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  1. Thanks Martin, having just watched it again, I was both more and less impressed than I was previously in different sections of the movie!
  2. Having not read widely about JFK's assassination, except having read some posts here, and having done a JFK College project over two decades ago, in the 90's I tended to think that Stone's epic JFK was a masterpiece. But, although it's a fantastic piece of film-making based upon Garrison's own account of the investigation, now i am unsure about it's credibility or accuracy? Did his offices really get bugged and a staff member betray him? Did an 'inside man' advise him about black ops etc (Sutherland)? Were witnesses and cops/agents alike still being 'found dead' as late as the late 70's, or still? What are the current views by those more learned?
  3. Well, I used to think so ever since his infamous TV appearance on Wogan in the 1980's when he announced he was 'the son of God', but one or two things he said since have sounded not-wacko. Like some ideas here, and elsewhere, do/don't?
  4. What are your views on this formely widely respected British former sportsman and TV presenter turned self-confessed conspiracist? After his 1991 announcement on primetime UKTV that he was "the son of God" he overnight became a figure of ridicule to many, yet today he has attracted a huge cult following and even the support of Alex Jones, noted US Radio Host and conspiracy theorist. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sTy4rVl7SE&feature=related David Icke's forum David's Wiki bio
  5. This, and paid-for-doing online surveys, seems an increasingly popular way to make money online for moderators who want hired writers to boost membership with good posts (£/$ per word/post?), but has anyone ever done it, on any forum? I was wondering about it, especially a general history forum etc, but thought I'd ask for opinions first.
  6. Interesting, but would a 'remake' be credible? Fascinating as the cast and events would be. And if this is all true, wouldn't filming be 'hampered' by threats and "accidents"?
  7. John, you, I, we were correct!! Another Warren report, all neatly tied up in lovely red Government bows and presented aptly to a gullible public!!
  8. The thought that often occurs to me is, what would the Suffragettes have made of today's 'ladettes', dressed like prostitutes and spewing up on dark street corners past midnight after a 'man binge' in raucous city pubs? Why are the role models chosen by young women- at least the ones pushed in our faces daily- usually the most plastic, uneducated and trashy? And that's leaving reality TV aside! Whatever happened to J.K.Rowling, Denise Lewis, Nicole Kidman and Anita Roddick et al? After all of the personal and professional sacrifices - sometimes literally- made by the ladies of the women's Suffrage movement, are modern women making the most today of their hard-earned victory? Or earning it? Of course, society has changed 100% over the last century. During World Wars I & II, women proved themselves in all areas of life, from ammunitions to farming and beyond, not forgetting espionage and resistance in nazi-held territory. But come 1945 when the fighting men came home, it was time once again to put the little women back in their box, return obediently to their knitting by the radio and industriously popping kids out again! Only in the 1960's, two whole decades after the war, was there a breaking out of the repressive patriarchal mould of the very 'British' 1950's (as my mother says, anyway). Women had the pill, and that generation burst through many boundaries and taboos. There are many great women living and working in all areas of society today, but has something been lost along the way?
  9. One irony of the Great Plague of 1666 - which itself is said by some sources and documentaries to have been a mutated version of the 'lying low' 1348 Black Death pandemic centuries before- was that to prevent the worsening of the illness, was London Mayor's desperate decision to order a cull of the "culprits"- cats and dogs. As we know today, it was the flea-infected rats that were the cause, and that the canine/feline cull was exactly the wrong decision, as those animals were likely to have lessened the spreading of the infected rats. As it was, the rats were allowed to spread to other areas unchecked.
