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  1. Thats possible, but I think that crime and lawlessness would be at an all time high and america would want a drastic change So even if RFK was not assassinated and ran in 68 Wallace would have still won
  2. If JFK would have lived and been re-elected it is my opinion that in the 1968 election George Wallace and Curtis LeMay would have been elected president and VP
  3. Listen to Cinque! Now Lovelady is not stocky but fat! He compares Lovelady and Oswald to Laruel and Hardy! This is insanity
  4. Seriously?! So right before the HSCA and Groden want to photograph Lovelady later on in life do you think Lovelady himself said I need to look more like Doorman I better lose some weight fast! Or do you think he was forced to lose weight by whoever was behind the cover-up? Either way thats the most laughable theory I have ever heard And to answer your question I have looked at these pictures years and years ago when I came to the conclusion that it was Lovelady The way that Lovelady is standing with his left shoulder angled back makes him look thinner, but even without the way he is standing Doorman and Lovelady have the same build anyways Doorman and Lovelady are one in the same in my opinion
  5. I don't know who is in the doorway. But, I don't like the argument being advanced by Cinque. Oh, and by the way, Jim knows me well. I weigh almost 180 lb. @ 5'10" tall in the attached picture. For reference purposes, my daughter weighs about 110 lb. @ 5'4" tall. Does that look "stocky" to you? Not at all Greg, 5'10 180lbs is perfectly avarage for an adult male Lovelady while shorter then Greg is still 10 lbs lighter To say Lovelady is stocky/chunky is insane Thanks for helping my post with your picture Greg
  6. Lovelady was not that stocky/chunky You guys are making it out like Lovelady weighed 300lbs He was not thin, and he was not stocky, I would say his build is average, just like the man in the doorway That man is Billy Lovelady
  7. I dont care if JFK cheated on his wife. im sure that he did That may make him a lousy husband, but he was still a great man and president The problem I have with all this JFK was a sex addict talk is that it will never bring us closer to the truth about why and how JFK was assassinated There is no way that JFKs affairs with other woman is what got him killed
  8. Dont worry your post will not fool us We all know Jimmy D is a tireless reseacher who wants the truth Reading your rambling post made my head hurt, how can I get that 3 minutes of my life back?
  9. Well first of all Craig is not my "pal" we disagree on almost everything, however I respect Craig and his photographic skills So when I see something that Craig does that jumps out at me and says thats a great point and I agree with him then I will say it and back him up In this thread what he posted was a great example, for you to ignore that means you are just lying to yourself Did Jim happen to tell you that I am an alterationist and have backed Jim and his studies that I agree with up for years? It just so happens that on the subject of Lovelady Craig is correct and you and Jim are wrong It has nothing to do with whos team who is on or who believes in what, when it comes to the man in the doorway it is without question Lovelady
  10. Those are great examples Craig, it shows perfectly how a pocket can blend right in I am beside myself right now, there is so much evidence thats its Lovelady I have known for 20+ years that it was Lovelady, all that this thread has done has drove that point home in my head even more
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