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  1. At least he didn't shoot Lester Holt as he demonstrated how he wrestled with Jack Ruby that day. Remember too that it was Leavelle who made Victoria Adams very uneasy when he appeared unannounced on her darkened doorstep one night in February 1964. She had recently moved to this apartment, which was in her roommate's name as was the telephone listing, and had not yet told anyone about her relocation, including friends, her boss, or the post office. When she asked Leavelle why she had to be interviewed again by the Dallas police, for she had already done so earlier, she said Leavelle told her
  2. I rarely respond in forums such as this, Mr. Morrow’s tone and denigrating style representing an obvious reason why. In this instance, however, I have been accused of “…dumping on people on the Grassy Knoll who are pretty much telling the truth.” This assessment by Mr. Morrow was made from his interpretation of my comments in a recent National Journal article titled, “The Last Stand of the JFK Truthers.” Ironically, a portion of that piece deals with unflattering attitudes within the JFK research community, a group the reporter accurately describes as “…a fractious, infighting family.” To
  3. Barry, Attached is a copy of the two-page Redlich memo you are looking for. I obtained it from the NARA.
  4. I ran across what I suppose is a rough draft of the February 17, 1964 Adams statement ostensibly taken, by the document I have by J.R. Leavelle. I do not have the resources to buy books as I once did, and if I did I would have to get a new computer, for the kindle version of Bloody Treason, which I believe is the best single book on the assassination to this day. At any rate, I am happy for Mr. Ernst and am glad he has shared his research with us. I copied this from the Microfiche Library documents on the JFK Assassination, it may be much ado about nothing. Spelling errors are included. S
  5. Jim, Victoria Adams never made a change to her testimony regarding the 15 to 30 second time period. It was always that estimate. The only changes she made to her testimony involved spelling and grammar, none of which appeared in the final version in the 26 volumes. Those changes were made in her fourth-floor office of the TSBD. Coupled with the fact Miss Adams did not see or hear anyone let alone Oswald, her sighting of Shelley and Lovelady on the first floor, two men who claimed they did not return to the TSBD until several minutes after the assassination, became a major factor
  6. Two points need to be made here: 1) First, a note of thanks to Joseph and Jim for taking their time to review "The Girl on the Stairs." It was, for the most part, an accurate reflection. I agree with Mike Hogan, however. It was taken from the e-book version, and it was presented more as a synopsis rather than a review. Perhaps, in the end, they felt it was a kinder way of doing it. 2) Second, a note of clarification. Reference was made in Mike's post to Jerry McKnight's "Breach of Trust" and that author's description of Victoria Adams. On page 113 of his book, Jerry states
  7. Thanks, Steve. Hope you enjoy getting to know Vicki better.
  8. Barry's book is now available in hard copy: https://www.createspace.com/3575964 Len Osanic recently interviewed Barry on BlackOp Radio: http://www.blackopradio.com/archives2011.html The interview is very interesting. Barry, if you read this I have a question. In your book you wrote about your interview with Sam Holland. One of the things he told you: "Then I wasn’t too pleased with the way Mark Lane handled my interview." Can you elaborate on this? Thanks for the promo, Mike! I went back and reviewed my notes of the interview with Holland. He was not specific on this point, other t
  9. "Hi Barry, welcome and thanks for joining the EF. I thought you made some very good points in your blog. Doing research for Harold Weisberg, Penn Jones Jr and David Lifton constitutes a pretty good pedigree. Are you planning to release a print version of The Girl On The Stairs? Kindle frightens me." Hi Michael, and thanks for your interest. The book is easy to download and can be done so even without a Kindle. There are several apps available for free, including one that will put it directly onto your PC. I have been trying to get it commercially published for years through a few literar
  10. "What Commission Document is the Stroud 6/2/64 letter in, Barry? I'll be able to find it with ease at Mary Ferrell's site if you can give me the CD number (or CE number, if it's part of a Commission Exhibit). Thanks." David, the referenced letter was neither a Commission Document nor a Commission Exhibit. It was therefore not a part of the public record. It is not in the Mary Ferrell database either, that I am aware of. A copy of it exists in the Harold Weisberg collection, which is actually a copy that I gave him shortly after discovering it in the National Archives. It was contained wit
  11. When I interviewed Sandra Styles in 2002, she said absolutely nothing of the kind to me. What she did say was, she couldn't be sure exactly how quickly she left the window and went down the stairs, but she recalled she did so "rather quickly," in her words, and "when Vicki did," again in her words. Why she would say otherwise now, especially when she said what she did then and added, "Vicki was the more observant one," is beyond me. Again, the Martha Joe Stroud letter can settle the matter.
  12. "Sandra Styles mentioned to me that this author [barry Ernest] had contacted her some years ago. She even knew the name of the book (which I hadn't heard of myself). Sandra claimed she told Ernest what she was now telling me: that she and Victoria Adams did *not* go to the rear stairs anything close to as quickly as Victoria had claimed. I find it a little worrying that there is no mention of Sandra's counter-version in any of the promotional material linked here." -- Sean Murphy; 1/27/11
  13. "Since Adams saw nobody and heard nobody, the very likely solution is that she was mistaken about her timing (which couldn't be a more common error with human beings), and she was on the stairs AFTER all three men (Oswald, Baker, and Truly) had already utilized the same stairs." Perhaps a reading of the book and, in particular, a look at the June 2, 1964, transmittal letter from Martha Joe Stroud to J. Lee Rankin may help clarify your point.
  14. Born and raised in Altoona, Pa., I received by BA degree in journalism and communications from Point Park College (now Point Park University) in Pittsburgh. I've written for newspapers in Pennsylvania and New York, and also did a stint with political public relations and speechwriting. I became interested in the JFK assassination back in 1967 when a friend mentioned inconsistencies he was finding in the Warren Report. I believed the government's version back then, but was intrigued by his comments. I've been researching it ever since, traveling to Dallas several times to interview witnesse
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