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  1. A topic such as this is so long overdue. I should honestly post up my notes from my listening (literally tons of times) of Dale’a Show with Blunt. It is absolutely *required* reading and listening. I got the book right away even though it’s interesting because much of my notes are verbatim copies of Dale/Blunt’s words with time stamps (since it’s audio). I listen to all of Dale’s audios with blunt at least 3-5x a year. It never, ever gets dull. It’s also my source for the incredible Joan Higdon information from the HSCA. I’d kill to know what “explosive” information those 2 investigators learned. Either way, excellent review Jim and Blunt is just next level, period. Doug Campbell also did a relatively recent show with Alan Dale that is absolutely worth listening to and certainly relevant to this very topic and discussion: #179~ January 15, 2021: "Devils, Details, And Dialogue: A Conversation With Alan Dale, Of The Assassination Archives & Research Center."
  2. Mr. H what a fascinating, fascinating read. I knew exactly what I was getting into reading this and I've read it 3x so far. Taking notes and will post more questions in due time. the more I learn about Carlos "Batea" Hernandez, the more I am intrigued. I'm even more curious about Felix Rodriguez. Do we know or have any info regarding whereabouts of either men on 11/22/63? Whatever happened to Hernandez in later years after that tragic day? Thank you very much for your amazing work and research.
  3. Shall we add Henry Cabot Lodge as someone else who royally screwed JFK in Vietnam as well? Its sickening to read about his actions in the documentary record as well as Douglass' book in particular.
  4. @James DiEugenio@Larry Hancockgreat response by you both. Any idea if any research has been done on Morales’ whereabouts on that tragic evening?
  5. I believe that is the same dark skinned man that O’Sullivan (and others) photographically ID’ as Morales but we’re in error it seems? Personally he is unidentified. I don’t even know if research has been done to attempt to learn where Morales (or Robertson, etc) was on that terrible day but I’d definitely guess that, as the Cuban pilot implied, in my mind anyway, to Wayne January, that Bobby was hated more than JFK and at the minimum I’d say Morales disliked Bobby as much as he disliked Jack.
  6. I'd ask Doug Campbell or @Rob Clark David. He has a great deal of focus on Loran Hall and I wouldn't be surprised if he knew exactly where to locate the document. I mean hopefully someone here can provide you with a copy asap but certainly Campbell and @Rob Clark are worth asking.
  7. New show from Campbell. Figured this was a relevant place to post? #177 (RE-MIX!) December 1, 2020: "From The Bay Of Pigs To Dealey Plaza: Rip Robertson, Operation TILT, And The JFK Hit."
  8. Oh for sure. Certainly all criticism encouraged and welcome in my book. I should also (and more accurately) state that Rob seems to consistently rely on evidence from the documentary record more than he does not and calls speculation what it is when it is indeed so.
  9. Uhh...what? I think its best to keep our emotions in check and focus strictly on the evidence which is exactly what Rob seems to have done and always does. Its in our best interest as a research community (and student in my case) to challenge ourselves to not become "fans" of anyone. I have some of my favorite researchers and scholars but they are certainly human and are prone to being in error on such a complex historical study. I remember reading these ARRB documents on Prouty and wow, its nice to see such hardcore facts to challenge what anyone might say or offer to those interested in the facts of this tragic case.
  10. Greg Parker elaborates very well on Korth and Ekdahl in his chat with Alan Dale as well.
  11. Brilliant Robert and its great to see you posting again. Been a while since I've personally seen you around.
  12. What a pathetic political reality we live in these days....how can any human absolutely say something of this...surely she does not believe what she says.
  13. Latest from Doug Campbell and concerning Prouty for discussion and analysis, etc: TDA #174~ August 11, 2020: "Diversionary Ramblings And Imagined Scenarios: L. Fletcher Prouty & The JFK Hit."
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