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  1. Ned Bennett of the Covert Action staff is revealed as the author, based on this note by Angleton’s aide Ray Rocca, who provided him much of the background. This version is “full” and totals 53 pages with attachments. Oswald 201 File (201-289248)/ NARA Record Number: 104-10009-10022. http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=53510&relPageId=2 (Dooley’s note) http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?mode=searchResult&absPageId=607550 (Rocca’s note) Bennett also participated in the debriefing of Robert Webster: http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=16420&relPageId=5 Anyone who knew Webster knew the sensitivity of the Oswald case. The two men were closely linked. See chapter five ("The Double Dangle") of my book The Twelve Who Built the Oswald Legend.
  2. Talk about tough love. According to NBC News, the last three administrations cited national security concerns in their reasoning to decline declassifying information. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1276138 Nearly 1,800 Americans directly affected by the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks are opposing President Joe Biden’s participation in any memorial events this year unless he upholds his pledge to declassify U.S. government evidence that they believe may show a link between Saudi Arabian leaders and the attacks. The victims’ family members, first responders and survivors will release a statement Friday calling on Biden to skip 20th-anniversary events in New York and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon unless he releases the documents, which they believe implicate Saudi officials in supporting the acts of terrorism. The group says that as a candidate Biden pledged to be more transparent and release as much information as possible but that his administration has since then ignored their letters and requests... ...A White House spokesperson said its Office of Public Engagement and the National Security Council staff have met with 9/11 victims’ family members to discuss their document requests and “hear their thoughts on policy priorities.” “Our hearts are with the families who lost loved ones on 9/11, especially in these days preceding the 20th anniversary of the attacks,” the spokesperson said in a Friday morning statement. The spokesperson noted that Biden has vowed to ask the Justice Department to resolve issues related to the former administration’s invocation of the state secrets privilege, specifically that it be “narrowly tailored” and not undertaken to “prevent embarrassment” to a person or organization. “We look forward to having more to share in the coming days about actions we are taking to ensure greater transparency under the law,” the spokesperson added. (Family member Brett) Eagleson said he believes the U.S. government will not release the documents because of deep diplomatic and military ties between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia... And they are finding some allies... Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) says it’s time to tell Americans the whole story about the 9/11 attacks. “The American people deserve the truth,” Blumenthal said. Blumenthal and Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), introduced legislation to help families of 9/11 victims declassify secret government reports. “If information is power, then we must give the 9/11 families access to that information,” Menendez said. The September 11th Transparency Act would force government investigators to make public much of the still-secret findings about the 9/11 attacks. “Continued concealment of this evidence is inexcusable,” Blumenthal said. Lawmakers invited 9/11 families here to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. and promised they will expose the truth, even if it embarrasses the Saudi government... https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/566669-9-11-families-ask-biden-to-not-attend-memorial-events-over
  3. Steve and Paul and all interested - I posted "virtual handouts" at Project JFK - Events. If you go there, you can download highly analyzed chronologies with hundreds of links that I have put together; several power point presentations, and much more. I am sharing these key materials for free, and urge others to post their material at Project JFK or elsewhere. (We can't post it here, just not enough bandwidth.) My two JFK books can always be revised. From now on - I'm sharing my research online and encouraging others to do the same. We can build up a head of steam this year. I think we should all be seeking out filmmakers, screenplay writers, graphic artists, everyone in the visual arts. People need to see this material. Those of us on the Forum like to read - we are way in the minority! I get it, most people want to see it for themselves. I will start a new thread for these materials sometime next week, but wanted to get this out now. Again - if you want to see these key materials - download them at Project JFK - Events [Topic 1] - State Secret preface - (pdf) Download [Topic 2] - Summary of The 12 Who Built the Oswald Legend (pdf) Download [Topic 2a] mffpdf_145772 (Note: Enclosure to Allen Dulles "exonerating" Michael Paine, 12/2/63 - I believe the author is Mary Bancroft) (pdf) Download [Topic 2b] Powerpoint on Oswald, Connally, Hosty, Ruth Paine: appropriateaction2020now [Autosaved] [Autosaved] (pptx) Download [Topic 3] Cryptonyms and Pseudonyms at the Mary Ferrell Foundation - two samples (pdf) Download [Topic 4] 16 page chronology on the Deaths of Oswald and Tippit - with links on Lt. George Butler, FBI informant/Communist Party Dallas chief Bill Lowery, the Special Service Bureau_ Red Squad, &_Army Intelligence members within the Dallas Police (pdf) Download [Topic 4a] Powerpoint - Counter-Narrative on 11/22 - Focus on Westbrook's role re the Death of Tippit sept1114 (pptx) Download [Topic 4b] lumpkingannaway (10 bullet points on the role of Lumpkin, Gannaway, and