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  1. Another great has left us, he shall always be sorely missed ...but thankfully his work that he has left behind,will carry on , on, on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,RIP Mark.....b
  2. David here is a link to an old thread on the Hesters that has much information within....fwiw..b http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=15298 b
  3. Quote;;Larry, I largely agree with you about debating the trajectories and locations of shooters. As for the wounds, the unusual, botched nature of the autopsy colors everything in the record. My concern here is that minimizing the testimony of the Parkland medical personnel, in terms of a large, gaping wound in the back of JFK's head, is just another way of ignoring eyewitness testimony in favor of the "official" record. Whether it's the witnesses who reported that the limo stopped or almost stopped, or the observations of the doctors at Parkland, dismissing them means another unnecessary concession to the forces that so strongly desire a "lone nut" conclusion in this case. Really, if researchers downplay the testimony of eyewitnesses, what are we left with? The "official" record, tarnished and unbelievable as it is, points towards a lone assassin, much as the tainted "evidence" found on the sixth floor and supposedly in Oswald's possession, or connected to him through the Paines, points towards him as that assassin. Declaring that shots came only from behind makes a mockery of all the initial reports about an entrance wound to the throat, and ignores the fact that the majority of witnesses thought the shots came from in front. It dilutes the case for conspiracy and is really only a short jump in logic away from agreeing with the discredited conclusions of the Warren Commission..... HEAR HEAR DON....
  4. IMO ;IF I may, I would suggest to Judyth followers the old research addendum,of Do not believe me , nor anyone, Do your Own Research... into everything that she has claimed as others have, and then you will be able to undoubtedly prove your conclusions by being able to support,her claims with the evidence you will have uncovered and presented to the community proving her story,rather than with just an opinion.. after perhaps reading one or two books that she has written and or numerous posts on the web...in otherwards all are entitled to their opinions, but be prepared to back them up with your own research to be taken seriously..in the research world...thanks b..
  5. Hi Don; as you know I had pre-ordered your book, it arrived a couple of weeks ago, I only had a few minutes to try to scan,it does look very interesting, but as my husband came in I covered it, see I only have a few hundreds of JFKbooks, and for ages no room for any more, but there are always more out there, now he enjoys reading about some JFK areas of research and hearing the latest, and especially books of this type, modern conspiracies ,crimes etc, so I wrapped it up as a Christmas gift for him, and that's how I get it, got one more into the very overcrowded book room.......thanks,best b..
  6. JFK Generals Lemay and Powers..........b moore_kennedy_gens.lemay-power (2).bmp
  7. Pamela...oh to have started another Judyth thread...oh my...from memory, she Judyth at one time went on about posts being deleted , I have them the posts I do believe on cds.as at that time Dixie and I went through each and every of hers I know for sure at McAdams, and they were saved and downloaded.....which are put away, and I am not physically up to digging and going through all junk stuff to gather them up, at the present time..she may have mentioned usernet and or also, but I do recall from memory she being very upset at them being gone, sorry to have begun anther thread , as if there are not more than enough already...thanks for letting me know...b
  8. raise you one....double triple dog dare..double-unplus Dankbaar about it...b
  9. Robert you may be interested in this link, if you have not seen such...b John Connally's bloody shirt from Kennedy assassination on display | Daily Mail Online http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2462106/John-Connallys-bloody-shirt-Kennedy-assassination-display.html also a photo of his shirt, I think this may have been from the w.c...and a drawn simili by someone of the entry wound, I am sorry to say I cannot give credit to the artist as I did not copy his name, so I cannot say positively that the schematic is correct.. sorry about that...best b
  10. This article may be of interest to some members...b http://www.ctka.net/nbc_cia.html