  10. As a decent and balanced, law-abiding citizen, I hope that our troops are going to be safely withdrawn from Eastern theatres of 'war' soon after some of the heaviest fighting since WWII. I hated the notion of our country being 'forced' to go to war years ago by the Govt, and especially against International Law (I think that the UK Govt acted like eunuchs and caved in to US pressure for oil/arms deals and building contracts etc)- which was a Resolution catchpoint of Gulf 1? But now the lads ( and lasses) are there, so be it, I can't change that. And when these youngsters come home, whilst most lazy-minded civilian dick****s and chavs at home are too busy voting for X-Factor and not another Govt - I think it's right that they should have their morale boosting parades in recognition of their having risked their young lives and suffering extreme stress and danger.. This is where I have a problem- These homespun parades and marches are always hijacked- as our flag has been/ is- by the dumb, boorish right-wing extremists. And worse- they fail to see that many of these soldiers, sailors and airmen, are non-white (VC winner Beharry Johnson and the Ghurkas notwithstanding)!! Like a thick flotsam of 1920's/30's Brown/blackshirt clones (the shirt colours seem ironic?), the English 'Defence' League (EDL- surely vile friends of the NF or Combat 18 etc?) gang together in wannabe-hardmen gangs, swagger endlessly and sing football songs comprising taunting, racist lyrics, they get drunk (or stay sober) and offer...yep- nazi salutes and thinly-veiled violence in order to provoke the non-white residents, Police, media or leftist demonstrators from the Uni's and socialist groups etc. Don't neo-nazis, in their homo-erotic military garb, see the sheer hypocrisy of their idiotic 'stance' - thaaaaat the n.a.z.i.s are whom the British fought against in 1940, thus making them the traitors!?...durrrrrrr. Their embittered, overblown rhetoric and sour perversion of facts on their 'history' forums only confirm it.
  11. In the words of a Dad's Army character- "We're all doooooomed!"
  12. And of course the US authorities whisked Mr Ishi off to work on anti-personnel devices for their Korean War effort. Good ole Uncle Sam.
  13. I have now seen that doc, and it was fascinating, yet somehow unsatisfactory.. I would have broken the rules (official ones anyway) and had the nazi bastards garotted and shot, as Mossad has done.
  14. Why is this not even brought into the mainstream, at times like daft harry in his nazi uniform? And how are we 'allowed' to type and read these things now- not all of which have been released from secret files yet? I wonder how immigration, or Labour Govts survived, under our dear old fascist country?
  15. Many high profile Nazis were Catholics- including one Claus Von Stauffenberg. But far from being anti-Fascist, the elements of the Vatican helped escaping nazis at the end of WWII, to freedom in S.America. Ironically, Magda Goebbels father-inlaw was jewish, and she herself once dated a jew- Haim Arsoloff, who became a prominent Zionist and was assassinated in Palestine in 1933.
  16. Yes, those rumours persist. He was not only decorated with the Iron Cross at the recommendation of his Jewish superior in WWI, but his adored mother was treated by a Jewsih doctor as she lay dying of Cancer. But why did Hitler, either shortly before WWII or early on in it, purportedly order the destruction of his family graveyard for "tank practice"?
  17. I have read about small, non-white communities resident in England apparently existing for centuries- usually resident in ports where their ancestors may have been first brought as slaves(?) to this land? I was wondering from which era/s they lived in, which towns they resided in and what became of them? Did their descendants assimilate into the wider white society as time passed, thus leaving unwitting white English ancestors alive today? I ask that last question because I once watched a documentary about slavery and the connections to British society, and a noble Lord (forget which title and castle) strode out to meet one of his distant relatives via that old 'trade' - and I was surprised to find him shaking the hand of an educated young Black Englishwoman. Clearly there was more social and racial interaction going on in the W.Indies than the history books, personal diaries and family histories admit? As well as reading odd snippets here and there over the years about African and also Jewish people living in England (the latter brought here by William I but later expelled and robbed of their vast wealth by King Edward I in 1290 before reintroduction by Cromwell) and/or visiting as envoys etc in Tudor times. Apparently, before Arabian and European avarice and arrogance drove the slave trade which fuelled a vast fraction of the British economy and thus the Empire that made our nation so rich, Africans had served at the court of Henry VIII (in what capacity? Envoys? Slave/Servants?) and also Elizabeth I, who in c.1598 dissuaded her Captains/slavers to not allow their captives ('negroes') to live in England, but her orders were perhaps not carried out, as she died soon after. I'm aware of the major roles of some relatively fortunate few black people(compared to 95% other black people then) in the Empire period in Britain, taking part in the Trade Unions and Chartism movement etc, serving in the R.Navy and Army, becoming bare-knuckle boxers in England (King George III wanted to meet one great fighter in 1805 named Tom Molyneaux- a freed US slave). Dr.Johnson employed a black servant and paid for his schooling in England and left a large inheritance for him in his will. As recently as WWII, a Jamaican fought in the RAF's Fighter Command in England during the Battle of Britain, more Jamaicans/Africans flew in Typhoon Fighter-Bombers and Lancasters, some of which I have seen in old photographs and in some seldom-shown contemporary footage (marching RAF personnal).. Did I mishear a historian on radio years ago, when he stated that there was even a 'black' Roman legion that served in Britain? Or was he referring to the IXth Hispana Legion, which may have contained African Auxiliaries- the fabled Numidian Light cavalry? Some tablets found at hadrian's Wall suggest such a presence. Bethany Hughes in her 'Seven ages of Britain' stated that any modern Briton has between 20-40% Arabic DNA, due to those farmer-settlers who arrived on these shores(or fought for land?) before/during the time of the 'Celts' in 5-700bc. Could that partly explain the traditional 'tanned' appearance of some of the Cornish people? Anyone's thoughts?