colleagues) (pdf) Download [Topic 4c] oswalddeathbutler (10 page chrono/shorter version of Topic 4, above - focus is on Butler) (pdf) Download [Topic 4d] loweryrubycameraman (png) (clip of Detective Lowery, who believed Ruby posed as cameraman to enter basement) Download [Topic 5] How the Warren Commission Covered Up JFK's Murder (pdf) (my article refuting WC counsel David Belin's ten key arguments claiming LHO was guilty) Download [Topic5a] Powerpoint presentation supporting the article in Topic 5, above. (pptx) Download Topic #6 - Dallas Police Dept_Special Service Bureau_Red Squad,_Army Intelligence outline (pdf) Download [Topic 6a] lumpkingannaway (docx) (12 bullet points on Lumpkin, Gannaway, et al. - expanded version of 4b, above/ Download [Topic 6b] lumpkinsawyer (png) (1953 memo re Lumpkin as Special Services Bureau chief and Herbert Sawyer as his #2, chief of Vice) Download Three additional posts - you will see why I added all three (pdf) (One: The Tony Krome comparison photos of Ruby Friday and Sunday) Download [Extra a] Two: Color basement diagram of Ruby shooting Oswald (png) (Note:  The personnel key to this diagram is here.) Download [Extra b] Three: dallasbasementbroadangle (png) (Broad angle diagram that links the Western Union office with the Dallas police basement.) Download P.S. Steve Thomas, Great tip on CD 81! I credited you more than once in my talk Thursday night. I love that story about having to pay the Dallas Police Assn. $100 to get the documents on this. The 3 authors who wrote the report on the death of Oswald were Westbrook, OA Jones (forgery squad, also known as the bunko squad in many towns), and Herbert Sawyer (back in 1953, he was chief of the vice squad - and #2 at the Special Services Bureau right behind Lumpkin, who was chief till he got elevated to DPD deputy chief about that time)
  4. Jim - Good call. I agree. I will raise it with Rex. He can fix anything. Tony Krome - that display of Ruby on Friday and Sunday with the blacked-out portion of his face - you have basically convinced me it's the same guy. I used it last night in my presentation and credited you - it made a big impression. Ron - I think what Tony displayed shows the power of the glare from the flashbulbs going off when Oswald and company entered the basement. That's why Ruby's face is distorted, the sideburn is distorted, etc. Thanks to you all, and John Armstrong as well. Bill
  5. Thanks for the assist, David! When you use this chart - Look at this listing of the witnesses, the cameras, and their locations. You can also see the rails on the north side of the ramp that the newsmen (and Ruby) were supposed to be behind. The big TV cameras were stationed there. If they had stayed behind the rail, Ruby could have never got hsi shot off. And then this diagram provides a little more information about the numbers that aren't legible on the color version, plus the location of Western Union (to the north). Again, Croy is #21, Blackie Harrison is #45, Jack Ruby is #90, and was between these two officers in front of the rail that he was supposed to be behind. For LHO, x marks the spot, with Jim Leavelle #63 and LC Graves #40 on either side of him.
  6. Steve - On this diagram, Croy is #21, Blackie Harrison is #45, Jack Ruby is #90, and was between these two officers in front of the rail that he was supposed to be behind. If you go thru Croy's multiple statements in late Nov-early Dec, you notice that he doesn't admit knowing Ruby in this first interviews, then he gradually admits it. Why didn't he make him at least go behind the rail, or kick him out altogether as not-a-member-of-the-media? That question, of course, is never asked. Croy, Harrison, and the other cops let a bunch of reporters get in front of the rail. That was part of the flanking maneuver that allowed Ruby to get right in front of Oswald and shoot him. When was the "all clear" signal given? When Ruby was in place. Not before. All of us need to get much more serious about this event and give it "the electron microscope" treatment John Newman talks about and many of us are good at when we are looking at Dealey Plaza. My version of the diagram gives the broader view going back to Ruby's possible footpaths after he leaves Western Union and walks into the police station. In John Armstrong's better-defined colorized diagram, you can see Ruby's alternate foot paths more clearly, the placement of the rails and how many people were improperly in front of them, and much more, Can someone help me figure out how to compress John's color diagram to below 200 KB so I can post it? I tried compressing it but didn't do it right.
  7. There are new documents that no one I know has looked at yet - released in 2013 by the City of Dallas - the 800 page investigation of the "operational security" of the LHO transfer. For the first time that I know of, we have possession of the actual 100-plus exhibits and the investigative report in one place. I call it the Warren Report of the Dallas police. Look who signed it - instead of Allen Dulles and friends, it's Pinky Westbrook, forgery squad chief OA Jones, and the guy who failed to get the name of the witness who offered the phony LHO ID (5'10"/165) at 12:45 pm 11/22 - Herbert Sawyer. Look at this diagram - and John Armstrong sent me a better-defined copy in color, which I will share when I figure out how to get under the 200 KB limit. (How to compress it?) Look at the photos of Ruby hiding between Blackie Harrison and reserve officer Kenneth Croy that John sent me - contrary to Croy's story, he is not "running between them" - you can see them at... croydean.docx Look at this listing of the witnesses and their locations. It's going to take months, maybe years, to digest all this new information. I am going to present on this between 5:30-6 pm PDT tomorrow, August 4, on the free zoom conference at Project JFK - sign on here if you want to join us, the documents and the recording will be posted if you can't make it at that time. (I'm doing six segments total on different issues between 4-7 pm PDT).