  11. http://eastorlandopost.com/dirty-secret-secret-service-president-kennedy-should-have-lived By Jacob Engels There wasnt a thing we could have done to stop it so said former Kennedy Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine on his prosperous book tour and media blitz of 2010-2011 for his 2010 work titled The Kennedy Detail, an (extended list) NY Times best-seller which was also made into an Emmy-nominated Discovery Channel documentary and, rumor has it, will be made into a full length movie in 2014. The it Blaine is talking about is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, when the Secret Service lost a president for the first and only time in their officially-sanctioned watch (the other three presidents to die by the hand of assassins-Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley-did not have a White House Detail watching over them). All the advantages went to the shooter that day- we didnt have a chance to do anything to prevent it- so said fellow former Kennedy Secret Service agent Clint Hill during several even more prosperous book tours and multiple media blitzes for The Kennedy Detail (Hill wrote the Foreword and contributed), his own 2012 work Mrs. Kennedy and Me, a #1 NY Times best-seller, and yet another NY Times best-seller, 2013s Five Days In November. All three books were co-written by Lisa McCubbin, a 48 year old journalist close to Gerald Blaine (she had once dated his son) and is now in a romantic relationship with the 81 year old Hill. We will leave it at that. Those statements by Blaine and Hill are compelling. They are thought-provoking. They appear authoritative. And they are dead wrong. Let me back up a bit. I am not a conspiracy theorist. This past 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, while interesting on certain levels, bordered on overkill with the never ending barrage of internet articles, newspaper columns, television programs, and even movies in the theater. I would just as soon give it all a much needed rest. For the record, I join the majority of Americans in their disbelief that Lee Harvey Oswald (and, for that matter, his murderer Jack Ruby) acted totally alone with no assistance whatsoever. In fact, I even harbor much suspicion towards Kennedys successor, Landslide Lyndon Johnson (Roger Stones brilliant book The Man Who Killed Kennedy crystalized my thinking on the matter greatly). That said, all things being equal, I would just as soon see the country move on. Alas, it is time. Well, that was the way I felt until very recently. Quite by accident (arent all good revelations born of these random acts and occurrences?), I came across the work of a gentleman by the name of Vincent Palamara, the author of Survivors Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President Kennedy. If that title is daunting to you, as well, then you know how I initially felt, as well. Mr. Palamaras book was incongruously placed in the Travel Section of my local bookstore (by accident or by design, we will never truly know, I suppose). The title and the design of the book seemed to call out to me; a true square peg in round hole, so to speak. Once I began reading, I could not put the book down. In fact, I had to sit down to finish reading several chapters before I purchased the book, took it home, and finished it in a couple days. The verdict? Blaine and Hill have some serious explaining to do. Simply put, President Kennedy could have and should have survived Dallas, either unscathed or, at the very least, only the victim of an assassination attempt a la President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981. The country would have been spared Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam, Richard Nixon and Watergate, and decades of doubt and Lord knows how many other crises, foibles and theories. Pretty bold conclusion, you say? Read the book. To summarize a bit: Contrary to popular mythology, it is the Secret Service, NOT the president, who is in charge of security. JFKs two Secret Service Chiefs, U.E. Baughman and James Rowley (spanning careers in the Service from the 1920s to the 1970s between them), confirm this little known fact. Baughman conveyed this in his 1962 book Secret Service Chief, while Rowley testified under oath to the Warren Commission that No President will tell the Secret Service what they can or cannot do. Presidents Truman and (ironically) Johnson both said The Secret Service was the only boss the President of the United States really had. Indeed, an Associated Press story from November 15, 1963- a week before Kennedys death- stated: The (Secret) Service can overrule even the President where his personal security is involved. Evidently with an eye toward distant history and posterity, none other than Clint Hill himself told the Sixth Floor Museum in a 2010 oral history: He can tell you what he wants done and he can tell you certain things but that doesnt mean you have to do it. What