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  1. Another great has left us, he shall always be sorely missed ...but thankfully his work that he has left behind,will carry on , on, on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,RIP Mark.....b
  2. David here is a link to an old thread on the Hesters that has much information within....fwiw..b http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=15298 b
  3. Quote;;Larry, I largely agree with you about debating the trajectories and locations of shooters. As for the wounds, the unusual, botched nature of the autopsy colors everything in the record. My concern here is that minimizing the testimony of the Parkland medical personnel, in terms of a large, gaping wound in the back of JFK's head, is just another way of ignoring eyewitness testimony in favor of the "official" record. Whether it's the witnesses who reported that the limo stopped or almost stopped, or the observations of the doctors at Parkland, dismissing them means another unnecessary c
  4. IMO ;IF I may, I would suggest to Judyth followers the old research addendum,of Do not believe me , nor anyone, Do your Own Research... into everything that she has claimed as others have, and then you will be able to undoubtedly prove your conclusions by being able to support,her claims with the evidence you will have uncovered and presented to the community proving her story,rather than with just an opinion.. after perhaps reading one or two books that she has written and or numerous posts on the web...in otherwards all are entitled to their opinions, but be prepared to back them up with you
  5. Hi Don; as you know I had pre-ordered your book, it arrived a couple of weeks ago, I only had a few minutes to try to scan,it does look very interesting, but as my husband came in I covered it, see I only have a few hundreds of JFKbooks, and for ages no room for any more, but there are always more out there, now he enjoys reading about some JFK areas of research and hearing the latest, and especially books of this type, modern conspiracies ,crimes etc, so I wrapped it up as a Christmas gift for him, and that's how I get it, got one more into the very overcrowded book room.......thanks,best b..
  6. JFK Generals Lemay and Powers..........b moore_kennedy_gens.lemay-power (2).bmp
  7. Pamela...oh to have started another Judyth thread...oh my...from memory, she Judyth at one time went on about posts being deleted , I have them the posts I do believe on cds.as at that time Dixie and I went through each and every of hers I know for sure at McAdams, and they were saved and downloaded.....which are put away, and I am not physically up to digging and going through all junk stuff to gather them up, at the present time..she may have mentioned usernet and or also, but I do recall from memory she being very upset at them being gone, sorry to have begun anther thread , as if there are
  8. raise you one....double triple dog dare..double-unplus Dankbaar about it...b
  9. Robert you may be interested in this link, if you have not seen such...b John Connally's bloody shirt from Kennedy assassination on display | Daily Mail Online http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2462106/John-Connallys-bloody-shirt-Kennedy-assassination-display.html also a photo of his shirt, I think this may have been from the w.c...and a drawn simili by someone of the entry wound, I am sorry to say I cannot give credit to the artist as I did not copy his name, so I cannot say positively that the schematic is correct.. sorry about that...best b
  10. This article may be of interest to some members...b http://www.ctka.net/nbc_cia.html
  11. http://eastorlandopost.com/dirty-secret-secret-service-president-kennedy-should-have-lived By Jacob Engels There wasnt a thing we could have done to stop it so said former Kennedy Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine on his prosperous book tour and media blitz of 2010-2011 for his 2010 work titled The Kennedy Detail, an (extended list) NY Times best-seller which was also made into an Emmy-nominated Discovery Channel documentary and, rumor has it, will be made into a full length movie in 2014. The it Blaine is talking about is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22,
  12. Brad; you may be interested in the following information from researcher Michael Parks...re First Day Evidence b..................http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=4884&relPageId=34
  13. Your welcome, Pamela, the lowest form of admiration is feeling sorry for someone....who it is known to deserve the old What Goes Around Comes Around, Treatment, you only reap what you sow, and in Judyths case , as with all others, the worm turned and she has felt and has and is trying to deal with her past diatribes of distortion... Agreed, Marina's attitude and stalwartness in dealing with Judyth's printed as well as posted distortions to the truth have been exemplary........She has remained the The Real Deal...imo...thanks, carry on carrying on...b
  14. Well done Pamela, she was given as many know 9 months on the Delarossa Forum to prove all, including all her documented evidence, she failed miserably,even after presenting such repeatedly and at the end of that time, her time was up, so to speak, her ramblings were no longer, needed, wanted nor accepted...In retrospect it appears too bad that McAdams deleted all of her over 4, 000 posts on the alts, those told imo the real story from her first I believe it was around Sept 98 or so .posting ..........as you went through you saw how the story evolved, also in comparing at one time Haslam's pos
  15. Robert; you mention smoke seen in the fence area, there were quite a few witnesses to such, including all the railroad men on the overpass.that stated it was smoke, from that area...you will find several good threads on the smoke research.......if interested within the sarch engine here........I am posting a few smoke seen and filmed within the Wiegman film, photos for you from some of the studies, several are years old now..FYI .b
  16. Your welcome Cliff....I'm thinking you mean the info about the two Dallas office Secret Service agents that were not accounted for and never have been,for that day, meaning they could have possibly been loose within Dealey..if not no problem, I will have a look.BTW that info comes out of Palamara's latest book....thanks b
  17. Thanks Greg, excuse me, it is the right hand side...best b
  18. Sorry Robert, I just lost my post to you, it has been a long time since I was able to post here so I must get back upto snuff.....imo do many searches within the forum, I think you may find much information to change your mind that these subjects have not been researched in the past....for now I I will post Bill Newman' information from Snead's book. Copied and.thanks to Duncan's forum. And a recent photo of them and a Nix gif made by Frank Aqbat, a member ,showing the reactions of the motorcyclists at that time...Please carry on with your research, it is most interesting..to read a new analy
  19. Ray i also found this, fyi...if..of interest....b The FBI’s “Sibert and O’Neill Report” DL 100-10461/cv A. AUTOPSY OF BODY OF PRESIDENT JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY On 11/22/63 at Bethesda, Maryland File #89-30 by SAs FRANCIS X. O’NEILL, JR.; JAMES W. SIBERT:dfl Date dictated 11/26/63 At approximately 3 p.m. on November 22, 1963, following the President’s announced assassination, it was ascertained that Air Force One, the President’s jet, was returning from Love Field, Dallas, Texas, flying the body back to Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, Maryland. SAs FRANCIS X. O’NEILL, JR. and
  20. hi Ray, no there is no photo, but that should be no surprise, i am assuming..they would not allow such to be taken...i finally got ahold of mine, so am going to post along side, it is the same...take care..b
  21. Not to get in this, but Ron i heard that information also......b
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