  8. The killing of Oswald is one of the most neglected stories of the assassination weekend. What is doubly tragic about it - it's the moment when most Americans said oh my god, this is some kind of a plot. But the research community has failed to focus on it. We need a new filing system to understand this evidence and keep it straight. There are new documents that no one has looked at yet - released in 2013 by the City of Dallas - the 800 page investigation of the "operational security" of the LHO transfer. For the first time that I know of, we have possession of the actual 100-plus exhibits and the investigative report in one place. I call it the Warren Report of the Dallas police. Look who signed it - instead of Allen Dulles and friends, it's Pinky Westbrook, forgery squad chief OA Jones, and the guy who failed to get the name of the witness who offered the phony LHO ID (5'10"/165) at 12:45 pm 11/22 - Herbert Sawyer. Look at this diagram - and John Armstrong sent me a better-defined copy in color, which I will share when I figure out how to get under the 200 KB limit. (How to compress it?) Also take a look at the photos John sent me on the thread about Jack Ruby I posted a few days ago - it's on the first page of this site's active contents. Look at this listing of the witnesses and their locations. It's going to take months, maybe years, to digest all this new information. I am going to present on this between 5:30-6 pm PDT tomorrow, August 4, on a free zoom conference at Project JFK - sign on here if you want to join us, the documents and the recording will be posted if you can't make it at that time. (I'm doing six segments total on different issues between 4-7 pm PDT).
  9. It looks like this link works, you should be able to see John's photos comparing Dean and Croy. croydean.docx
  10. I am going public with some new findings on the JFK case on Wed - August 4, 4-7 pm PDT at Project JFK, on a live zoom - I hope you will join us. The materials will be posted on Project JFK by tomorrow so you can review them in advance - my presentation will be in 20-minute segments on six different topics so you can pick and choose - and the sessions will be videotaped so you can view them at your discretion if you can't be there live. I am puzzled with one point that I want to discuss here - I asked John Armstrong about his note asking researchers to review these photos that depict Jack Ruby and DPD reserve officer Kenneth Croy and Ruby. I am unsure about either one. Below, I post a post-arrest photo of Ruby at the bottom that just doesn't seem to match. Your thoughts on Ruby? I asked John about Ruby and Croy (Croy is much tougher to ID), and here is our correspondence to date: (In the photo at the top of this post - we can see Ruby's prominent nose but no 2 o'clock sideburn.) John wrote: This YouTube/CNN video, less than a minute long, shows Kenneth Croy in a white hat and police uniform standing next to Ruby in police headquarters just a second or two before Oswald appears. Croy is the rightmost figure in the shot immediately below, which was taken at the 12-second mark of the video. Note how Croy seems to stand back from the action as Ruby shoots Oswald. Ruby can be seen in the video standing next to reporters in the middle image. It is clear that Ruby did not "run by me [Croy] at a pretty good clip." Ruby did not run through the reporters "like a fullback went through a line." (John Armstrong makes these IDs - I am unsure about Croy, and the Ruby figure has a fedora and a prominent nose but an oddly-cut sideburn pointing to 2 o'clock.) John continues: On December 1, 1963, Croy gave an affidavit in which he said, "I saw a man running into the crowd in a crouch. At that moment I reached for this individual and touched his coat tail attempting to stop him. I saw him run right up to Oswald ...." I asked John "How did you determine this man was Croy, who I agree was nearby and not a good actor? Is it possible he was Patrick Dean, who was also nearby? Photo evidence is really tricky." I also sent John the picture above, with this note: "Denis Morissette id's this man as Patrick Dean, who was also standing near Ruby. Re Ruby - I do agree that it seems unlikely for two men to be wearing the same fedora." John's response: Dean, according to his WC testimony, was not standing near Ruby.......... Mr. GRIFFIN - Now, as I understand from your statement, and interrupt me if I am incorrect, when you saw Ruby shoot Oswald, you moved toward the struggle and then Ruby was taken into the jail office, and did you follow them on in? Mr. DEAN - Yes, sir. I ran immediately, jumped over these cars, or one of them, jumped over the hood of it, over the top of it, and they were dragging--Ruby and several detectives that were subduing him were about at the door, or [-indicating]- Mr. GRIFFIN - I had just as soon not have you mark at this point. Look at the attachment that I sent to you (see above). Easy to see that the man standing next to Ruby in the video was Croy (according to Croy's WC testimony) and not Dean (who said he had to jump over a car as officers were subduing Ruby). When I reviewed many of the videos taken of the Ruby shooting, I seem to remember watching Croy as he hurriedly left the area. The one fact that distinguished Croy (as a reserve officer) from other DPD officers is that reserve officers were not allowed to carry/wear a gun. Croy's WC testimony pretty much convinced me that he was "most likely" either accompanied Ruby into the basement or allowed him to enter the basement. It is also worth noting that Croy was not listed among the officers present when Ruby shot LHO. Why? (Note: John sent me some more interesting pictures of the officer he believes is Croy - they are pretty persuasive - too big for me to post on this note, I will figure out how to shrink it down.) Still curious about the man he believes is Ruby - I will follow up with him, and would appreciate any comments.
