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  1. First TV piece on my book. If anyone wants to back an offer for $1,000,000, let me know. Your money is safe, I guarantee that. http://www.foxcharlo...-180451741.html
  2. They are in boxes. If I discover a scanning error, I can rescan the page.
  3. Well, they were on the site, now they're not. I didn't charge anything for them.
  4. Won't be uploaded again for the foreseeable future, BA.....sorry!!
  5. The number of people who are possessed of the facts are vastly dwarfed by the people who do not, and with the media ready and able to reinforce false perceptions, we realize we're definitely living in a Matrix.
  6. Bingo. The ability to stratify information is their great advantage.
  7. A simple O'Reilly/Bezos connection would do it.
  8. Good review. May is a real nutcase. Looks like they actually deleted his post; lucky you.
  9. This from -- believe it or not -- David Von Pein! Fantastic! "Even though I totally disagree with just about everything uttered by Mr. Barry Krusch regarding the JFK murder case, I think it's ridiculous and unfair that Amazon has chosen to remove his video review for O'Reilly's book from the Amazon.com website. Barry's video review obviously met all of Amazon's requirements for a video review, otherwise it wouldn't have been allowed to go live on the Amazon site in the first place. But now, many days later, it's suddenly pulled from the site. It's ridiculous. Everybody has a right to expres
  10. Doesn't look like it appeared yet (2:54pm EST). If you get lots of "unhelpful" reviews, you have half a prayer of keeping it up thereI
  11. With this Amazon policy in place, there won't be.
  12. Yes, I should do another video review, but this time leave out all the evidence that shows that what people see as a "theory" is actually a fact. That might actually do it. Sorry for the sarcasm, but I guess I won't be playing their game. You know, the funny thing is, I actually really toned that review down for precisely the reason you are discussing Mike, and just focused exclusively on the official evidence. But I'm afraid that the fix is in. It's helpful to know what we are dealing with here, and I'm afraid that the ones with the facts on their side are woefully outmanned and outgunned.
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