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  1. Many of Weisberg books were self-published. That includes any typo errors. Oswald in New Orleans was published by Published by Canyon Books, 1967
  2. Lets get this stright. Oswald misses walker. who was mere feet away. Yet he hit JFK in a car that was moving away from him ?? I say B.S.
  3. I am looking to download lee harvey oswald military files. Not the one the Warren Commission released. The one from the Military. I have them on microfish. But i can't print them out.
  4. I am not singed up for Marry's web site It cost to much for me to join. Thanks for the info.
  5. You must remember no one told David Ben Gurion what he could do. Then here comes this brash young President. We will inspect Dimona. He did not like that.
  6. Yes it was Charles Steele. He spoke to Warren Commission attorneys in April 1964. Steele indicates that he was there because he’d driven a friend to the building to take a test she needed to pass in order to get a job. Oswald came up, offered him $2 for 20 minutes of work, and Steele agreed. He dropped off his friend after her test and met Oswald at the New Orleans Trade Mart building. He can be seen in a video, passing out leaflets alongside Oswald
  7. I am looking for documents on Eladio Del Valle.
  8. I got my set back in 1990 Long before they were on the net .
  9. I think JFK is the only American President to stand up to David Ben-Gurion & Israel . Also Gurion did not like that. Especially when it came to Negev Nuclear Research Center . JFK wanted inspectors to look over the Plant . Gurion said no. Same with its Nuclear Weapons Program. I think Gurion did not like anyone standing up to him. I think he sent a message to the U.S. and the world. No one tells Israel what to do.!!!!
  10. https://jfkfacts.org/marina-oswald-porter-talked-to-oprah-in-1996/
  11. Halpern could not be bossed around like Humes and the others. They wanted people they could control.
  12. That was used to raise the K-129. back in the early 70's A Soviet Union Missile Sub.
  13. Some think that Israel was doing something that they did not want coming out. That is why they attacked the Liberty.
  14. Is there any good photo's of mankel????
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