  11. KENNEDY - The mystery relaunches The new film - Oliver Stone accuses the CIA; & The Truth That America Refuses by Marc Gugain Dallas, November 22, 1963. An hour before his assassination. Paris Match Paris Match devotes its front page to the assassination of JFK on the occasion of the presentation in Cannes of a formidable documentary by American director Oliver Stone. These images are almost sixty years old, but the shock they cause has not aged a bit. In 1991, in "JFK", director Oliver Stone tackled the Dallas conundrum. Today, he relies on declassified documents to revive the thesis of the CIA-led operation. For “JFK revisited. Through the Looking Glass, "which he just presented at Cannes, he couldn't find funding in America. As he tells Paris Match about his fight to transmit this appetite for truth to young people, writer Marc Dugain delivers his analysis.
  12. Here's a Paris Match follow-up to the Stone interview. The Kennedys' fate was sealed by a community of interest between the Mafia and the CIA Paris Match | Posted on 08/01/2021 at 6:55 a.m. | Updated 08/01/2021 at 9:37 a.m. By Marc Dugain The author of "They will kill Robert Kennedy" delivers his analysis on the assassination of JFK. The great dramas of history have their genealogy. The story of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and then of his brother, Robert, has its roots in the poor Ireland of the 19th century. Colonized by the Protestant English, the island emptied in waves of successive immigration. Boston is a favorite destination for families driven by the Great Mid-Century Famine. The man who turns emigration defeat into a stunning victory is Joe Kennedy. He has anchored in him the spirit of the Irish Catholics' revenge and his horizon is nothing less than the presidency of the United States. He first got immeasurably rich during Prohibition where he fought to the point of spilling blood against the Jewish and Italian mafias, suggesting that he himself was the boss of the Irish mafia. Then, he becomes a master at laundering that dirty money into respectable fortune, until he owns the largest studio in Hollywood. As everything progresses perfectly, a character stands in the way of his wildest dream: Roosevelt blocks his way to the presidential election. Pacifist, pro-poopoo, anti-Semite, Kennedy made the wrong ideological choices and only gets political jump seats. Now he has just one thing in mind, to place his eldest son, Joseph, in the White House. But he died in action in Europe. When the Second World War ended, Joe's hopes were focused on the second of the siblings, John. To get him elected, he was prepared to do anything, including buying votes in key states in the 1960 presidential election. He did so through the Italian mafia, with considerable sums of money. But Sam Giancana, the boss, expected John to get rid of Fidel Castro, once in the White House, whose revolution has wiped out Mafia interests in Cuba. Elected, JFK is reluctant to act directly and leaves paramilitary troops stationed in Guatemala to prepare the invasion of the island. The Bay of Pigs landing would not have been such a fiasco if Kennedy had provided US air force support. He lets the illegals sink into a failure that produced victims, and a grudge steeped in hatred. The conspiracy was organized among all those who would rather see JFK die than serve a second term The mafia noted that the commitment was not kept, but that in addition Kennedy appointed his young brother, Robert, Minister of Justice. This one, not wanting to recognize anything of the compromises of his father, harasses the mafia. The fate of the two traitors is sealed because the gangsters are at the ankle with the department of black operations of the CIA, which reproached the Kennedys for their softness in the face of communist pressure. When John was elected in 1960, Admiral Burke, Chief of Staff, advised him to attack the USSR to wipe it out before it was too late. Not only did he refuse but, three years later, despite evidence that the Soviets installed long-range missiles in Cuba, he still discredited himself in the eyes of the military by agreeing to withdraw American missiles based in Turkey against the promise of withdrawal from the United States. Russian missiles from Cuba. With one year left before his re-election - polls credit him with 65% of the intended voters - the conspiracy is organized among those who would rather see him die than serve a second term. By killing him, they also hope to neutralize his brother, more royalist than the king and who refused their father's inheritance. The idea and preparation of the plot emerge in conversations overheard by the FBI. But J. Edgar Hoover, its very anti-Communist director, hates the Kennedys. Bob, who is his direct boss, insults him with his arrogance and appears to him as a leftist, who supports black people in the fight for civil rights. Members of the Warren Commission, charged with investigating the circumstances of JFK's assassination, in September 1964. Its 888-page report identifies Oswald as the sole culprit. Members of the Warren Commission, charged with investigating the circumstances of JFK's assassination in September 1964. His 888-page report identifies Oswald as the sole culprit. Hoover does not give the alert. Behind the scenes, a decoy is being prepared: Lee Harvey Oswald, who could play the role of the pro-Soviet lunatic at the appropriate time by killing the president. In Dallas, although he ordered a rifle that was delivered to him in the mail (as if he wasn't afraid to leave marks), Oswald is quietly at the movies when JFK is shot. The procession is targeted from a depository of books and a fence where shooters were posted. The CIA's black operations department and the Mafia, making common cause, provided men disguised as tramps. The shots will eventually hit Kennedy in the head. How could Oswald, considered a poor army marksman, have executed so many shots in such a short period of time with such a bad rifle? In a plot of this magnitude, the evidence does not have the strength to