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  1. You can tell where this guy is coming from. His dislike of the Kennedys is not hidden at all.
  2. Back in the mid 80's i wrote a letter to Mr McCelland asking him the drawing that shows the wound to the lower back of the head was right he sent reply that it was. Wish i kept that letter but when i sold my collection around 2000 it went with the collection.
  3. Thanks for post that about the ammo i forgot all about that. That makes it even more suspicious how did Oswald get his hands on ammo that the USMC orderd in 1954 ( C.I.A?) in 1963?
  4. There are times when you can't attack a professional level then you attack them on a personal level to destroy their credibility. This could be the case with Mr Noguchi attack him on the personal level and anytime he took the stand he would be asked if he sex with any dead stars. The jury would think he is a sick person for doing that and anything else he said they would not believe.
  5. Where did Oswald get this ammo from 1: Western Cartridge case's and Remington-Peters lead bullet's 2: Four Caranco rounds 5 if you believe he shot at Walker So how could Oswald get his hands on the mixture ammo for his hand gun? Did Oswald just walk in to a gun shop and say i just need 5 rounds for my rifle and no more and just enough rounds to load and reload my handgun! There no place that would break up a box of ammo to sell just part of it. The FBI check all gunshop and other places that sold ammo and none sold any ammo to Oswald. So where did he get it?
  6. I would ad this why was Oswald finger printed at the funeral home? For what reason did they need his prints at that time?
  7. If the old man was Hunt all he would had to do was die his hair and ware a larger suit to make him look skinny and talk like older person. If you did not know Hunt you would think you are talking to a elderly man and not the younger Hunt.
  8. Who is to say that the shooters weren't all ready there? There was people laying floor in the building so one or more could have been part of the assassination. Or it could have been another employee working in the building.
  9. There is the ghost photo that showed up in the Dallas Police Archives. Some say that is one of the steps to create a fake photo of Oswald holding a rifle.
  10. Look to the Red Scare and Joe McCarthy if you said something that was not in line with what the Goverment thougt. To them you were a commie and against the government i think we as a people do not want to go back to that way of thinking again. Say something that someone in government does not like you will be put on a watch list for speaking whats on your mind do we as a people what that?
  11. Does this mean that we must watch our P & Q's on what we say here? What if some Gov Agency does not like what someone says are they come to that persons house. Then say we say what you posted on the Eduction Forum is not to our liking and we want you to stop or else!! Here is what i would say i would tell the agency to SHOVE IT!!!!!!!
  12. You say something that someone in the goverment does not like you may windup in a 3rd world country in a black cell and never seen again.
  13. Hope things turn out well and have a Happy Holiday.
  14. Here is something to think about. 1 Some of the persons who help planed the assassination wanted to be there to see it and watch President Kennedy in front of their own eyes. 2 They thought also that Oswald would die soon afterwards there it would end quick and everyone would go saying that a lone nut shot and killed the president.
  15. Hello Mr Thompson It would be nice to see your book released a with a update. Back in the early 80' i found i found a copy of Six Seconds and paid $10.00 for it and i had to sell my collection in 2000 and i decided to get back in the the JFK assassination and was looking for another copy and i saw one amazon going for $100+. I think it is such an important book on the assassination it would be a great help to new persons looking into the JFK assassination if it could be released. I for one would like to have another copy to rebuild my collection and i would say that there are others out there that would like to have one also. Mark
  16. I have had 13 years experience with the Carcano be caused i owned one at one time and it was set up just like Oswald's. I did my best to set the scope on my rifle to be just like Oswald's on Nov 22. But if you look at the reenactments that have been done they show the shooters using the scope to do the shooting but was any done using the iron sights in any of the test?
  17. Another thing is not address is the fact that telescope on the rifle was misaligned. So if Oswald was using it to shoot President Kennedy he would have missed altogether.
  18. The American Assassins was a CBS investigative news special report about the violent deaths of John F. Kenndy, Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King. Is the 4 episodes on line to download anywhere?
  19. The American Assasins was a CBS investigative news special report about the violent deaths of John F. Kenndy, Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King. Is there a site where a person can download the 4 EP'S?
  20. I was wondering if anyone has shot a 6.5 mm Mannlicher-Carcano rifle ? At one time i owned one and mine was just like Oswald's I tried to get 3 shots and 2 hits in 5.6 seconds in 13 years i owned the rifle may have did it only 2 or 3 times and that was firing at a standing target. The rifle is a POS Also i have owned and shot 7.62 sks/ 2520 /22/30.6/ 3030.
  21. Maybe Mr White can answer this how many tapes did Mr White release i had them at one time and i needed to sell them and i would like to find copies of them again. Any help would be greatful
  22. I became interested in the Kennedy assassination in the early 80's and I have studied it every since. The first book i got was the case for conspiracy by Groden and it went from there. Also I had the chance to speak with the family of Fr Oscar Huber who gave the last rights to President Kennedy Fr Huber was from my home town and I got the chance to look through the family scrapbook with some things on the assassination. I am also interested in the paranormal and Elvis Presley
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