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I'm a Frenchman. I have been interested in the Kennedy assassination since I was a child. I studied the case very deeply for about 25 years. At the beginning, not knowing much, I believed in a conspiracy. The first book that I read was "Best evidence" by David Lifton, in 1989. I read it several times and also watched the "Best evidence" VHS tape probably more than fifty times (both as a Kennedy assassination researcher and as a Frenchman learning English). I ended up buying that VHS tape three times (and to think it is now on YouTube for free…). I was a big fan of David Lifton. I had the honor of having a long phone conversation with him in 1990. 1990 was also the year when I first traveled to Dallas, Texas. I met Robert Groden there. I had already bought and read his book "High treason" (written with Harrison Livingstone). I also had the great honor of meeting Cyril Wecht, that year, in his office in the hospital in Pittsburgh where he worked. He gave me a lot of documents and I will always be grateful to him. At the time, I was only a "reader-student", meaning that I felt that I needed to read a lot of books and newspaper articles, ask questions, learn from experts. I was influenced by conspiracy theorists. I kept buying books (I have about 150 of them on the case). I then started to exchange messages with people connected to the assassination (from witnesses such as Malcolm Perry to researchers such as Harold Weisberg). I gathered quite an archive ! I also studied critical thinking extensively (books by people such as Martin Gardner, Paul Kurtz, etc.). I studied the case more and more. I subscribed to "The third decade" and other research journals. I attended the first "Lancer" November in Dallas conference. There, I talked to David Lifton, James Fetzer, Robert Groden, Jim Marrs, David Mantik, Mar Oakes, Gary Aguilar, among others. In 1995, I bought "Case closed" by Gerald Posner and "Case open" by Harold Weisberg. The first one was brilliant, the second one was empty and lame. "Case closed" had scientific arguments and reason and critical thinking. "Case open" had nothing. That was the turning point for me. I kept on reading books, trying to verify facts. The more I read, the more convinced I was that there had been no conspiracy. The conspiracy believers were wrong. The proponents of the official story were right. The more I learned about the facts, the more I understood that YES, Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed the lone assassin. No question. I myself ended up writing a book on the Kennedy assassination, in French. It’s a big, comprehensive book, more or less like "Case closed" : in other words, a lone-nutter book…

After that, I was interviewed several times (press, radio, television) and participated in the filming of a TV documentary in 2013, shot in France, then in Dallas, Miami and Washington, DC. I met several researchers, among whom Gerald Posner in Miami and Max Holland in Washington, DC. I was again in Dallas for the 50th anniversary. Then, in Paris, along with other French researchers, I organized the only national conference on the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

Since then, my interest has declined. To me, the evidence is overwhelming : Lee Oswald was the sole assassin. There is no question about it. The evidence proves it beyond any doubt. Science proves it. I'm satisfied. Everybody agrees. Everybody but a few people, called the conspiracy theorists, whose number keep decreasing. They have failed. They have lost. They tried to uncover the conspiracy for fifty years. But as there was actually nothing to uncover, they could not possibly find anything of substance. They were just on a wild goose chase. They  were doomed to failure. And they failed. The general public is not really interested in that story anymore. More contemporaneous events have taken over. That's it.

The conspiracy theorist who remain are surfing on wishful thinking. Nothing else. That's sad.

Nonetheless, the passion remains. I keep visiting the Education forum on a regular basis, reading the different threads. There's nothing new. There cannot be anything new. I admire David Von Pein for his tremendous work ! And for his patience ! He defends common sense and the truth. The last few conspiracy theorists try to deny the facts. Some of them even go so far as to reject the single bullet fact. Can you imagine ? Next, they will tell you that the Empire State Building is not in New York City…

I'm here as a reader. But I thank the moderators for allowing me to subscribe. I'll post some comments from time to time, when I think that I have interesting things to say.

My best regards to everybody here !

/François Carlier/

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