we used to do was always agree with the President and then wed do what we felt was best anyway. (During another Sixth Floor Museum televised appearance with both Hill and Blaine, co-author Lisa McCubbin mentioned that, during the writing of The Kennedy Detail, she would find things that contradicted what Blaine was telling her [no doubt Palamaras prolific online writings]. Ultimately, she copped out, stating he was thereno, he wasnt there in Dallas and what about these contradictions? Luckily for history (and honesty), Mr. Palamara documents the contradictions in spades) So, the onus is truly on the Secret Service agents themselves, NOT the dead president who cannot defend himself, for what transpired, security-wise, in Dallas that dreadful November day. As Truman would say, the buck truly does stop with the Secret Service. This point becomes very important for one major reason: The Secret Service falsely blamed JFK for his own death after the assassination! No, he did not kill himself (surprised I never read that one before), but the president was not reckless with his own security to the level alleged in both Blaine and Hills works- the glad-handing JFK was fond of was no different than the kind that many other presidents have enjoyed thru the decades (and, notably, President Kennedy was NOT killed during at a crowded rope line but in his special limousine driven by a Secret Service agent on a motorcade route designed by Secret Service agentsand with security invoked by Secret Service agents). You see, Blaine, Hill, and their brethren have adopted the blame-the-victim mantra for quite some time, even before their books were even passing thoughts in their long-retired brains. As Mr. Palamara deftly details in his book, this was an institutional cover-up of agency malfeasance and gross negligence (or perhaps worse) that actually has its genesis through the direct actions of one specific agent: Floyd Boring, second in command of the White House Detail and the planner of the Texas trip (from the agencys perspective, at least). There is no doubt that Mr. Boring told Clint Hill (later LBJs #1 agent) and others not to ride on the rear of the presidential limousine right before the start of JFKs ill-fated Texas tourand there is also no doubt that the substance of these remarks was, at best, an exaggerated relay of presidential kindness (what Boring conveyed to the ARRB in 1996), or, at worst, a total fabrication with sinister connotations (what Palamara greatly alludes to in his book from many documented sources and former agent statements. Ironically, included in that mountain of evidence are the statements of Mr. Boring himself, who categorically denied that there was ANY truth to the allegation that JFK ever ordered the agents off his limousine!). If that wasnt enough, President Kennedy was also blamed for the depletion of the motorcycle formation in Dallas (quantity and quality of outriders) that the HSCA deemed was uniquely insecure. Again, through scrupulous documentation and testimony, Palamara has discovered that these were Secret Service decisions falsely blamed on the dead president. In addition, a Secret Service agent who drove the follow-up car that day in Dallas (and who believed there was a conspiracy, mind you), Sam Kinney, was adamant to Palamara that HE was solely responsible for the bubbletops removal from the presidential limousine and that JFK had nothing to do with this at all. I went to Palamaras You Tube channel and the ghosts from the dead- deceased agents Kinney, Behn, Boring, and Lawton- confirm this and more. Chillingand disturbing. But it gets even worse. Mr. Blaine writes, on page 74 of his book: "... the only way to have a chance at protecting the president against a shooter from a tall building would be to have agents posted on the back of the car." Blaine later writes, on page 184: None of the agents understood why he [JFK] was willing to be so reckless [by allegedly ordering the agents off his limousine]. Both statements are false. In what can only be termed a major discovery of epic proportions, Palamara discovered that multi-story buildings were guarded countless times before Dallas (but not, unfortunately, during the Dallas trip)! Yes, you read that correctly: during many prior motorcades during the life of President Kennedy, not just as an after-the-fact reaction to his murder, agents and/ or police and/ or the military manned and guarded multi-story buildings. Obviously, the implications are disturbing: why was this NOT done in Dallas? Even if one chooses to believe that Oswald was a lone-nut assassin acting alone, he would have been spotted and neutralized long before a shot was fired. Ironically, it was Mr. Blaine himself who was the lead advance agent for the Presidents trip to Tampa, Florida, the