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  1. Could someone please give me the precise measurements and location of the holes in both of them from the tip of the collar to the holes
  2. It looks like the back back of the head is tilted back some would this throw off the measurement. I all always thought the best way to see where the back wound was to measure the shirt from the tip of the collar to the hole in the shirt and the same for the jacket and see were they line up.
  3. I think Rouge elements of the C.I.A were involved in the assasination like David Phillips James Jesus Angleton E. Howard Hunt David Sánchez Morales William Harvey
  4. Come on it was a mentally disturbed person that did it he killed his mother and went to the school and we know the rest. Of course if anyone is right near by when it happened they may take that person in to custody to see if he had anything to do with it. Once they found out this person had nothing to do with it the police let this person go. Did it occure to anyone that this person may not want thier name released. Because some people would think that he did have something to do with it an they ma try to harm this person.
  5. There are so many things about the trip from the U.S to Russia where did the money come from? How he got from London to Helsinki. We know that there was no commercial flights during the time for Oswald to get there. That leaves a military flight a private flight, or a clandestine? flight? if it was a private flight how did Oswald pay for this? If it was a private flight . There still could be records that show every flight that landed in Helsinki the or England for leaving. I have no idea about a military flight where would a person look for records like that?
  6. Ron our government is not the best in the world. But it would never descend to that level. There are to many check and balances in place. No one faction of the government can take over the country. That sounds like you are talking about the NWO or the Illuminati or even the Freemasons Only the whacked out nuts like Alex Jones Pushes stuff like that
  7. FOR PROTECTION AGAINST TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT. You know, like in case there's a revolution? It happened once before in this country, as I recall. So you are comparing King George 3rd to the U.S government?
  8. That is why we have all the trouble with Iran today. The big oil companies did not like losing their oil profits when Mosaddeq and his government's most notable policy, however, was the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry, which had been under British control since 1913 they said he must be with Russia for doing that.
  9. I am for the 2ND amendment but why could a civilian need a military style weapon? Not to hunt with. Or do you think a hunter needs a military style weapon to hunt if so that person needs to stop right now. The couple of times i deer hunted i took a old bolt action rifle with me. Because that is all i needed.
  10. Jim that is one of the things that bug me Oswald only had 4 rounds for the rifle and two differant types of ammo for the 38. Did Oswald just walk into a store and buy only 4 rounds 5 if you believ he shot at Gen Walker. Also why did Oswald have to differant types of 38 ammo? When a person buys any type of ammo it is all one type.
  11. The people who think that there was a conspiriacy in that are a bunch of whacked out nut cases
  12. That is one book i would never want in the collection i am rebuilding. If someone gave me that book i would take it to the library and give them the book to be put under fiction
  13. I think why many people buy into the lone assassin theroy is that they can't conceive that a conspiriacy could not be found out by the government in the assassination of President Kennedy. Also that would the govermnent lie to us about what happened.
  14. In sept of 63 President Kennedy did an interview with Walter Cronkite where he said that South Vietnam must do the fighter it is their war they must win it http://youtu.be/3JHeAQ4rn9Q
  15. The thing is if Oswald was being handled by someone Oswald would trust that person. Because in that area a person would automatically trust that person because they would believe that person would have thier best interest at heart.
  16. Yes the classification system is so silly. Just this year they released documents from WW1. Tell me this what need to be classified for nearly 100 years about WW1 ??
  17. Len have you heard of COINTELPRO?? the N.S.A.’s top-secret domestic spying program http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/23/opinion/the-national-security-agencys-domestic-spying-program.html Church Committee Oversight Uncovered FBI Spying on Innocent Americans http://www.aclu.org/images/asset_upload_file893_29902.pdf Vietnam-era memo: CIA spying on Americans http://www.upi.com/Business_News/Security-Industry/2007/06/21/Vietnam-era-memo-CIA-spying-on-Americans/UPI-27771182460806/ This government has lied their teeth about spying on its citizens.
  18. Can you explain why we see his shoulder driven down and cheeks puff up around Z Frame 233-234
  19. Mark, It is 5 wounds not 7. Well if you are convinced that he received his wounds there I doubt I'll be able to change your mind. But if he received these wounds there can you demonstrate how he achieved his wrist wound. I described that in a reply to David. I will be interested to see your explanation, because his wrist entry wound is blocked for a bullet. James. Here is how i see Connally got his wounds. He is hit by a different bullet that JFK. This bullet enters his back travels down hitting a rib shattering 10cm of it and exiting his chest. In some of the frames of the Z Film we see that is where Connally is holding that 10 cal hat of his that is where he gets the wrist wounds. As to the one in the leg a good nights sleep and a clear head may help me figure that you
  20. The 6.5 Cancano is not a high speed round it is more of a medium speed round
  21. Connally is hit around 233-234 and receives his 7 wounds. I see no other explanation why his cheeks puff out and see his shoulder drops down. Connally said he hear a shot and was in the middle of turning to see where it could had come from then he said that he was hit. This is what we see on the Z film around these frames.
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