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  1. Ask here did she ever sit down with a sketch artist to draw a picture of the person who took her camera. Also ask her what did her boyfriend think where the shots came from.
  2. Is anyone else having trouble with the jfkassassinationforum or jfkforum?
  3. In June 1964, Chief Justice Earl Warren, then-Representative Gerald R. Ford of Michigan, and other commission members went to Dallas to see Ruby. Ruby asked Warren several times to take him to Washington D.C., saying "my life is in danger here" and that he wanted an opportunity to make additional statements.[56] He added: "I want to tell the truth, and I can't tell it here. Also here is a link to a video of Ruby talking about him being able to talk
  4. There would be need to do that. Just keep the American Forces out of the area.
  5. This is a delicate situation going on with Iran right now. Now with Russia & China getting involved. Tell Israel there could be consequences if they atack Iran. We do not need to get in another conflict in the middle east. If Russia or China gets into the mess that could lead down a road that NO ONE WANTS!!!!!
  6. Jim i was wondering if you book is still available? As i am trying to rebuild my collection.
  7. For many years i have wondered that What would it have cost to bring Ruby to Washington like what Gil Jesus post? When they brought so many others there. If you want to see Ruby make that statement it is on line or if you have the tapes The Killing Of President Kennedy or Declassified The Plot To Kill President Kennedy
  8. Santorum is trying to draw christian wright to his side. Showing that he is better than Rommey and the other running for President. It sounds like he would bring his religious to play if he would win the election.
  9. I was thinking about the photo that shows Oswald's belonging with the photo of walker's backyard. If a person had the camera original negative with today's tek could they enhance the photo to show the car's plate to be able to read it.
  10. There is one thing that has always puzzled me The photo showing the back yard of the Walker home shows the plate on the car with a hole in it. Yet there is also a photo of Oswald's belongings it shows the photo of that Oswald took and it is hole is not there. Does anyone know who could have put the hole there removeing the plate number?
  11. Does anyone know what Martin Dugard's experienced is in writing about what happened in Dallas? Has any of the researchers that are members or known to members been contacted by him?
  12. Oh boy!!! What slant is he going to put on the assassination?
  13. When people are told that the shot that killed RFK was from 1in behind his head. That Sirhan was in front of RFK. their response is that Sirhan moved behind RFK and shot him without anyone noticing him doing it.
  14. might add; Carnahan defeated Ashcroft when he, Carnahan, was DEAD! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah yes, thanks david for that reminder, the good people of Missouri ,when faced with the choise, A dead man, or Ashcroft, made the correct call, dead man every time Pity shrub did'nt get the message,God must have been out that day. Being from Missouri i can say the people knew who to vote for .
  15. H.L. Hunt was an oil tycoon, by 1957 his estimated fortune was approximately $400 to $700 million dollars. Hunts support of Barry Goldwater for the Republican party in 1964 led to smarting under that rebuff and disgusted with Johnson's liberal policies after assuming the presidency in 1963. Hunt supported Eisenhower in 1956, however, in 1960 pushed hard for the nomination of LBJ and because LBJ agreed to become JFK running mate Hunt contributed some $100,000 to Kennedy's administration. Hunt who is a successful business man out of Dallas TX lived in a relatively modest home in Dallas. Hunt was also often overheard while introducing himself to strangers by saying. "Hello, I am H.L. Hunt, the worlds richest man"... I do beleive that had Oswald contact H.L.Hunt rather then E.H. Hunt the writings of that letter would have reflected so. Although, LHO was living in Dallas after moving from New Orleans, LHO also visited Miami, and because there is no hard facts of LHO visiting Miami there has been reported sightings of Oswald who may or may not have had an encounter with Frank Sturgis. There also seems to be a tape of LHO hiding his face when the filming took place sometime in late 1962 or early part of 1963 in the South Florida Everglades, those who were present in that film were Marita Lorenz, Frank Sturgis and Frank Bender aka Gerry Doller. Howard Hunts early ties to the 1954 Guatemalan coup dubbed "Operation PBSUCCESS", which was also approved by president Eisenhower, many of the same players participated in their very own domestic coup called "Dealey Plaza". Because of Howard Hunts ties to