lie or to manipulate. Oswald is arrested in the cinema - it is claimed that he killed a policeman who came to arrest him. Aware of having been instrumentalized, he is about to speak when he is assassinated in the middle of the police station by Jack Ruby: a manager of a striptease club in Dallas, a mobster himself and penniless, who does the job. in exchange for forgiveness of his debts and the promise of quick release - didn't he avenge the president? Nothing holds, but everything fits together wonderfully because everyone has an interest in it. If you have to unbox it, no one will get over it. No more American democracy than Kennedy's detractors, accused of having assassinated him, nor his unconditional supporters who would be sullied by the unveiling of the reality of a myth built on fraudulent arrangements. Everyone has something to lose. Even the brother of the late president, who later sought his succession; Perfectly aware of the plot and its protagonists, he would rather keep the image of the handsome kid struck down in full glory rather than that of the somewhat nonchalant thug's son who gave in to his father's ambitions by accepting his corruption. These Kennedys, some do not want it anymore and, coincidentally, they are the most determined. When Robert, five years later, is on his way to winning the Democratic primaries, he in turn is assassinated by another decoy, an American Palestinian. For some, denying the plot against JFK is like claiming that no Jews died at Auschwitz. For others, it is a conspiratorial thesis, one of those delusions fueled by paranoiacs whose numbers have been measured since they have emerged en masse on social media. Experts are still battling the trajectory of the bullets to determine if a single killer was present on November 22, 1963. But how could Oswald, considered a poor army shooter, have been able to execute so many shots in such a short period of time with such a bad gun, on the best protected man on the planet? The first statesman to doubt the lone killer theory and to express it in a small circle was General de Gaulle The debate continues to heat up on the basis of Johnson's commissioned report to the Warren Commission - on which CIA director Allen Dulles, who is now known to have covered the operation, was sitting. Its conclusions are full of inaccuracies and false allegations brandished in the face of the world as a label of truth. But this debate is intended only for the general public; behind the scenes, we know that this stain of history still paralyzes those who would be tempted to unveil the truth, because the political price would be too heavy. Donald Trump, in delicacy with the CIA, thought of letting go but he retracted in extremis, aware of the consequences of such a truth for a democracy formed in part on myths that do not suffer that their setbacks are exposed. What we can say today is that the strongest probability is that the assassination of JFK results from a plot fomented by an opaque fringe of the CIA with the approval of its director, allied to Mafiosi sharing the same objectives for the control of Cuba - some for political reasons, others for financial interests. This community of interests armed with certain troubled CIA agents and veterans of the failed Bay of Pigs landing, under the complacent gaze of a military-industrial complex that feared a second Kennedy term during the Cold War. The first statesman to have doubted the theory of the isolated killer and to have expressed it in a small circle was General de Gaulle, who saw a fairly broad similarity between this plot and those mounted against him by the OAS for having let go of Algeria, as Kennedy had let go of Cuba. There is a legend circulating about this: the shooter whose bullet was fatal for JFK was said to have been a Corsican linked to the OAS, recruited for his speed of execution in the tense shots, because he was one-eyed. We would have found the trace of his retribution in Montreal in the form of heroin - but he said so many things... Author of "They will kill Robert Kennedy", ed. Gallimard, 2017, and "La malédiction d´Edgar", ed. Gallimard, 2005, also adapted for cinema in 2013.
  13. Jim - congratulations to you, Oliver, and everyone who is getting these two films out. I translated this story and the succeeding story in a matter of minutes. Google Translate is a great tool - even if it is made by Google! Oliver Stone: "It was the CIA that shot Kennedy" Paris Match | Posted on 07/31/2021 at 5:25 a.m. | Updated 07/31/2021 at 7:08 p.m. From our correspondent in New York Olivier O'Mahony In 1991, in "JFK", director Oliver Stone tackled the Dallas conundrum. Today, he relies on declassified documents to revive the thesis of the CIA-led operation. For “JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass", which he just presented at Cannes, he couldn't find funding in America. He tells Paris Match about his fight to transmit this appetite for truth to young people. Paris Match. Why go back to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, almost thirty years after the release, in January 1992, of your film "JFK"? Oliver Stone. Because what happened in November 1963 was a monstrosity that changed America forever. It wasn't until the late 1980s, reading the book by Jim Garrison, the prosecutor who inspired my film, that I got involved in this investigation. The immense success of "JFK" subsequently led to the declassification of a number of documents. With this new documentary, I do not pretend to achieve the same result, but I hope to inspire the younger generation - to which it is dedicated - to take up the torch. What more do we learn from this new documentary? I rely on documents declassified after the release of "JFK", and on interviews with members of the latest Commission of Inquiry [Assassination Records Review Board, ARRB] charged with revisiting the tragedy. Forty people are reported to have seen JFK's corpse at Parkland Hospital immediately after the assassination that the official photos shown do not match him, which means they have been tampered