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  1. I don't know Scott Thompson's credentials, but his article sounds just as fanciful, despite what we know of the Royals and the nazis?
  2. No, I never did verify the sources or the person (she) behind the posts -on a forum I used to administrate- and I'm always careful not to believe just any conspiracist material, no matter how fascinating or 'believable', without having a reasonable source confirmed. I posted this out of interest to see if anyone here could either support or trash the claims made? 'She' was an interesting member who posted infrequently but disappeared without posting again.
  3. When I was at school, then College later, the use of pencils as the main choice of medium in Art classes seemed to be frowned upon (unofficially) in favour of more what I labelled "arty farty" mediums of, for example, oil paints in Fine Art. People trying to be either rip-offs of more famous works, or simply being pretencious, I thought. Despite my participating in the curriculum and liking the other media (ie. oil pastels, Charcoal, Watercolours, Printmaking) I naturally rebelled, my personal preference for pen and pencils, also my preference for 'figurative' drawing, was not be 'wrong' simply because I am not middle class with many connections, which alot of the Art world is, I argued. Today, much older, I still enjoy dabbling with pencils, coloured or graphite, and drawing historical warriors for my own enjoyment (some of which I have sold). I also have since won a commission from a film director to draw the storyboard for his Hollywood-financed film, currently in pre-Production, vindicating my stubbornness?
  4. I'm remembering a TV documentary from about a decade or so ago (late 90's?), which was about the Anglo-Danish minor noble, Hereward, who, with several dispossessed English nobles, led the huge rebellion of 1069/70 in the murky Ely marshes against the rule of King William I, which resulted in that ruthless king himself showing up with substantial forces to finally crush the guerilla fighters. Hereward slipped into the mists of history, no-one knowing his ultimate fate. It was a fascinating doc-dramatisation of quality and apparent accuracy and showed how Hereward's men, some of whom were major players in England (the leaders Earl Morcar of Northumbria (and initially his brother, earl Edwin of Mercia), Bishop Aethelwine; Siward Barn etc) successfully repulsed William's men along their hastily-built wooden trackwas across the dangerous marshes, with well-planned ambush attacks. It wasn't, however, the 1965 black & white TV drama "Hereward the Wake" (16 episodes) which people remember, which anyway is now sadly lost/deleted by the Beeb from their archives to "save space". Nor do I believe it to have been the 1990 TV film called "Blood Royal: William the Conqueror" with Michael Gambon and Brian Blessed in the cast, as I remember a distinct archaeological-type narrative explaining the revolt and building of Norman wooden siege structures and trackways over the tides in the marshes, etc. I don't know which TV production it was- Horizon? Timewatch? I have tried emailing the BBC and Channel4, and umpteen university Professors and historians etc, as well as having posted on various other history websites, but all to no avail despite the kindness and dedication allotted by them to my quest. Does this documentary sound familiar to anyone? Thanks
  5. As well as reading snippets about African and also jewish people living in England (the latter were brought here by William I, but later they were brutally expelled and robbed of their vast wealth by King Edward I in 1290, only being 'allowed' back to England by Oliver Cromwell) and/or visiting as envoys etc in history, I have heard it said that there has been small, non-white communities resident in England for centuries? From which era, in which towns and what became of them? Did their descendants assimilate into the wider white society, thus leaving unwitting 'white' English ancestors alive today? Apparently, before British avarice and arrogance drove the vile slave trade which fuelled the economy and thus the Empire that made our nation so rich, Africans had served/visited at the court of Henry VIII (in what capacity? Servants? Envoys?) and also Elizabeth I (but who was alarmed at many black people 'living in England' and in the late 1590's she advocated the repatriation of the 'negroes', but this was perhaps not carried out, as she died soon after). I'm aware of the major roles of some relatively fortunate black people (compared to c.95% (?)other black people then) in the Empire period in Britain, taking part in the Chartism movement etc, serving in the R.Navy, being bare knuckle boxers in England (King George III wanted to meet one great fighter in 1805 named Tom Molineaux- a freed US slave). Dr.Johnson employed a black servant and paid for his schooling in England and left a large inheritance for him in his will. There are also one or two instances of 18thC noble families hanging oil paintings of family portraits displaying mixed race members, the composition of the images, posture and attire of the subjects clearly show blood relations to the family and 'equal' acceptance, not merely being servants or other submissives. Did I mishear a historian on radio years ago, when he stated that there was even 'black' Roman troops that served in Britain? Some evidence seems to confirm that these were men that were stationed nearby Hadrian's Wall- Vinda Landa. Bethany Hughes in her 'Seven ages of Britain' stated that "any modern Briton has between 20-40% Arabic DNA", due to those farmer-settlers who arrived on these shores(or fought for land?) before the 'Celts' in 5-700bc. Could that partly explain the traditional 'tanned' or 'olive-skinned' appearance of some of the Cornish? Did black or jewish people serve any other monarchs of England throughout our pre-Empire history(many were European bi-racial themselves), or achieve any high office of note? Again, the 'establishment' view needs revising.
