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  1. David, I appreciate your interest in my participation here at the Forum. I have too much invested in ascertaining the real truth of the JFK assassination, to just up and leave. I get a little bit frustrated at times, because of the condescending, patronizing analysis of my posts by some of the experts who don't contribute much to the revealing of facts, but have plenty of caustic, snide remarks if what they read does not fit in with their opinions about what happened. Some of the areas that are of intense interest, Oswald and ONI, details about the real Jack Ruby and his role in the JFK assassination, and German connections to the JFK assassination, as well as MK-ULTRA, are areas I have done extensive research on......I can make my case, which I fully intend to continue doing... Hope you do stay. Enjoy the posting that you do. Yes you are right about the condescending, that is going on. I think two people can disagree on a topic like this. But i think they can do it in a more civilized manor. Without getting nasty about it.
  2. Oswald saw the U2 take off from the base where he was stationed at. If a person was watching the radar unit and saw the blimbs on the unite. I think a person could tell the clime rate on a aircraft. Like see a blimp at 30,000 ft then the same blimp at 40,000 ft. Take the time it took to fly from 30-40,000 ft a person would have a guess as to the rate of clime the plane had. Which the U2 had an initial climb rate that exceeds 15,000 ft/min, a U-2 takeoff is an impressive sight. The climb rate varies depending on a few things like gross weight, temperature and pressure altitude. That climb rate tapers off, around 25,000 feet. I would think the Russians would have like to get their hands on that type of info. Also the Russians had been shooting missiles at the U2 before and never hit one. Then Oswald went to Russia and he said he would give info that they would like. On May 1, 1960 Powers was shot down. Powers said that he was flying at the correct attitude when he was hit 70,000ft.
  3. Scott how much does the report cost? So I can save up to get it.
  4. What gets me is that she waited for anyone who could refute the book to die. Then she publishes the book why not publish the book years ago? That is a little fishy!!!
  5. Didn't the C.I.A tell President Kennedy it be almost a Cake Walk for the exiles to retake Cuba? Also that the people would join with the exiles to oust Castro?
  6. That is very odd that the code book went missing from an white house jet. Who could have taken the book with all the security that is around the planes that belong to the white house?
  7. When i first saw these photo's in the early 80's two things stuck out. The older looking man he is caring a bag! When do police who are bring people in for questioning allow someone to carry anything? Especially when the President of the United States has been shot? These police are acting so nonchalant walking these men to the police station. For all they know they may have been involved in the assassination. They way they are carrying their weapons one officer is carrying his weapon in one hand at his side and another is carrying his in a odd matter also. I would think if police officers was bring in persons for question that may have had something to with shooting the President of the United States they would be handcuffed and be closely watch by fully atentive officers not these one's
  8. The Kennedy's had Carlos Marcello arrested by the authorities and taken forcibly to Guatemala. Marcello soon returned to the United States. Undercover informants reported that Marcello made several threats against John F. Kennedy at one time uttering the traditional Sicilian death threat curse Take the stone from my shoe. Marcello's territory went to Dallas where Ruby may have been his man there and Oswald's uncle also work for Marcello. But also there are links that Marcello may have had ties to the overthrow of Castro where some of his land may have been used to train the Anti-Castro Cubans. There is where David Ferrie comes in. It is said that he was CIA contract pilot. He work for Marcello and also he knew Oswald. If Marcello was involved in the assassination. A person can see why it needed to be covered up. If this came out in 64 oh boy!!!! You have the CIA trying to kill a foreign leader on top of that they are using the Mafia to help them. On top of that Oswald's uncle worked for one of the mafia leaders the CIA was using to kill Castro and on top of that Oswald may have been friends with a CIA contract pilot and also he work for the Mafia!!
  9. This may have been asked before. Has anyone ever asked Bush Sr. what he knew about George de Mohrenschildt ? Like How long did you know him? When did you first meet him? If you knew him in 1963 did he talk about Lee Harvey Oswald? When was the last time you spoke to him in person? Do you know if George de Mohrenschildt had any ties to any intelligence agencies?
  10. The are saying that releasing this will confuse the public? Or is it that the story they told is different then whats in the document that they don't want release?
  11. Don't know if this group counts how about Organisation de l'armée secrète. We know from other posting that a man named Michel Merzt or Jean Souter was deported right after the assassination and he worked for them. Why was he deported so soon after the assassination ? Also i understand that they also hated President Kennedy. Did they have the means to pull off the assassination?
  12. Here is a idea. If Mr Estes mind is still sound this could be asked of him. Mr Estes here is what we could do. Would you please write down everything you know about the JFK assassination. All parties involved dates, places, and any other info. This info will be left with a lawyer with orders untill you pass away it will remain under seal and when you do pass then it will be release. In this way there will be no reprises against you. In case If you feel that it could happen. I think he is still one of the few that may have info on this.