with. Forty people! All claim to have seen a gaping wound in the back of the skull, caused by a bullet coming from the front and not from the back. This calls into question the thesis of the lone killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, posted on top of a book depot behind the president's car ... You say Lee Harvey Oswald may not even have fired a bullet ... Yes. According to the official thesis, he used a sniper rifle he had just bought at the Klein's store. Except that the one found on the spot, in the deposit of school books, does not correspond to the model in question. Oswald's footprints should have been found there as well, but there were none. What was Oswald’s role in this case? The documentary sheds light on his personality and behavior on November 22. Lee Harvey Oswald was actually a patriot and admirer of John F. Kennedy. He made contact with pro and anti-Castro circles; he was both on the side of the Communists and on the side of troubled far-right figures like Guy Banister, a CIA agent. A double agent? Rather a provocateur, whom the CIA hired in the demonstrations to distribute leaflets ... According to the official thesis, he fled immediately after the assassination. Except that we found witnesses who said the opposite. Three of his female colleagues, who feature in the documentary, say they were on the stairs right after the drama. However, they did not meet him there. And Oswald always claimed he was on the second floor, not the sixth. Before being killed by Jack Ruby, two days after the assassination, Oswald denied everything. He pretended to be the gogo of the case, the one who was going to be blamed. Do you believe in this version? Yes. He was not alone. There were several “Oswalds” scattered all over the United States. We tell that, before Dallas, John F. Kennedy was targeted by at least two failed assassination attempts [one in Chicago, the other in Tampa, Florida] and quite similar from an “operative” point of view, each time with a galore with a profile strangely resembling that of Oswald. In the case of the Chicago attempt, the person in question was Thomas Arthur Vallee. In Tampa, it was a Cuban exile, Gilberto Policarpo Lopez. There is also the infamous "magic bullet" which is said to have first hit JFK before hitting John Connally, the governor of Texas, who was also in the limo. Are you questioning this assumption? This bullet is in direct contradiction with the results of the autopsy, which show that JFK was hit in the third vertebra from the neck. In the Warren Commission report, that same bullet suddenly "shot up" at the back of the neck to match the path you want it to take, through the throat. At the autopsy, it is mentioned that Kennedy was hit at this point by a "sticking" bullet. In reality, it was an “in” ball, coming from the front. The Warren report holds that three bullets were fired. I think there were at least five, some coming from the front. You maintain that JFK's doctors were asked to be silent after his death... Yes. I found the testimony of JFK's personal physician, Dr. George Burkley, who said he was ready to testify, before retracting ... How did you come across him? After investigating the autopsy. It was the members of the ARRB commission who raised the hare, in particular one of them, Douglas Horne, who testifies with exemplary precision in the documentary. He explains that the autopsy was "made up" and that John Stringer, the official photographer, supposed to have taken the photos of JFK's brain which are in the file, did not recognize the images that were shown to him, nor even the type of film used ... From there, the investigators, intrigued, sought to approach Doctor Burkley, who had seen it all and signed the death certificate. He agreed to cooperate at first, before changing his mind. After his death, his daughter did exactly the same. And this doctor is not the only one. We also bring to mind Dr Perry, who years after the tragedy told a friend of his that he was “absolutely convinced” that the wound in his throat was from a bullet coming in, and therefore coming from the front. He began by testifying in this sense before saying the opposite ... JFK's nephew Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whom you interview, doesn't believe in the lone killer thesis either. Yes, just like his father, JFK's justice minister who lost all power in the aftermath of the assassination. The first thing Lyndon Baines Johnson, the new president, does is appoint the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination. Among its members, Allen Dulles, ex-director of the CIA. Fired by JFK after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, he had every reason to hate him. Remember that John F. Kennedy, after the Bay of Pigs disaster, decided to bring the CIA to heel. In your opinion, Gerald Ford, a member of the Warren Commission before becoming President of the United States, also did not believe in the Oswald trail. Indeed, he opened up to Valéry Giscard d´Estaing, which was revealed in 2013. “We were sure it was a set-up,” he said. But we didn’t find out who rode him. ” You're clearly pointing the finger at the CIA. On what basis? It should be remembered that John F. Kennedy, after the disaster at the Bay of Pigs, had decided to bring the CIA in line with, in particular, frank cuts in its budget. All of his foreign policy was against the interests of the CIA. What do you mean? JFK was a man of peace. He is the last American president to have sincerely acted in this direction. In this case, we are focusing too much on one question: how could all this be possible? My documentary reveals why it happened. JFK, this veteran, decorated for his acts of bravery during the Second World War, was going to change the world. He had seen the horrors of war, the disastrous role of the CIA in action at the Bay of Pigs, and then that of the US military during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was not impressed by the generals who advised him to attack the Soviet Union or Laos in 1961 or Cuba in October 