  6. Someone I debated with on another forum once wrote;- And;- Almost too incredible to be true?
  7. I've been intending to buy this (expensive) real-story book about an elite WWII SAS commander (Peter Mason) who was tasked by PM Churchill himself in 1945 to form a hunter-killer unit to locate and execute fleeing Nazis in 1945 onwards... It seems that Winston feared that many 'middle-ranking' nazis would flee and escape official justice (in Argentina via the Vatican-aided escape lines and ODESSA?), so ordered a secret 'fitting tribute' for them. It cheered me up to have discovered that we didn't just get by on a diet of Vera Lynn songs and sober, wooden war films. Former SAS officer Sir Peter De La Billiére himself admitted on record that the SAS were used to "find war criminals", when nearly all other sources will say that this elite regiment was disbanded in 1945. The book on Amazon An article about Mason Of course, the last time I checked, the book was still banned in the UK! Wonder why?
  8. I often wonder how many of the members of the public in world nations have heard of the sickening activities that went on in the Japanese Army's 'Unit 731' during WWII? A tragic minority I shouldn't wonder? It was a covert network of 150 buildings (6km sq) where Japanese 'doctors' -sanctioned by their Govt- systematically perfomed horrific, warped 'experiments' upon other asian civilians...and allied PoW's, that rivalled only the abhorent 'Rape of Nanking' in 1937 for atrocities and horror. Shiro Ishii (employed by the US Govt during the Korean War), chief medical officer of the Jap Army,was placed in command, and from 1941 on all these units were known collectively as the "Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Kwantung Army" Test subjects were gathered from the local population and sometimes referred to euphemistically as "logs" -a term that originated as a joke by the staff due to the fact that the official cover story for the facility given to the local authorities was that it was a lumber mill. The test subjects were selected to give a wide cross section of the population, and included common criminals, captured bandits and anti-Japanese fighters, political prisoners, allied servicemen, and also people rounded up by the secret police for alleged "suspicious activities" and included infants, the elderly, and pregnant women. Amongst their unbelievably evil experiments were;- Vivisections were performed on prisoners- without anesthesia- after infecting them with various diseases. Scientists performed invasive surgery on prisoners, removing organs to study the effects of disease on the human body. These were conducted while the patients were alive -and often left in blinding agony whilst the operating staff took meal breaks- because it was felt that the decomposition process would affect the results. The infected and vivisected prisoners included men, women, children, and infants. Vivisections were also performed on pregnant women, sometimes impregnated by doctors, and the foetus removed. Prisoners had limbs amputated in order to study blood loss, and those limbs that were removed were sometimes re-attached to the opposite sides of the body. Some prisoner's limbs were frozen and amputated, while others had limbs frozen then thawed to study the effects of the resultant untreated gangrene and rotting. Some victim's had their entire stomachs surgically removed and the osophegous reattached to the intestines, and often parts of the brain, lungs and heart were removed from some prisoners. Other tests included tying their victims up and exposing them to attacks by hand-grenades, flamethrowers and various germ and chemical weapon tests. At the end of the war, US General MacArthur secretly granted immunity to the physicians of Unit 731 in exchange for providing the USA with their human-testing research on biological and chemical warfare, which we allies supposedly abhor? And of course, as part of the healthy process of healing, have the Japanese authorities even bothered to systematically teach their post-war generations about what their young men did, thus acknowledging guilt, much less apologising, let alone compensating victims/nations?
  9. Thanks, Evan! Before I post a new thread in future I'll use the 'search' facility!
  10. Interesting information, clearly murder as i also suspected at the time, more so in retrospect. I've never had any doubt that our "establishment" is as sinister as the USA's, the old Soviet Union or the former S.Africa? But keep on feeding the lazy populus X-Factor, hols in the sun and rabid scaremongering yarns about immigration, and "we'll be alright"? What was it the Queen herself said (after the 'bugging' of Buckingham Palace)? "There are forces at work of which we know nothing?" Hmm.