major trip before Dallas. Want to know what kind of security JFK received (as compared to Dallas)? Here you go: As confirmed by Tampa motorcycle police officer Russell Groover and the Final Survey Report of Mr. Blaine himself (yep, its in writing), multi-story buildings were guarded during the motorcade. And, get this: this was the longest motorcade JFK ever was involved inever! Far longer and more involved than the one in Dallas. So, they found the manpower and wherewithal to protect President Kennedy in this fashion, yet, during a far shorter route that, obviously, required much less manpower in comparison, NO BUILDINGS WERE GUARDED! Does that make senseat all? To add insult to injury, Chief Inspector Michael Torina-who wrote the Secret Services own manual, for Gods sake- confirmed to both Palamara and in an obscure 1962 book that guarding buildings was a matter of routine protocol, as also confirmed by Chief U.E. Baughman and in several contemporary newspaper articles from 1961-1963 that Palamara, once again on his own, uncovered. Amazing. The implications are, once again, mind-boggling: President Kennedy was not guarded as he should have been. What else happened in Tampa that did not happen (as it should have) in Dallas: -agents on the rear of the limo (other than Clint Hill, briefly, 4 times before they got to Dealey Plaza. And, by Hills brief presence on the limousine, this further demonstrates that there was NO order from JFK not to be there); -military aide in front seat between driver and agent in charge (McHugh was asked, for the first time in Dallas, not to ride there!); -press photographers flatbed truck in front of limo (canceled at last minute at Love Field); -fast speed of cars (slow in Dallas); -ASAIC Boring on trip (SAIC Gerald Behn and his immediate assistant Boring always accompanied JFK in motorcades. A third-stringer, Kellerman, goes in their place); -multiple motorcycles running next to JFK in a wedge formation (they did 11/18-11/22/63 [morning in Fort Worth]...until Dallas); -White House Press Photographer Cecil Stoughton riding in follow-up car taking photos (he did 11/18-11/21/63...until they got to Dallas); -Pierre Salinger on trip (Assistant Malcolm Kilduff makes his first trip on his own to Texas; Salinger said he missed only "one or two trips" with JFK...Texas was one of them!); -Dr Burkley close to JFK (Burkley protested being placed far away from JFK in Dallas, for this was the only time, save in Rome, this ever happened to him); -military and/ or police lining the streets and overpasses and facing the crowd. If the agents were closer to JFK, the assassination either does not happen or is prevented; if the military aide was present, he would have been yet another important eye and ear witness (and in the line of fire, as well); if the press- and still and motion photographers- would have been there, we would not need Abraham Zapruders grainy, inconclusive, amateur footage to tell us what happened (and they would have been professional eye and ear witnesses themselves); if the cars were going faster, the shots were much less likely to have found their mark (or even to have been fired in the first place); if the #1 or #2 agent would have been on the scene in Dallas, it would have been far less likely that some of the insubordination that occurred would have stood a chance of happening (such as when a shift leader who later became very close to LBJ, Emory Roberts, ordered a couple agents away from the limousine at Love Field and during the assassination itself [it was Palamara who discovered/ popularized the video of the agents perplexed reaction at the Dallas airport]); if there would have been more motorcycles next to JFK in their standard wedge formation, not only would there (again) have been more professional eye and ear witnesses, more importantly, JFK would have been more covered from an assassin or assassins; if the White House photographer would have been where he was allowed to be beforehand (in the follow-up car behind JFKs limousine and, intermittently, on the rear of the limousine[JFK didnt seem to mind that, either]), as with his cohorts in the flatbed truck, he would have been yet another professional eye and ear witness with a camera; if Salinger would have been on the trip, it would have been far less likely that the printing of the exact motorcade route- and the changes made to it-would have escaped his experienced notice; if Dr. Burkley would have been allowed to be closer to JFK as he wanted to be (and normally was), not only would we have had yet another experienced eye and ear witness, the doctor would have been able to provide quality care to a wounded president; and if the military and police would have been lining the streets and facing the crowd, no organized plot or