Nixon's anti-Castro underworld and his assassins towards unfriendly foreign leaders, only leads me to beleive that Hunts roll as a "bench warmer" was in fact true. Hunts stayed in South Florida which allowed him to under go a much larger operation and covertly work with those in the organization while keeping it totally secret. The birth of setting up Oswald was well on its way. Hunt would latter bribe Nixon for two million dollars for hush money? In the meantime Nixon tries to blackmail CIA chief Richard Helms over the secrets that Hunt might blab regarding CIA's links to "the Bay of Pigs After all, Nixon said, "Of course, this Hunt, You open that scab, that will uncover a lot of things." "In fact, I was puzzled when he [Nixon] told me, 'Tell Ehrlichman this whole group of Cubans [Watergate burglars] is tied to the Bay of Pigs.' After a pause I said, 'The Bay of Pigs? What does that have to do with this [the Watergate burglary]?' But Nixon merely said, 'Ehrlichman will know what I mean,' and dropped the subject." Later in his book, Haldeman appears to answer his own question when he says, "It seems that in all of those Nixon references to the Bay of Pigs, he was actually referring to the Kennedy assassination." In short to answer your question as to whether Oswald was referring to H.L. Hunt or E.H. Hunt. I do beleive he was referring to the latter. http://mtracy9.tripod.com/kennedy_nixon.htm http://ajweberman.com/tape.htm Do you access to the tape of LHO hiding his face when the filming took place sometime in late 1962 or early part of 1963 in the South Florida Everglades, those who were present in that film were Marita Lorenz, Frank Sturgis and Frank Bender aka Gerry Doller.
  16. Here is an article that is along the same lines. December 17, 1991|By Tim Weiner | Tim Weiner,Knight-Ridder News Service WASHINGTON -- A file designated WCD-9944-X-1 lies under lock and key on the sixth floor of the National Archives. Inside the file, faded and frail with age, is the oldest classified document in the United States. Subject: troop movements in Europe. Date: April 15, 1917 -- nine days after the United States entered World War I. Classification: Confidential The document stays secret because the U.S. Army says releasing it would damage national security. Archives are opening and secret documents are being released in nations once locked behind the Iron Curtain. Lies are being erased and blank spaces are being filled in their official histories. Yet in Washington, millions of documents remain classified for no clear reason, according to historians, researchers and government officials. The secrecy that keeps the seal on file WCD-9944-X-1 "signifies the level of absurdity that the classification system has reached," said Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, who discovered the document's existence last month. No one knows how many classified documents there are in the United States. "A mountain . . . tens of millions or hundreds of millions or billions," says Steven Garfinkle, whose job as head of the U.S. Information Security Oversight Office is to track the government's secrecy system. No one knows how to go about reading, declassifying and releasing all those documents. "We've got to do something or that mountain's going to build up more," Mr. Garfinkle said. "What we going do? Wave a magic wand and declassify it? Burn it?" File WCD-9944-X-1 is one of "several documents that date back to the World War I era that remain classified," Mr. Garfinkle said. "Obviously it seems absurd on the surface." Michael Knapp, an archivist at the military reference branch of the National Archives, is one of the few people to have seen the document since 1917. He said he uncovered it in response to Mr. Aftergood's Freedom of Information Act request for "the oldest military document that we have that is still classified." Mr. Knapp said the document discusses "troop movements in Europe" during the first days of World War I. He said he could not discuss its title, its length or its language, since it is classified "Confidential." That secrecy classification remained in place after the Army last reviewed the document in December 1976. Under a 1981 presidential order tightening security strictures, a document may be classified "Confidential" if its disclosure would damage national security. The secrecy system isn't changing fast enough for historians who want access to 20Th-century documents before the century ends. Secrecy has caused huge deletions in the official compilation of foreign policy documents, "The Foreign Relations of the United States." The multi volume series, published since 1861, omits crucial chapters. Do this is B.S how can troupe moments from WW1 effect National Security today? Also why is chapters omitted from The Foreign Relations of the United States." The multi volume series, published since 1861 what are they hiding?
