrey coroner Michael Burgess, who will decide whether there is sufficient new evidence to justify new inquests on the first three deaths.

    He has yet to hold an inquest on Private Collinson.

    Police identified in their report a number of areas of risk to potentially vulnerable recruits and have passed their recommendations to the Army. The Army will consider the comments before taking any further action but points out it is already acting on an internal report on all its recruit-training bases, acknowledging the need for more instructors to monitor new recruits and improving welfare standards.

  11. True, the over-active clowns create a lot of diversionary and useless distraction, whilst the ringmasters hide themselves behind more cleverly-weaved disinformation based upon more credible semi-truth?

    Even if Icke got the odd lucky direct hit with his many wild potshots, would any mud stick?

  12. It was nothing specific that struck me (at least that I can remember, I don't frequent his site), only his legitimate-sounding, if a little actually wayward, healthy scepticism of Governments and the "secret Governments" behind them, which I definately believe in general, and especially in the West, which relate to themes like the JFK/MLK/RFK killings.

    I like to keep an open mind on most matters and people, no matter how 'wacko' they are deemed.

  13. Jim, no I have not. I stated;

    Did an 'inside man' advise him about black ops etc (Sutherland)?

    Which in no way denigrates the acting skill of that brilliant scene, merely questioning the occurrence, hence my post here? Re-read my initial post (and subsequent one questioning the convoluted accuracy of the film, not that I dislike it, or why would I have watched the dvd again?) before making such a statement, please!

    Thanks for the rest of your post though.

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