  13. Can you post them in a larger form? They are a little hard to read.
  14. So what you're saying is for those men who are having to go through a bad divorce its okay to higher a killer to kill their wife and only be the financiers of the assassin and that doesn't make you involved? Okay then! that's cheaper then keeping her. Ummm Wrong again, Pawley who was apart of Operation 40 certainly mingled with less fortunate people, people who had no money, and yet hated Kennedy, take Sturgis and my father as example, as well as many of the Cubans at the time struggling to survive, although, my father liked Kennedy, Sturgis and many others hated Kennedy, however, both men mingled with the rich and both men were poor, so I don't get your way of thinking, another words if you were to say money talks I'd agree, Pawley financed several projects into Cuba. So what makes you think he couldn't finance Kennedy's assassination too? Scott First, Scott, I'm not saying that the financiers were innocent, I'm saying that of the thousands of financiers who paid boasters and frauds to kill Kennedy, only those financiers who actually paid the actual killers, the tiny few, were actually guilty of a conspiracy. In other words, if husband pays assassin Y to kill his wife, but separately and unknown to the husband, her butler pays assassin Z to kill her, and assassin Z actually kills her, then the butler is guilty of conspiracy and the husband is innocent. Conversely, if assassin Y kills her, then the butler is innocent of conspiracy, but the husband is guilty. Same way with the JFK assassination. Even if you had video tape that shows rich-man AA giving a million bucks to hit-man BB to kill JFK, that would mean nothing unless you could also prove that hit-man BB was the hit-man who actually killed JFK. This is relevant because Assassination Science can name dozens, scores, perhaps a hundred or more possible shooters of JFK. There were so many plots in the Mafia, among rogue CIA elements, the Jimmy Hoffa guys, the Cuban Exiles, the Russian Exiles, the German ex-Nazis, and what not, that we must first of all reach a consensus which of these many plots was the one that actually succeeded. Then and only then can we identify which financiers were the guilty ones. Yes - they were all deplorable. But only a few were actually guilty. Yes, money talks. But not all money screams and swears. And not all money hits the mark. We must be more particular. Best regards, --Paul Trejo The husband would be guilty of conspiracy to murder his wife because he hired someone to do it.
  15. There have been theories put out why Oswald said he was going to give secrets about his work with radar. Some say that he knew the embassy was bugged and this was for the ears of the KGB so that they may take him in. They wanted info on how our radar worked and here walks in a person with that info. Oswald had info on the U2 spy plane He knew it's clime rate by watching when it took off and watching it on radar as it flew up. He also heard a plane asking for weather info at high attitude that was well beyond the normal height that planes flew. The only plane that could be asking for that info was the U2 witch he watched took off. Right after Oswald went to the USSR on May 1, 1960 Powers plane was shoot down.
  16. Welcome to this group Stephen You will find many great person here to talk about what happen and i singed the petition Mr Bolden deserves to have his name cleared.
  17. Sorry Jim nothing like the Avro 1st one i saw was hovering tree top high about 15ft across 12ft high in the center was 3 flashing reddish orange lights silver in color made no sound at all i was about 100ft from it 2ND one i saw was one of those flying triangles i and a friend was doing some night fishing and coming back to the town where we lived at the time. We were driving a long a level road in the county where we both lived. Saw a light going across the sky at a very low level to the ground. As we were on the level it was above the regular level of the ground. We could see it get closer we saw it was a flying triangle. To the level of the Reg ground to the ship was about 70ft and from where we were about 15ft it was a massive ship best guess side of the ship 40ft the back part about the same. It sailed across the sky at a slow pace and this made no sound it all. We watched it until we no longer could see it. I learned not to tell everyone that you saw a UFO. You get a lot of jokes thrown back at you. Like Yea you saw a UFO oh was Elvis there also! stuff like that If you want to see the level roads where i live just google 1993 Mississippi river flood Perry County Missouri
