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  1. Hi Chris,

    I appreciate all your good work on the film! However, I have a copy of the November 25th, 1966 edition of LIFE Magazine, but I was unable, for the life of me, to figure out what you were referring to in your post!

    Can you give me a clue so I can see it? Thanks--

  2. Hey Doug,

    I'll be presenting in Dallas this year, at the COPA Conference RE: NSAM 263 and NSAM 273. I appreciated your comments about the "other film" -- Perhaps we can talk about "it" sometime in the near future?

    If so, send me an email at:


    I don't trust the "forum" driven -- "Private Messaging...

  3. Hey Barry,

    Got your message. How was DC & Boston? What were you doing there?


  4. Got your message, Steve. Many thanks for the kind words.

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