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  1. On 4/6/2020 at 10:30 AM, David Andrews said:

    Larry, re: the doc you linked to above --

    Why were they looking for Oswald in Little Rock?

    Is there another record that the FBI talked to Ruth Paine about Oswald on November 1, 1963?  Is it in the WR?  (I should know this, but I don't or have forgotten)


    I have the Little Rock Files on Oswald. Some day i will try posting them

  2. Yes it was Charles Steele. He 

     spoke to Warren Commission attorneys in April 1964.

    Steele indicates that he was there because he’d driven a friend to the building to take a test she needed to pass in order to get a job. Oswald came up, offered him $2 for 20 minutes of work, and Steele agreed. He dropped off his friend after her test and met Oswald at the New Orleans Trade Mart building. He can be seen in a video, passing out leaflets alongside Oswald

  3. I think JFK is the only American President to stand up to David Ben-Gurion & Israel . Also Gurion did not like that. Especially when it came to Negev Nuclear Research Center . JFK wanted inspectors to look over the Plant . Gurion said no. Same with its Nuclear Weapons Program. I think Gurion did not like anyone standing up to him. I think he sent a message to the U.S. and the world. No one tells Israel what to do.!!!!

  4. Cory i went to the Fl.  

    The Bureau of Vital Statistics is striving to improve!

        Here is what they say.                               

    A Florida Death Certificate "With Cause of Death" is confidential by Florida Law and may only be issued to:

    -The decedent's spouse, parent, child, grandchild, or sibling (if 18 years of age or older).

    -Any person who provides a "Will" that has been executed pursuant to state statute 732.502; an insurance policy or other document that demonstrates his or her interest in the estate of the decedent;

    -Any person who provides documentation that he or she is acting on behalf of any of the previously mentioned persons.

    Fifty (50) years following the date of death, "Cause of death" becomes public information and anyone may obtain a Death Certificate with this information. Any time period prior to the fifty years, "cause of death" is considered confidential by Florida law. 

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