1962. Not only did he resist their wartime spirit, but he signed, in 1963, an unprecedented agreement with the Soviets. John F. Kennedy did not want a "pax americana" imposed on the rest of the world. He wanted genuine peace. A bit like General de Gaulle who preferred to see France leave Algeria rather than endless conflict, which earned him an assassination attempt by the OAS, possibly supported by the CIA ... Everyone claims that JFK started the war in Vietnam; This is not true, he wanted to repatriate the "military advisers". You give the CIA a lot of influence! I note that Lyndon Johnson did the opposite of JFK. He bolstered the CIA and increased American engagement in Vietnam. He did nothing to fight colonialism, which Kennedy opposed. It is also this truth that I wanted to reestablish: everyone claims that JFK started the war in Vietnam; This is not true, he wanted to repatriate the "military advisers". How do you explain that your documentary was refused by Netflix? The country has become very conservative. I had to look for funding abroad, in Great Britain. Already, my film about Edward Snowden, a hero in my opinion, could only be made with money from France and Germany. So I came to the Cannes Film Festival to promote this documentary in a Europe more open to such projects. But I am convinced that I will eventually find an independent platform that will allow me to broadcast it in the United States. Is this lack of interest due to weariness over an over-rehashed subject or, rather, a truth America does not want to see? There is no weariness. Simply put, America is a country on the decline and on the defensive. George W. Bush was probably our worst president. Obama was just a transitional president: he did nothing to turn the tide, and Joe Biden is in his wake. Censorship has imposed itself. I'm shocked by the way that social media has silenced Trump. Kennedy was killed by forces which exceeded him and which, since, frightens all his successors. You have been accused of pro-Russian sympathies for asking soothing questions of Putin in one of your films. Your answer? I don't need to hate anyone: I'm a director, I have my own signature. No one scares me. Neither Putin, nor Castro, nor Chavez. In my films, I transcribe what they feel and think. I had no reason to tell Putin, who confided in me his views on Syria, Bush or Iran, among others, that he was wrong. Especially since nothing was wrong ... Do you think the truth about the JFK assassination will ever be known? But we already know the truth! It was a conspiracy. He was killed by forces which exceeded him and which, since, frightens all his successors. The culprit was a Communist, a typical scenario of a "black op" set up from scratch by the CIA. Trump had promised to declassify the archives but did not. Are you going to ask Biden to do it? I should, but it's a waste of time. If Robert F. Kennedy Jr. writes the letter for me, it might have more impact. What is certain is that there is nothing more that can be done for the people who still believe in Oswald's One-Killer Thesis. They live in Disneyland!
  14. Greg Parker has put forth the idea that Oswald was tailing Joe Molina (who worked at the Book Depository), after Dallas Communist Party chief Bill Lowery - who had been keeping an eye on Molina for eight years and reporting to Jim Hosty and his colleagues for $200 a month - came out as an FBI informant in September 1963. Oswald was lurking around the first floor that last hour - it was like he was waiting for a phone to ring. Molina's office was on the second floor, and was out on the steps at the time of the motorcade. Gannaway and the Red Squad crowd came to Molina's home that night with a search warrant. Molina gave them permission to search, he talked to them that night and the next day - he was "detained" but they never arrested him. It is food for thought - David, do you have any thoughts on that?
  15. Page 18 - the UPI wire reports that "the President was shot once in the head, the right temple." On "Hydell" - the counterintelligence officer got it wrong because the newswire story misspelled it as "Hydell" - it took the whole first week for the Hidell story about the rifle to take hold and sink into the mass consciousness. I believe the Hidell story was fundamental in convincing 30-40% of the population that the government captured the right man. The rest of the country wasn't buying it.
  16. A few more: 5. William Gannaway, the head of the Special Services Bureau (home of the Red Squad, intelligence, and vice) was picked up by UPI as saying on 11/22: "Gannaway said the suspect had visited Russia and was married to a Russian...the suspect was the same man who had shot and killed a city policeman..." At the same time, note that there is only one page of "Leads" - which begins with the questioning of Joseph Rodriguez Molina, which was conducted by Gannaway and his colleagues by visiting Molina's home the night of the assassination and again the next day before deciding not to book him. Greg Parker and others have suggested that Oswald's real role on 11/22 was to surveil Molina, who was standing on the front steps of the book depository watching the motorcade. 6. The Cuban press published a devastating article on the assassination, noting the links between LHO and the FBI and that Europe's champion shot needed 11 seconds to duplicate Oswald's supposed shooting of the motorcade. The State Dept also picked up on the same article - which I don't think Americans have ever seen. 7. The clippings also include a two-page article in the left-wing National Guardian that lays out all the evidence planted into the case by DA William Alexander and his friends supposedly proving that LHO was an FBI informant. All this evidence was exposed as phony by the end of January - which succeeded in obscuring all the evidence showing that LHO was an FBI source - such as when Oswald assured Fain he would report on any Soviet efforts to recruit him, and when Oswald asked for an FBI man to interview him while he was in jail in New Orleans in August 1963.