lone nut would have stood a chance. There wasnt a thing we could have done to stop it-are you kidding me? All the advantages went to the shooter that day- we didnt have a chance to do anything to prevent it- unbelievable. Indeed, the buck stops with the Secret Service. Blaine and Hill are peddling prevarications for profit. Kudos to Vincent Palamara for exposing them for what they are, what they did, and what they should have done and did not do. President Kennedy deserved much better than he received from his Kennedy Detailand so do we. Jacob Engels, is the Founder of East Orlando Post & Seminole County Post. He is a seasoned political operative who has led numerous statewide political groups and has worked on several high-profile local, statewide, and national races. Jacob has been interviewed on national television & radio programs, with his work having been featured in the Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Washington Post, Miami Herald and other publications nationwide. He can be reached at info@eastorlandopost.com - See more at: http://eastorlandopost.com/dirty-secret-secret-service-president-kennedy-should-have-lived#sthash.nwGVBbuO.dpuf
  12. Brad; you may be interested in the following information from researcher Michael Parks...re First Day Evidence b..................http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=4884&relPageId=34
  13. Your welcome, Pamela, the lowest form of admiration is feeling sorry for someone....who it is known to deserve the old What Goes Around Comes Around, Treatment, you only reap what you sow, and in Judyths case , as with all others, the worm turned and she has felt and has and is trying to deal with her past diatribes of distortion... Agreed, Marina's attitude and stalwartness in dealing with Judyth's printed as well as posted distortions to the truth have been exemplary........She has remained the The Real Deal...imo...thanks, carry on carrying on...b
  14. Well done Pamela, she was given as many know 9 months on the Delarossa Forum to prove all, including all her documented evidence, she failed miserably,even after presenting such repeatedly and at the end of that time, her time was up, so to speak, her ramblings were no longer, needed, wanted nor accepted...In retrospect it appears too bad that McAdams deleted all of her over 4, 000 posts on the alts, those told imo the real story from her first I believe it was around Sept 98 or so .posting ..........as you went through you saw how the story evolved, also in comparing at one time Haslam's posting of how he found the piece of paper with mention of a Judith on a note that somehow evolved after 5 years of sitting on that shelf, others may recall his early posting.., that also was deleted on the alts eventually....Dixie Dea and I along with many others followed her diatribes as you mention and were also included in her black book of names as she once called it, which meant you were on the very outs with her, I believe that list was very long a one time, and the book filled.as did new copies.......the why she felt the need to be so important has been an important question for many years now, we Dixie and I never gave up on her postings and stayed up to date as well as we could be, but in the end, we simply felt sorry for her , but did not believe...as we had read the 4,000 postings on the alts, when they existed........newbies as Pamela states and others as well have stated, do not be fooled....do your own research .thank you..good luck....Bernice..
  15. Robert; you mention smoke seen in the fence area, there were quite a few witnesses to such, including all the railroad men on the overpass.that stated it was smoke, from that area...you will find several good threads on the smoke research.......if interested within the sarch engine here........I am posting a few smoke seen and filmed within the Wiegman film, photos for you from some of the studies, several are years old now..FYI .b
  16. Your welcome Cliff....I'm thinking you mean the info about the two Dallas office Secret Service agents that were not accounted for and never have been,for that day, meaning they could have possibly been loose within Dealey..if not no problem, I will have a look.BTW that info comes out of Palamara's latest book....thanks b
  17. Thanks Greg, excuse me, it is the right hand side...best b