  11. Thanks John, I obviously didn't search well enough so as not to repost!
  12. On 18th July 2003 Dr. David Kelly was found dead on a wooded hillside near his Oxfordshire home. He had apparently wandered off in despair, alone, then committed suicide by cutting his own wrists, before a national scandal exposed him as a xxxx. As a weapon's scientist and Government adviser, Kelly had highest-level security clearance to brief Political VIP's and Intelligence and Military chiefs on various related matters regarding foreign weapon's matters. The British Government seemed all-out determined to go to war in Iraq alongside the US (oil?), basing it's case on lies, or misplaced information. The now-infamous "45 minute warning" of a chemical attack capability of Saddam to even strike the UK came from a dubious single source. Thrashing against our legal system to force it's case for War, the Govt used downright bogus material, and forged documents were used behind the theory that Saddam was shopping for Yellowcake Uranium in Niger. It turned out to be merely trailers for Hydrogen-filled balloons, part of an artillery system sold to Saddam in the 80's by....the British Govt! One of Kelly's most recent cases had been the discovery, whilst working in Iraq in 1995, of Saddam's dirty bomb. Kelly found the site where Saddam had tested the bomb in 1987, and radiologically-contaminated dust had spread across the desert. Why then was this crucial evidence omitted from the UK Govt's weapons dossier? Surely the British Govt didn't actually help Saddam develop this bomb, whilst our 'ally' in the 80's, when MP's were illegally selling arms to Iraq in breach of sanctions?? Many inconsistencies, flying in the face of the subsequent £1.7m Hutton enquiry, are;- Several doctor's wrote to a newspaper to take issue with the official explanation of how Kelly died. One was John Scurr, expert in vascular surgery, who stated that he "didn't believe that simply cutting an ulnar artery would cause death" The first Paramedics to reach Kelly's body did not believe that the small amount of blood at the scene would have led to his death. The pathologist who pronounced Kelly dead, later had a change of heart. Thames Valley Police, conducting the investigation into Kelly's death, couldn't find any fingerprints on the alledged suicide knife, nor on a nearby water bottle deemed to have been used by the Doctor. The Police retrospectively altered their reasons for actually beginning an investigation 9hrs before Kelly was even reported missing. Could Kelly have been killed (clumsily) by Govt-hired assassins? With the collusion of the Police, Coroners, Intelligence Services members and perhaps even senior MP's? Does our Govt even have people assassinated, as the Russian Govt still clearly does, despite Stella Remington (former MI5 Chief) swearing that that organisation had never done so? On the morning of June 17th, Kelly had received a number of calls from the MoD that unsettled him. Only 10days before, those same MoD bosses had promised that he wouldn't be held to account over his contact with journalists, but that if it ever came to light this may change. Since then, Kelly had given evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee, trying to balance honesty with an attempt not to incriminate himself. But a transcript was read out of an interview between Kelly and a BBC journalist, although he himself did not know exactly to what extent. Kelly denied speaking in the interview, misleading the Parliamentary Committee. During those July 17th 'phone calls from the MoD, Kelly was asked again about the interview with the BBC, and now he realised that his careful attempt to step through a minefield had blown-up in his face. Most importantly for this usually honest and quiet man of integrity, he would be exposed as a xxxx, something which friends say cut across his grain. It is this which the officials say Kelly killed himself over, despite close friends and family of the man say he was cheerful and never would have committed suicide, no matter what adversity he was facing personally or professionally. Whilst the Government's Hutton enquiry hounded the BBC's Greg Dyke and Andrew Gilligan out of their jobs (despite themselves still owing the country explanations on many unanswered points)- the protagonists are still in office- John Scarlett, Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee was promoted to Chief of MI6 Geoff Hoon became Chief Whip Jack Straw became Justice Cecretary and Lord Chancellor Tony Blair- most ironically, seeing as he took us to War (illegally under Int. Law)- became a Peace Envoy!
  13. I'm John Wilson. I have been interested in history since my youth, I suppose my favourite era to read and debate- in addition to a general liking for all of British and some world history- is the latter Anglo-Saxon era, in particular 1066, which I have read widely about. Conspiracy theories (ie. JFK, Diana and MI5/CIA goings on) fascinate me and digging deeper into history to attempt to get a more balanced snapshot of history and it's flawed characters, hence my interest in this forum, yet I refrain from aligning with the 'nutty fringes' of those who take things to extremes instead and are too incompetent and sunken in ignorant stupidity to view history more objectively, and so I am not Political as such. I look forward to debating some of the great topics raised on this forum. Cheers
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