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  1. Trying to catch up here been away for a while with depression again
  2. I say no having members her that remember what JFK was like and what they felt when news broke on the assassination is an asset to all I was born in Jan 64 what i knew about JFK came from my mother. The 1st books i learn to read from was on JFK
  3. I had one just like Oswald's and the rifle is a POS with it's two stage trigger. I know some here will disagree with me on this point
  4. Richard i am talking about someone you meet outside of the service. Lets say person A is very trusting and person B becomes friends with person A and person A totally trust person B. Over time person B has Person A run a bunch of errands which look on the surface normal. But on the whole a trail would have been made leading to Person A while Person B gets away Scott free
  5. Sometimes i would say yes. If a person is very trusting and are friends with a certain person. This person over time could talk their friend into doing things. Like ask this person to take a package to a certain address or pickup one. Over time there would be a trail leading to this trustimg person and his friend would have nothing leading to him at all.
  6. Two films very alike came out around the same time The Killing of President Kennedy and Declassified The Plot To Kill President Kennedy
  7. Bill O'Reilly said that he was on De Mohrenschildt's doorstep that day and actually heard the fatal shot did he talk to the police and is there a report on this???
  8. This was not a false flag operation and for anyone to even suggested it was does a disgrace to the people that was injured and those killed. How can you look at yourself in the mirror after saying thiings like that???
  9. Jim i must disagree with you on Bush Sr. and the C.I.A look at this The CIA codename for the Bay of Pigs Invasion of April 1961 was "Operation Zapata President Bush help to start Zapata Oil Two of the ship involved was Huston where President Bush lived the other was named Barbara same name as his wife There is the famous Bush CIA memo where it talks about a Mr George Bush. Now which George bush was it talking about was a low level employee at the time of the assassination and would not have access to the Cuban population in Florida or the other George Bush furture President of the United States
  10. Greg here is the information that goes along with the photos at that site,see post 10.. thanks for posting photos i have had troubles of late copying such,pc problems what else is new, anyway..here is the info,many thanks... This photograph appears on page 22. The caption reads,"From the same building where Oswald lay in ambush, a telescopic lens reconstructs an approximation of what the killer saw at the moment of tragedy". The photograph does appear to support the idea that a single shot could have hit both Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally. However, the photograph, despite the caption, was not taken from the schoolbook depository. The distinctive brickwork of the schoolbook depository (see photo from pages 24-25) is clearly seen on the right hand side of the photograph, proving that the photograph was actually staged from the Daltex building. The traffic signs clearly in view indicate a much lower angle than would be seen from 6 floors up. Compare the above view of the street with that seen in the next photo taken from just INSIDE the 6th floor window of the Texas Schoolbook Depository from which Oswald was supposed to have fired Which book is being talked about?
  11. Pat that is the very drawing i sent Dr. McClelland and asked him this this what he saw that day and he replied yes.
  12. Don you are so right about some people being nasty to one another. When i got into this 30 years ago there was no Internet like we have today. If you wanted to correspond with another researcher you could do it by smail, telephone or in person. The same with an author. Today there are sites like this. Here you find fellow researchers and authors where they can talk to one another. Yes they have their own theroy on what happen in Dallas. 99% of the time the exchange is friendly but that 1% gets nasty and mean. I just think we all should be happy this this forum is here where we can talk to one another without all the nastiness .
  13. Around 1990 i wrote to Dr. McCLELLAND and included the drawing that shows a wound in the lower back of the head and he said that is what he saw that day
  14. With NDAA the government can pick up a person for any reason and hold that person for as long as they want. No Lawyer, No Trial, No Judge. That sounds like what is going on with Robert Groden the people who do not want him there. Say now we have this NDAA lets use it on the people who are talking about all of these crazy conspiracies and scare them away from Dealey Plaza
  15. James you are right on Any person can see that Gov Connally reaction around Z frame 223-224 and President Kennedy while he was behind the sine. So there was noway Oswald could get a shot off in that time frame and hit to targets. It is known that to cycle the rifle takes 2.3 seconds. that does not take into account accruing and zeroing in the target and pulling the trigger. I speak from personal experience I had the very same type of rifle that Oswald had and i tried to replicate in the stated time the FBI gave Oswald in 13 years of owning that riffle i got 2 hits in the time alotted in those 13 years . But i was not under preasure that Oswald was. My scope was mislined just like Oswald's was. Also used the iron sites.
  16. Some people know him more for the The Twining Memo http://www.roswellfiles.com/FOIA/twining.htm
  17. O'Reilly next book is on Jesus guess what it is being called Killing Jesus
  18. We can stop at your very first unproven claim. Please provide your proof that JFK's 'tailored" jackets and shirt were ALWAYS immune from bunching and folding. Your wild and unproven handwaving has been duly noted. This would have been JFK's sartorial milieu, and the early photos confirm it. Even after becoming president he continued to wear Harris Tweed sports jackets (made for him by the esteemed Ivy League tailor and haberdasher, Chipp), and a variety of Narragansett and Hyannis Port sailing gear familiar to the New England establishment http://www.mrporter.com/journal/journal_issue80/3#1 Also Sidney Winston did clothes for the President
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