  18. Sorry Robert, I just lost my post to you, it has been a long time since I was able to post here so I must get back upto snuff.....imo do many searches within the forum, I think you may find much information to change your mind that these subjects have not been researched in the past....for now I I will post Bill Newman' information from Snead's book. Copied and.thanks to Duncan's forum. And a recent photo of them and a Nix gif made by Frank Aqbat, a member ,showing the reactions of the motorcyclists at that time...Please carry on with your research, it is most interesting..to read a new analysis....and also do look into Vincent Palamara's work on the Secret Service, if you have not in the past, you will find it most rewarding I do believe, please carry on. For now take care...b Bill Newman... As Bill Newman says -- in his own words -- from Larry Sneed's No More Silence: "We didn't run up towards the grassy knoll like the rest of the people. We had started walking up there when they stopped us. A lot of people did run up the grassy knoll in that area afterwards, but we were not as anxious as most of the crowd to try to find someone. I don't know why they were running up that way. Maybe the Secret Service men or whoever initiated it, but I just think it was more or less a crowd reaction. I doubt if the people saw or heard anything up there." "Many people ask me when I say I thought the shots came from behind if I thought they came from behind to my right or to my left, which one direction would put it in the direction of the School Book Depository and the other would put it in the direction of the fence area. I've always just stated that I thought the shots came from behind, and that really holds true with the third shot....We saw what happened to the President, but we reallyl didn't see what happened around us." "But I want to believe that the third shot came from behind me, and coming from behind me would not necessarily be in the direction of the School Book Depository. There is certainly a reasonable doubt. But I'm also influenced by what I've read over the last twenty-five plus years, so I'd rather not try to lead people in one direction or the other because I think being a witness to the assassination and what I saw, it was more of a visual thing." "I wouldn't go so far as to say there was a cover-up, but you wonder sometimes what the purpose of the Warren Commission really was. I'm so close to the Kennedy assassination, and I've talked to so many people over the years that you just tend to believe that it had to be the act of more than just one individual. I was surprised to find out that all the shots came from the Book Depository. I don't mean to say that when I heard the shots that I thought something was wrong. But never once did I think that the shots had come from the direction of the School Book Depository. I never looked in that direction, and we were standing in the place where it would have been very easy for us to look up toward the sixth floor window. So it raises a reasonable doubt in my mind as to what the sole purpose of the Warren Commission was." "As far as the theories are concerned, I'd rather not contribute or speculate. I'm sure that my thinking has been swayed over the years by hearing different versions. The one thing I do want to believe is that it was not the act of a lone assassin, so I tend to believe it was a conspiracy. Whether it was the act of two individuals or how many, I don't know. It's very possible that there was just one lone assassin at the site. I can't tell you how many assassins were at the site; I can't say that someone was behind the fence, and I'm not trying to discourage that theory, that's very possible. But even though there might have been just one person at the site, it does not mean there were not other people behind the scenes." Click on the gif to activate...thanks..
  19. Ray i also found this, fyi...if..of interest....b The FBI’s “Sibert and O’Neill Report” DL 100-10461/cv A. AUTOPSY OF BODY OF PRESIDENT JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY On 11/22/63 at Bethesda, Maryland File #89-30 by SAs FRANCIS X. O’NEILL, JR.; JAMES W. SIBERT:dfl Date dictated 11/26/63 At approximately 3 p.m. on November 22, 1963, following the President’s announced assassination, it was ascertained that Air Force One, the President’s jet, was returning from Love Field, Dallas, Texas, flying the body back to Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, Maryland. SAs FRANCIS X. O’NEILL, JR. and JAMES W. SIBERT proceeded to Andrews Air Force Base to handle any matters which would fall within the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, inasmuch as it was anticipated that a large group of both military and civilian personnel assigned to the Base would congregate at Base Operations to witness the landing of this flight. Lt. Col. Robert T. best, Director of Law Enforcement and Security, advised the President’s plane would arrive at 5:25 p.m. Subsequently, Col. BEST advised that the plane would arrive at 6:05 p.m. At approximately 5:55 p.m., agents were advised through the Hyattsville Resident Agency that the Bureau had instructed that the agents accompany the body to