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  1. john wesley harding which contIained this song was released on December 27, 1967, so it couldn't have been written in 1968
  2. didn' LBJ and JFK have a furious row that morning about moving Yarborough and Connally back to their oringal seating;. Y with JFK and C with LBJ
  3. i'll leave you with this for those who are interested. i think it's very good. One Flew Over the Cuckoo.odt
  4. Kesey considered it a much harder read than cuckoo but no reason not to read it. A big book and very worthwhile. Faulknerkan in its dealings with time amd perspective as he was in his experienes with LSD. With lee remick and Henry Fonda
  5. Here's Kesey on the assassination as it happened and affected him: The Loss of Innocence Ken Kesey I was back in New York with my wife and family for the opening of "Cuckoo's Nest" on Broadway. I had just finished my second novel and I wasn't working on anything else; I was waiting for whatever came up to come up. After the opening, my wife and family flew back, and I drove back with this friend of mine, George Walker, and another guy that we sprung from the nuthouse. And we were about half a day out of New York, headed west and eating peyote. It makes the driving
  6. there's probably some Ken Nordine in there somewhere too.
  7. sorry about the poet and thanks to who fixed it. The headline should read: Ken Kesey and style in Murder Most Foul If anyone can fix it
  8. sorry about that. “What did she say he was doing out there on the railroad tracks? Counting?” “The ties,” Blondboy answers. “Counting the ties between Puerto Sancto and the next village. Thirty miles away. Counting the railroad ties. They got him doped up and dared him and he did it, didn’t he, hee hee?” “Houlihan,” says Blackbeard’s voice, gentler. “The great Houlihan. Done in by downers and a dare.” Blackbeard sounded honestly grieved, and Deboree found himself suddenly liking him. "I can’t believe it . . .” “Don’t let it bother you, bro. He was fried, you know? Ga
  9. The last part of Ken Kesey's short story about the death of Neal Cassady. (Dean Moriarty in On the Road and Houlihan in the story. Kesey is Deboree Devlin.) The story is entitled The Day After Superman Died and appeared in Esquire in 1982, It concerns Derboree learning about Houlihan's death in Mexcico and his reaction. I think Murder Most Foul is closer to Kesey's piece in style and intent than American Pie or We Didn't Start the Fire. Here's the excerpt (longish)
  10. The song could be about (seems to fit) Dylan's and Edie Sedgwick's relationship. she was a poor little rich girl who glommed onto andy warhol and his factory
  11. Some say it's the Beatles. you also can see elephants in the trees even without chemical help.
  12. The song is "oxford town." oxford mississippi that is. it was released May 27, 1963 on the Freewheelin' Bob Dylan and so couldn't have been addressing JFK's killing ]
  13. I think the day was picked because of his tour schedule more than anything else. she also was pregnant with her and bob 's first child. She had a daughter i believe with her first husband
  14. or maybe greenbaum's follow-up "Canned Ham," which i believe was an instrumental
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