  18. Escaping jews, and sneaked-out photos (taken at great risk to the Sonderkommando who took the pics) showed the allies that such horrors were indeed occurring at these work and death camps. Officially, SHAEF were said to have decided that the bombing of such camps (namely Auschwitz death camp) were too costly in men and materiel when stepping up for D-Day etc? Yet only days later, a huge formation of US B-17's bombed a ballbearing factory nearby - some overdropped their target...and accidentally hit some of the huts at the camp, killing a few guards! So, why was there no allied bombing of these camps?
  19. Aw, and Tumblety seemed such a hissable and probable villain/culprit?! I heard about that mad butcher- a jew, i think? Or at least, someone of 'jewish appearance' was witnessed?
  20. And is Blair's 'charity-giving' book proceeds offer a cynical way of avoiding culpability for taking us to war for US oil/arms/building contracts against international law? let alone an...apology?
  21. It's hard to believe, but apparently Hitler and Goering knew of the existence of jews, or part-jews, in their (high) ranks? Hypocrisy and irony at it's most vile? Hitler's Jewish soldiers These include some notable Officers; "Half-Jew" and later Luftwaffe General Helmut Wilberg; Hitler declared him Aryan in 1935. "Half-Jew" field-marshal Erhard Milch - Hitler declared Milch Aryan. He was awarded the Ritterkreuz for his performance during the campaign in Norway in 1940. "Half-Jew" Colonel Walter H. Hollaender, decorated with the Ritterkreuz and German-Cross in Gold; he received Hitler's Deutschblütigkeitserklärung. "Half-Jew" Johannes Zukertort (last rank general) received Hitler's Deutschblütigkeitserklärung. "Quarter-Jew" Admiral Bernhard Rogge wearing the Ritterkreuz; he received Hitler's Deutschblütigkeitserklärung. "Half-Jew" Commander Paul Ascher, Admiral Lütjens's first staff officer on the battleship Bismarck; Ascher received Hitler's Deutschblütigkeitserklärung. also Werner Goldberg, blond and blue-eyed, was used by a Nazi propaganda newspaper for its title page. Its caption: "The Ideal German Soldier." "The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military" is a revealing look into what Hitler, Goering and Himmler turned a blind eye to? Interestingly, Himmler, in late war years when their SS were severely depleted, set up a division of Muslim SS men. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/13th_Waffen_Mountain_Division_of_the_SS_Handschar_%281st_Croatian%29 Wiki says;- "The 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian) was one of the thirty-eight divisions fielded as part of the Waffen-SS during World War II. It's recruits were Bosniaks and Croats. Handschar (Bosnian/Croatian: Handžar) was the local word for the scimitar (Arabic: Khanjar خنجر), a historical symbol of Bosnia and Islam. An image of the Handschar adorned the division's flag and coat of arms."' Also, Indian (muslim or Hindi?) anti-British Empire troops were donned in German uniforms...but so late in the war that they were set opposite the encroaching Soviet army. You couldn't make it up!
  22. They are historical fiction, but some, like the killings in From Hell (not the film Abberline's youth, Mary's beauty etc), aim to delve beyond the ordinary efforts, I think? The Freemasons will never be held innocent of involvement in some way, rightly or wrongly, largely because of the chalked writing on the alley wall. Tumblety looms large as Prime suspect to me, and has featured as such in many Ripperologist investigations in latter years.
  23. I often wonder if film writers and directors get many death threats when working on projects like JFK or Nixon? Coppola was rumoured to have been contacted by the Mafia whilst filming 'The Godfather', and I wondered about such emotive and Politically sensitive films like the above?
  24. I believe that LHO was innocent of the killing of JFK, but guilty/naive enough to allow himself to be drawn into a web of intrigue with rum characters which ultimately culminated in the death of the President. To what extent he knew of any of what was, by it's alledged nature, a conspiracy, we will never know. He was a 'patsy', perhaps thinking he was a valid part of something else? What annoys me is the blinkered ignoramuses who rigidly state (as if only they have God's eyes on the matter!), nay insist, that absolutely no-one else was involved in JFK's death...or RFK, etc etc.