the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland, to stay with the body and to obtain bullets reportedly in the President’s body. Immediately agents contacted Mr. JAMES ROWLEY, the Director of the U. S. Secret Service, identified themselves and made Mr. Rowley aware of our aforementioned instruction. Immediately following the plane’s landing, Mr. ROWLEY arranged seating for Bureau agents in the third car of the White House motorcade which followed the ambulance containing the President’s body to the Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland. On arrival at the Medical Center, the ambulance stopped in front of the main entrance, at which time Mrs. JACQUELINE KENNEDY and Attorney General ROBERT KENNEDY embarked from the ambulance and entered the building. The ambulance was thereafter driven around to the rear entrance where the President’s body was removed and taken into an autopsy room. Bureau agents assisted in the moving of the casket to the autopsy room. A tight security was immediately placed around the autopsy room by the Naval facility and the U. S. Secret Service. Bureau agents made contact with Mr. ROY KELLERMAN, the Assistant Secret Service Agent in Charge of the White House Detail, and advised him of the Bureau’s interest in this matter. He advised that he had already received instructions from Director ROWLEY as to the presence of Bureau agents. It will be noted that the aforementioned Bureau agents, Mr. ROY KELLERMAN, Mr. WILLIAM GREER and Mr. WILLIAM O’LEARY, Secret Service agents, were the only personnel other than medical personnel present during the autopsy. The following individuals attended the autopsy: Adm. C. B. HOLLOWAY, U. S. Navy, Commanding Officer of the U. S. Naval Medical Center, Bethesda; Adm. BERKLEY, U. S. Navy, the President’s personal physician; Commander JAMES J. HUMES, Chief Pathologist, Bethesda Naval Hospital, who conducted autopsy; Capt. JAMES H. STONER, JR., Commanding Officer, U. S. Naval Medical School, Bethesda; Mr. JOHN T. STRINGER, JR., Medical photographer; JAMES H. EBERSOLE; LLOYD E. RAIHE; J. T. BOZWELL; J. G. RUDNICKI; PAUL K. O’CONNOR; J. C. JENKINS; JERROL F. CRESTER; EDWARD F. REED; JAMES METZLER. During the course of the autopsy, Lt. Col. P. FINCK, U. S. Army Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, arrived to assist Commander HUMES in the autopsy. In addition, Lt. Cmdr. GREGG CROSS and Captain DAVID OSBORNE, Chief of Surgery, entered the autopsy room. Major General WEHLE, Commanding Officer of U. S. Military District, Washington, D.C., entered the autopsy room to ascertain from the Secret Service arrangements concerning the transportation of the President’s body back to the White House. AMC CHESTER H. BOYERS, U. S. Navy, visited the autopsy room during the final stages of such to type receipts given by FBI and Secret Service for items obtained. At the termination of the autopsy, the following personnel from Gawler’s Funeral Home entered the autopsy room to prepare the President’s body for burial: JOHN VAN HAESEN EDWIN STROBLE THOMAS ROBINSON Mr. HAGEN Brigidier General GODFREY McHUGH, Air Force Military Aide to the President, was also present, as was Dr. GEORGE BAKEMAN, U. S. Navy. Arrangements were made for the performance of the autopsy by the U. S. Navy and Secret Service. The President’s body was removed from the casket in which it had been transported and was placed on the autopsy table, at which time the complete body was wrapped in a sheet and the head area contained an additional wrapping which was saturated with blood. Following the removal of the wrapping, it was ascertained that the President’s clothing had been removed and it was also apparent that a tracheotomy had been performed, as well as surgery of the head area, namely, in the top of the skull. [Emphasis added. This is the infamous phrase that set David Lifton on his odyssey toward body snatching, wound altering, and trajectory reversing in Best Evidence.] All personnel with the exception of medical officers needed in the taking of photographs and X-Rays were requested to leave the autopsy room and remain in an adjacent room. Upon completion of X-Rays and photographs, the first incision was made at 8:15 p.m. X-Rays of the brain area which were developed and returned to the autopsy room disclosed a path of a missile which appeared to enter the back of the skull and the path of disintegrated fragments could be observed along the right side of the skull. The largest section of this missile as portrayed by X-Ray appeared to be behind the right frontal sinus. The next largest fragment appeared to be at the rear of the skull at the juncture of the skull bone. The Chief Pathologist advised approximately 40 particles of disintegrated bullet and smudges indicated that the projectile had fragmentized while