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  1. Here is the link to help with funding John Judge's recovery. http://www.gofundme.com/7c7h2g
  2. Hello all, I got this message on Facebook this morning and wanted to pass it on. "I am visiting John Judge right now. He suffered a stroke. John is improving, but having difficulty speakiing. Donations are greatly needed and appreciated. We need to pay rent and bills for several months. John will be unable to work until his voice returns. He will need extensive therapy. Please send donations to COPA, PO Box 772, Washington DC 20044. Please make checks out to Marilyn Tenenoff. Thank you! T Carter"
  3. Any chance this topic could be pinned to the start page please? Seems sad to have it buried underneath two pages of "No chance of new investigation in Kennedy case" "Kennedy Curse dooming it's members" and "We will never know what happened". Thanks!
  4. This is fantastic. I would give an arm to be able to go see this in court. It's history in the making. I hope Jeff Morley gets lots of supporters down there. The files are of great interest to the public!
  5. Thanks for this link, Donald. I think there are some important things this doctor should be saying and now that he has finally started speaking, perhaps he will say them. We can only hope!
  6. I feel that after 81 arrests and no charges it doesn't really matter if Mr Groden is saying that aliens came down from outerspace and personally told him the plot behind the assassination of JFK (which he is not, and what he does say is worth listening to). The point is that Mr Groden is being harassed and abused by the city on purpose and it is a massive human rights breach. He deserves to win his case and I hope he receives compensation for the trouble the city has caused. It's outrageous! I also get the feeling that if Mr Groden was championing animal rights or children's causes then a lot more people would be up in arms about the abuse he is suffering at the hands of Dallas. For shame Dallas.
  7. Even if this Lovelady/Oswald theory was accurate it will never gain wide support from the public or the main stream media. It's too convoluted, plagued by infighting and not accessible to the general public who may want to look into it further. I wish, Dr Fetzer that you would put your name and your time into something similar but less controversial. The Oswald Innocent Project is a great idea, I just think there is so much better evidence to use. I mean this respectfully.
  8. I just found this. Orange with black text and white... http://dealeyplazauk.org.uk/downloads.html
  9. Can someone please give me the name of the UK based JFK research group? It's slipped my mind in a big way and I am collecting data about all of the upcoming memorials and events for the 50th. I would like to know if they are planning anything and if so if I can please have a press release for http://gregparke4.wix.com/jfk50th where the list of events will be stored. Also, if anyone else knows of anything being planned around the world or in Dallas. Two of the more interesting events being planned that I have come across today are: A memorial to be held in Surrey http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-20874364 And a musical tribute in Dallas: http://www.examiner.com/article/jfk-assassination-to-be-memorialized-with-chamber-music-by-steven-mackey
  10. I wrote to Elizabeth Shedlick aprox 4-5 months ago asking if she would like to share her recollections of the time, especially about Dr Burkley and if he had mentioned anything to her about JFK's autopsy or assassination. I have received no reply. I must say that I am not really to surprised though.
  11. Rest now Gaeton Fonzi. You deserve it. And thank you. You will be sorely missed...
  12. I am so envious! This is fantastic. Enjoy your beautiful new museum you lucky people
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