  25. Hi and apologies for my sustained absence, which was due to various personal factors. I thought I'd previously started a thread about Dr Kelly (apparently not) whose inquest is now seemingly getting powerful support for re-investigation, the latest addition being Tory Peer, Michael Howard. On 18th July 2003 Dr. David Kelly was found dead on a wooded hillside near his Oxfordshire home. He had apparently wandered off in despair, alone, then committed suicide by cutting his own wrists, before a national scandal exposed him as a xxxx. As a weapon's scientist and Government adviser, Kelly had the highest-level security clearance to brief Political VIP's and Intelligence and Military chiefs on various related matters regarding foreign weapon's matters, and accused the Govt of 'sexing up' it's war dossier. The British Government seemed all-out determined to go to war in Iraq alongside the US (oil?), basing it's case on lies, or misplaced information. The now-infamous "45 minute warning" of a chemical attack capability of Saddam to even strike the UK came from a dubious single source. Thrashing against our legal system to force it's case for War, the Govt used downright bogus material, and forged documents were used behind the theory that Saddam was shopping for Yellowcake Uranium in Niger. It turned out to be merely trailers for Hydrogen-filled balloons, part of an artillery system sold to Saddam in the 80's by....the British Govt! One of Kelly's most recent cases had been the discovery, whilst working in Iraq in 1995, of Saddam's dirty bomb. Kelly found the site where Saddam had tested the bomb in 1987, and radiologically-contaminated dust had spread across the desert. Why then was this crucial evidence omitted from the UK Govt's weapons dossier? Surely the British Govt didn't actually help Saddam develop this bomb, whilst our 'ally' in the 80's, when MP's were illegally selling arms to Iraq in breach of sanctions?? Many inconsistencies, flying in the face of the subsequent £1.7m Hutton enquiry, are;- Several prominent Harley Street doctor's wrote to a newspaper to take issue with the official explanation of how Kelly died. One was John Scurr, expert in vascular surgery, who stated that he "didn't believe that simply cutting an ulnar artery would cause death" The first Paramedics to reach Kelly's body did not believe that the small amount of blood at the scene would have led to his death. The pathologist who pronounced Kelly dead, later had a change of heart. Thames Valley Police, conducting the investigation into Kelly's death, couldn't find any fingerprints on the alledged suicide knife, nor on a nearby water bottle deemed to have been used by the Doctor. The Police retrospectively altered their reasons for actually beginning an investigation 9hrs before Kelly was even reported missing. Could Kelly have been killed (clumsily) by UK Govt-hired assassins? With the collusion of the Police, Coroners, Intelligence Services members and perhaps even senior MP's? Does our Govt even have people assassinated, as the Russian Govt still clearly does, despite Stella Remington (former MI5 Chief) swearing that that organisation had never done so? On the morning of June 17th, Kelly had received a number of calls from the MoD that unsettled him. Only 10days before, those same MoD bosses had promised that he wouldn't be held to account over his contact with journalists, but that if it ever came to light this may change. Since then, Kelly had given evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee, trying to balance honesty with an attempt not to incriminate himself. But a transcript was read out of an interview between Kelly and a BBC journalist, although he himself did not know exactly to what extent. Kelly denied speaking in the interview, misleading the Parliamentary Committee. During those July 17th 'phone calls from the MoD, Kelly was asked again about the interview with the BBC, and now he realised that his careful attempt to step through a minefield had blown-up in his face. Most importantly for this usually honest and quiet man of integrity, he would be exposed as a xxxx, something which friends say cut across his grain. It is this which the officials say Kelly killed himself over, despite close friends and family of the man (who had passed the strictest security clearance, which unstable fantasists do not) say he was cheerful and never would have committed suicide, no matter what adversity he was facing personally or professionally. Whilst the Government's Hutton enquiry hounded the BBC's Greg Dyke and Andrew Gilligan out of their jobs (despite themselves still owing the country explanations on many unanswered points)- the protagonists were still in office afterwards- John Scarlett, Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee was promoted to Chief of MI6 Geoff Hoon became Chief Whip Jack Straw became Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor Tony Blair- most ironically, seeing as he took us to War (illegally under Int. Law)- became a Peace Envoy! I'm vaguely hopeful that a new enquiry- as demanded by top medical experts- will reveal much truth...
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