  17. The entire 184-page file can be found here. The importance of the file is that it offers a vantage point into the thinking of the CIRA branch (CI Research & Analysis), and a birds-eye view into the information and disinformation being released during the initial post-assassination period. A few preliminary observations: 1. Note how initial reports on 11/22 described the point of entry of JFK's head wound as the "right temple". That "right temple" description has been hidden for the past 58 years. The HSCA Forensic Pathology panel made a point of finding the entry point for the head wound as solely "the back of the head", confirming the Warren Commission finding of a "small wound of entry at the rear of the President's skull". As Josiah Thompson states in his new book Last Second in Dallas, he found two points of entry - the right temple and the back of the head. 2. The UPI wire reported that the police believed the man was "about 30, of slender build, weighing 165 pounds, and standing 5 foot 10 inches tall." When combined with the sighting of a 30-30 rifle, it is clear this is the tip allegedly given by an unidentified man to Detective Herbert Sawyer - and a tip that matches the wholly inaccurate descriptions of Oswald planted into the FBI and CIA files in previous years. 3. It is bizarre that the initial reports stated that a policeman was killed inside the Texas Theatre by Oswald, and that later reports amplified this by claiming Tippit was shot in the theater. 4. There is a one page section on "The Russian Speaking Woman" - Ruth Paine. Note how the New York Times found out that Ruth and Michael had moved to Irving "four years ago". It was in Sept. 1959, the very week that LHO returned to supposedly take care of his mother Marguerite in Irving not far from where the Paines had moved in - but the CIA and FBI were curiously disinterested about this very point.
  18. Good discussion, with good points made on all points of the compass. I have to say that the more I study the wallet evidence, the less I trust most of it. I no longer believe any of the witnesses: Croy, Barrett, or Jez. Over the years, Barrett has given different names other than Hidell (such as O. H. Lee) - and has even said that he got the info from Westphal rather than Westbrook. He knew Westbrook. As the man who touted Barrett as the honest cop in the past - I now think he is a con artist. Seth Kantor writes in his book that Burt Griffin of the WC wrote disparagingly about Croy to J. Lee Rankin on 4/2/64, a week after Croy's 3/26/64 WC testimony. I don't believe the wallet was found on the ground near the police car at the Tippit shooting. All the witnesses said there was no wallet found at the shooting scene. (But Croy, Barrett and Jez say that it appeared in the minutes after the fact, and the video is the best evidence we have) I don't believe it's Callaway's wallet, either. That is pure conjecture. There are two points left for me - points I do believe. One is that the wallet in the video and the wallet in evidence have many similar characteristics, but I think they are two different wallets: 1. Both wallets have a leather flap that snaps over a photo section, 2. Both wallets have a metal band fixed to its leading edge. (Dale Myers, With Malice, p. 298) 3. Both wallets also have a zipper over the cash compartment. Take a look at this video for 30 seconds, starting at 16:45 The other is that Croy could not produce his witness who found the wallet at the crime scene., while Croy, Barrett and Jez all claim that they saw Oswald's wallet at the Tippit death scene. Whether their claims are true or false - and at this point, I am leaning towards false - why are they making such a big statement that flies in the face of the record? Barrett called Bentley's claim that he found the Oswald wallet while searching him on the way to the station "hogwash". How often does an FBI agent call a polygraph examiner like Bentley a xxxx? Again, I think it is to protect a blunder that occurred - the Oswald look-alike wallet at the Tippit death scene was captured on video - that was a big deal - it caused conversation and confusion, and these law enforcement officers are trying to deal with it in a variety of ways to make sure the story goes back to bed. This is the same strategy Barrett used in both admitting and denying that he was at Dealey Plaza with Buddy Walthers at 12:39 pm on 11/22. See Mark Oakes video about Barrett on youtube, attached earlier in this thread.
  19. The FBI found 10,000 pages in the three metal file boxes - and apparently kept no copies. They said they would turn it all over to the WC and let them decide - even of her diary. They provide a list based on "quick perusal". https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=57758#relPageId=132&search="metal_boxes" To be scrupulously fair, Ruth argued that she did not give consent for them to remove her personal documents from her bedroom closet, and that many of the documents were personal and/or referred to marital discord of her parents. But Ruth told them to return only what was "pertinent" - apparently the FBI returned everything - but I want to see the proof of return. Looking for that. The FBI did have in their files - by whatever means - four letters from Ruth to Marina, one in May, two in July, one in August - we can assume those were in Marina's possession. I do believe the WC published these. On another date, I'll let you know what the WC did with Ruth's material, including the three metal boxes and the diary - I've wondered about this for awhile.
  20. Yuri Moskalev was believed by the CIA to be the probable "mystery man" that Win Scott ID'd on 11/22/63 as Lee Harvey Oswald.
  21. I saw this thread - just wanted to add the comment that Moskalev is described as "a dark blond" - also here, which adds the enticing detail that Moskalev's wife was Vera Nikolayevna - the same patronym as Marina Oswald - is there some spycraft going on here?
  22. i believe he lived in Marin County - I will ask Gary Aguilar. any other ideas?
  23. I remember researching Tyree many years ago, and I shouldn't be taken as an expert, I just found it not well documented.
  24. My mistake - Marguerite was in Fort Worth, not Irving. If anything, I think it's more likely that they were unwittingly moved to Irving as the ideal people to move into the Oswald orbit, as he was motivated by all things Russian - and so was Ruth. The Paines moved to 2515 W. 5th in Irving in the second weekend of September (not October, as stated above) and went on to buy the house there. Marguerite was living at 3124 W. 5th. in Fort Worth, several miles away. By October, she was living elsewhere in Fort Worth. It's a weird coincidence they lived on the same named street during September - although the Paines were in Irving and Marguerite was in Fort Worth - was it an accident? Oswald came back for a three day weekend during the second week of September, and then departed to the USSR in what turned out to be three years.
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