  17. I was wondering about the letter Oswald wrote to a Mr Hunt. Which Hunt do you think was writing to? E.Howard or H.L?
  18. He is a nut!! This guy thinks FEMA has a secret network of camps to hold people. 9/11 was an iside job.
  19. Oh boy if you believe that article that means that half of the people on this board are nuts. Then we must be sent to nearest Laughing Academy. Also if you add all the other people in America who believe in some sort of conspiracy there would more people in the Laughing Academy than what would be walking around the streets of America.
  20. When did he say that? He made no mention of it during his WC testimony Not according to his WC testimony, do you think he perjured himself? On that i have no idea if he did or did not. Just watching it “take off and land” would not let him know the plane’s maximum altitiude. Maybe Epstein in his notes says who told him that. So all we have is a vague paraphrasing of a single source, did Epstein identify the officer? He didn't even say explicitly that he followed to or from its maximum altitude. The radio calls wouldn't tell anyone much the pilots only used the radio when they were close to take off and landing. I was able to read part of the page on Google Books, Epstein made one statement that was both false and misleading: “…the U-2s, which used Atsugi as one of their two main bases, were providing no less than 90 percent of all hard information on Soviet military, ballistic and nuclear bomb activities.” The reality was that there were three units at the time and the Japanese was seems to have been the least active. Detachment A was based in West Germany and flew the lion share of Russian and East European over flights. Detachment B was originally based in Turkey then moved to Pakistan, they flew over the Middle East and after they relocated “flew deep into the Soviet Union nine times”. There only seems to have been one Russian over flight of Atsugi (Detachment C) the rest were over China and other East Asian countries. http://www.blackbirds.net/u2/u2overflights.html http://www.coldwar.org/articles/50s/early_u2.asp
  21. The Person who said that Oswald had an interest in the U2 Was Lt Donovan. He was also with Oswald at Atsugi Epstein talk with many former marines that was with Oswald in Far East one was named Joseph Macedo was on Oswald's radar. He said that Oswald was familiar with the U2 as the rest of the crew. The others saw the U2 take off and land. Here is the paragraph in Epstein's book. One marine inside the bubble seemed to go about his work with a good deal of silent efficiency. He was gaunt with sparkling eyes and a smile that was often taken for a contemptuous smirk. Like the others he heard the radio calls from Race Car and according to one officer showed an extraordinary in the path of the ghostly plane. That Marine was Lee Harvey Oswald As for John that was mistake in typeing
  22. Here is some books that talk about this WR pp 683-84 Operation Overflight pp 23, 68, 357, XIX WC,pp 658,662; Hunt Reasonable Doubt pp 195-196 Legend, Epstein p 53-56 Also look at the testimony of Lt John E.Donovan on what info Oswald had while at El Toro Ca WR Volume VIII He had the access to the location of all bases in the west coast area, all radio frequencies for all squadrons, all tactical call signs, and the relative strength of all squadrons, number and type of aircraft in a squadron, who was the commanding officer, the authentication code of entering and exiting the ADIZ, which stands for Air Defense Identification Zone. He knew the range of our radar. He knew the range of our radio. And he knew the range of the surrounding units' radio and radar. I think the Russians would have like to get their hands on that info john
  23. I was wondering why Playa Girón was picked to land an invasion force? It was a big swamp. Surely there was better landing spots to pick. landing there the force did not have a chance of fighting Castro and his men.
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