passing through the skull region. During the autopsy inspection of the area of the brain, two fragments of metal were removed by Dr. HUMES, namely, one fragment measuring 7 x 2 millimeters, which was removed from the right side of the brain. An additional fragment of metal measuring 1 x 3 millimeters was also removed from this area, both of which were placed in a glass jar containing a black metal top which were thereafter marked for identification and following the signing of a proper receipt were transported by Bureau agents to the FBI Laboratory. During the latter stages of this autopsy, Dr. HUMES located an opening which appeared to be a bullet hole which was below the shoulders and two inches to the right of the middle line of the spinal column. This opening was probed by Dr. HUMES with the finger, at which time it was determined that the trajectory of the missile entering at this point had entered at a downward position of 45 to 60 degrees. Further probing determined that the distance traveled by this missile was a short distance inasmuch as the end of the opening could be felt with the finger. Inasmuch as no complete bullet of any size could be located in the brain area and likewise no bullet could be located in the back or any other area of the body as determined by total body X-Rays and inspection revealing there was no point of exit, the individuals performing the autopsy were at a loss to explain why they could find no bullets. A call was made by Bureau agents to the Firearms Section of the FBI Laboratory, at which time SA CHARLES L. KILLION advised that the Laboratory had received through Secret Service Agent RICHARD JOHNSON a bullet which had reportedly been found on a stretcher in the emergency room of Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Texas. This stretcher had also contained a stethoscope and pair of rubber gloves. Agent JOHNSON had advised the Laboratory that it had not been ascertained whether or not this was the stretcher which had been used to transport the body of President KENNEDY. Agent KILLION further described this bullet as pertaining to a 6.5 millimeter rifle which would be approximately a 25 caliber rifle and that this bullet consisted of a copper alloy full jacket. Immediately following receipt of this information, this was made available to Dr. HUMES who advised that in his opinion this accounted for no bullet being located which had entered the back region and that since external cardiac massage had been performed at Parkland Hospital, it was entirely possible that through such movement the bullet had worked its way back out of the point of entry and had fallen on the stretcher. Also during the latter stages of the autopsy, a piece of the skull measuring 10 x 6.5 centimeters was brought to Dr. HUMES who was instructed that this had been removed from the President’s skull. Immediately this section of skull was X-Rayed, at which time it was determined by Dr. HUMES that one corner of this section revealed minute metal particles and inspection of this same area disclosed a chipping of the top portion of this piece, both of which indicated that this had been the point of exit of the bullet entering the skull region. On the basis of the latter two developments, Dr. HUMES stated that the pattern was clear that the one bullet had entered the President’s back and had worked its way out of the body during external cardiac massage and that a second high velocity bullet had entered the rear of the skull and had fragmentized prior to exit through the top of the skull. He further pointed out that X-Rays had disclosed numerous fractures in the cranial area which he attributed to the force generated by the impact of the bullet in its passage through the brain area. He attributed the death of the President to a gunshot wound in the head. The following is a complete listing of photographs and X-Rays taken by the medical authorities of the President’s body. They were turned over to Mr. Roy KELLERMAN of the Secret Service. X-Rays were developed by the hospital, however, the photographs were delivered to Secret Service undeveloped: 11 X-Rays 22 4 x 5 color photographs 18 4 x 5 black and white photographs 1 roll of 120 film containing five exposures Mr. KELLERMAN stated these items could be made available to the FBI upon request. The portion of the skull measuring 10 x 6.5 centimeters was maintained in the custody of Dr. HUMES who stated that it also could be made available for further examination. The two metal frgments removed from the brain area were hand carried by SAs SIBERT and O’NEILL to the FBI Laboratory immediately following the autopsy and were turned over to SA KURT FRAZIER. http://karws.gso.uri.edu/jfk/history/the_deed/Sibert-O'Neill.html
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