  18. As for UFOS they are real. Saw two up close one was so close i could had lob a rock at it and hit it.
  19. Oswald could have been in the program, But with most of the documents destroyed. We may never know the truth. The only other person who known to be in the program was Farnk Olson. Frank Olson was a senior U.S. microbiologist at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland. He was recruited from the University of Wisconsin, where his departmental advisor was Ira Baldwin, the civilian scientist who, along with industrial partners like George W. Merck and the U.S. military, established the U.S. bioweapons program in 1943, a time when interest in applying modern technology to warfare was at an all-time high. His specific research work at Fort Detrick's Special Operations Division has never been revealed, but he was clearly involved in biological weapons research. He had been assigned as a contact with the CIA's Technical Services Staff, run by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and his deputy Robert Lashbruck regarding experiments with bioweapons, toxins, and mind control drugs. This was the MKNAOMI - MKULTRA program, previously known as Project Artichoke and earlier, Project Bluebird, and justified based on claimed Soviet efforts to create a "Manchurian Candidate." In 1953, as Deputy Acting Head of Special Operations for the CIA, Olson associated with Dr. William Sargant, investigating the use of psychoactive drugs at Britain's Biological Warfare Centre at Porton Down. Hence, he was privy to the innermost secrets of the CIA interrogation and biowarfare programs. Ed Regis reports that the meeting at which Olson was dosed with LSD took place at Deep Creek Lake: "Deep Creek Lake was three hours by car from Camp Detrick. On Wednesday morning, November 18, 1953, about a week before Thanksgiving, a group from the SO Division, including Vincent Ruwet, chief of the division, John Schwab, Frank Olson, Ben Wilson, Gerald Yonetz, and John Malinowski, drove out to the retreat. The Detrick group was met at the lodge by Sid Gottlieb, his deputy Robert Lashbrook, and a couple of others from the CIA On the second day of the retreat, after dinner, Gottlieb spiked a bottle of Cointreau with a small quantity of a substance that he and his TSS colleagues privately referred to as "serunin" but which was in fact lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD." According to the government's version of events, Olson subsequently suffered severe paranoia and a nervous breakdown. The CIA sent him to New York to see one of their psychiatrists, who recommended that Olson be placed into a mental institution for recovery. This all took place after Olson asked to quit the biowarfare program the week after the retreat "Ruwet was surprised to see Olson at 7:30 in the morning, but asked him in. Olson told Ruwet that he was dissatisfied with his own performance at the retreat, that he was experiencing considerable self-doubts, and that in fact he had decided he would like to be out of the germ warfare business. He wanted to leave Camp Detrick and devote his life to something else." The LSD experience may have led Olson to this conclusion, but it was one he had been thinking of for some time. The CIA asked him to go to New York to meet with their private psychiatrist, Harold Abramson, who was centrally involved in the "research". The CIA claimed that on his last night in Manhattan, Olson purposely threw himself out of the window of his tenth-floor hotel room at the Hotel Pennsylvania, which he had been sharing with CIA agent Robert Lashbrook, dying on impact The biological warfare programs and the chemical interrogation programs then remained almost completely hidden from the public, until Nixon's closure of the biowarfare program in 1969 and the Church Committee hearings of 1975 His family had no knowledge of the details of the accident until the Rockefeller Commission started uncovering some of the CIA's MKULTRA activities. In 1975, the government admitted that Olson had been dosed with LSD without his knowledge. The government offered his family an out-of-court settlement of $750,000, which they accepted. In 1994, Eric Olson had his father's body exhumed to be buried with his wife. The family decided to have a second autopsy performed.The 1953 medical report done immediately after Dr. Olson’s death indicated that there were cuts and abrasions on the body. Theories sparked about Olson's having been assassinated by the CIA. When the second autopsy was performed by James Starrs, Professor of Law and Forensic science at the National Law Center at George Washington University, his team searched the body for any cuts and abrasions and found none. Starrs found a large hematoma on the left side of Olson's head and a large injury on his chest. The team concluded that the blunt force trauma to the head and injury to the chest had not occurred during the fall but most likely in the room before the fall. The evidence was called "rankly and starkly suggestive of homicide." Based on his findings, in 1996 the Manhattan District Attorney opened a homicide investigation into Olson's death, but was unable to find enough evidence to bring charges This also talks about Robert Lashbrook i remember reading somewhere that he name came up in JKF assassination
  20. I posted this one to see what everyone thought of it. Yes it is a far out idea that JKF was killed because of this
  21. I heard that two memo's were just release showing that JFK was asking the c.a.i about their u.f.o files. Some say this is one reason that he was killed. Yes it is one of those theories that is out there. But what do you all think of this one?
  22. There is a photo you have in your book of a bullet that a Mr Wright said he found on a gurney. Can you remember what caliber the round was? Any info would be grateful.
  23. In the mid 80's i sent a letter and a copy of the drawing to Dr. McClelland asking him is this what he saw that day he work on President Kennedy. The drawing was the one showing a wound to back of the head. He sent a reply saying yes that is what he saw that day.
  24. Lets get this straight c.i.a is helping the n.y.p.d in their intelligence work? Training them to be spies in the u.s? Also i heard that the n.y.p.d has this set up in different cities around the world to do the same thing. So is the n.y.p.d becoming another spy agency? The c.i.a never works in the u.s? If you believe that! i got some great ocean front propety with a great view in Missouri As to the book about the 9/11 and the terror the c.i.a wants to cut out parts the book A spokeswoman for the C.I.A., Jennifer Youngblood, said, “The suggestion that the Central Intelligence Agency has requested redactions on this publication because it doesn't like the content is ridiculous. The C.I.A.’s pre-publication review process looks solely at the issue of whether information is classified.” She noted that under the law, “Just because something is in the public domain doesn't mean it’s been officially released or declassified by the U.S. government In Gov speak it's cover your own ass. Well public domain means that everyone knows it. If the government does not release the info they could say it's not commenting. But to take steps to redact parts of the book says that what this guy says could be true. The Intelligence agencies got cot withholding info that could have stop what happened and they do not want that to get out to the public at large.
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