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  1. The article does not link to the file, which allegedly states that an informant said that someone on the FPCC told him that Oswald was a communist who infiltrated the FPCC. I blame myself for visiting The Mirror.
  2. Link: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32245030.pdf On December, 1963, The FBI went to Florida in search of Juan Francisco Blanco-Fernandez, head of military section of the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil. (DRE). The subject participated in a raid against Castro's Cuba in 1962 and joined the US Army later that year. Height: 5'9 Weight: 170 lbs Eyes: blue hair color: black docid-32245030.pdf
  3. In document ID #32142558, dated 12/13/1963, we learn that an NBC documentary on Lee Harvey Oswald would be "in consonance" with whatever the FBI report would conclude:
  4. A poll on the question had not been conducted in a long time, as far as I know. Now SurveyMonkey has released a new one. The poll is rich in responses by sub-groups (men, women, white, black, hispanic, etc.) See it in fivethirtyeight.com: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-one-thing-in-politics-most-americans-believe-in-jfk-conspiracies/
  5. I thought he did it because he felt very sad about Jackie, LOL. They won't make up their minds.
  6. Johnny Abes was half-German, half Dominican. His father was a German accountant and his mother was a Dominican woman. Was his father a Nazi?
  7. I doubt it, Andric, because in 1963, Charles Klihr was a volunteer for General Walker's Dallas organization, "Friends of Walker." He was about 30 at the time. That means that today he would be 81, if he's still alive. Now, the Charles Klihr that you cited is a Design Engineer at Nova Magnetics, Inc. in Dallas, that is. he's a working man, in his 50's, evidently, because of his grey hair. So, it's more likely that the Charles Klihr that you cited might be the son of the Charles Klihr who was a volunteer for the "Friends of Walker" in 1963. That's my estimate. Regards, --Paul Trejo He can't be in his 50s, since the page says he attended "North Texas State Teachers College 1949 – 1951".
  8. There is a Charles Klihr still alive. Is this him? https://www.linkedin.com/in/charles-klihr-1393ab65
  9. Do you know where the x is relative to Dealy Plaza landmarks? If so, we can compare to the frames.
  10. Well, Gene, you have plenty of suspicion, but very few facts to go on. The fact that Ruth's father was a leader for AID (Agency for International Development) means nothing at all, really. You don't like the politics of AID? That's your opinion. The fact that Ruth's sister was in the CIA is also incidental -- accidental and means nothing at all. Ruth remains a Quaker to this day. Ruth never changed her story one iota since 1963. Ruth has never dodged the Media or any interviewers, except those rabid zombies who simply scream in her face that she's a L-I-A-R without any evidence at all. Ruth did charity work by taking care of the PREGNANT Marina Oswald when Lee Oswald was out of work (which was frequent). To try to read something sinister in that shows that the JFK researcher is REACHING. Grasping at straws, really. I have no dog in this fight -- If somebody has something on Ruth Paine, I'd like to see it. But just tossing around the naked speculation, as Jim Garrison once did, that Ruth Paine *must have* been guilty of *something* is just silly, isn't it? Ruth Paine was kind enough to respond to Jim Garrison's subpoena of her, though she didn't have to, and in fact the Dallas City Hall advised her not to. Jim Garrison grilled her for hours, in his swaggering manner. He found nothing at all. He would have charged her if he had -- believe me. At the end, Jim Garrison just gave Ruth Paine his puppy-dog eyes and begged her to help him find some clues. But Ruth Paine had already done everything she could. If the US Government couldn't solve the JFK murder -- why expect her to? I repeat -- if Ruth Paine is withholding anything at all, it would be about her former husband, Michael Paine, and his possible role or knowledge about LHO's shooting at General Walker. Yet since this was the 1960's, the odds are very high that Michael Paine told Ruth Paine absolutely nothing about his possible role or knowledge about LHO's shooting at General Walker. Given that, Ruth surely can't tell what she doesn't know. Also, Ruth's character clearly isn't given to spreading rumors without facts. She's an upstanding Christian in that way. Regards, --Paul Trejo New York Times (December 16, 2014): "As a cold war policy tool, the agency was, at times, used as a front for C.I.A. operations and operatives. Among the most infamous examples was the Office of Public Safety, a U.S.A.I.D. police training program in the Southern Cone that also trained torturers." http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2014/04/15/when-is-foreign-aid-meddling/secret-programs-hurt-foreign-aid-efforts
  11. Is that the same Morrow who wished death upon Hillary and Bill Clinton? Or is that a different Morrow? https://m.facebook.com/Robert.Morrow.888/posts/462797333767984
  12. David Corn, the journalist who exposed Bill O'reilly's dubious claims regarding a war in Argentina, is linking to an article by fact-checking website MediaMatters, citing the impossible claim that O'reilly heard the gunshot that killed George DeMohrenschildt. The story was broken by researcher Jefferson Morley in 2013: Sources: https://twitter.com/DavidCornDC/status/570350908229296129 http://mediamatters.org/blog/2015/02/24/oreilly-lied-about-suicide-of-jfk-assassination/202655 http://jfkfacts.org/assassination/news/reporters-tape-exposes-bill-oreillys-jfk-fib/#comments *I meant to type "The O'reilly/DeMohrenschildt story has legs."
  13. Pat, do you believe those who testified in the Garrison trial to have seen Oswald with Ferrie and Clay Shaw trying to discredit CORE? There were 5 witness from that small Louissiana town who made the claim, often cited by Jim DiEugenio. That said, Kurtz's claims need to be evaluated separately and even if Oswald did meet with Ferry, Kurtz's work does appear to be unprofessional and weakly sourced..
  14. One of your most frequent arguments is that witnesses didn't "comprehend" that JFK had been wounded prior to z-313. I don't see how this is relevant. The wound at z-313 was easy to comprehend because JFK's head was torn to pieces. This was not the case with the non-fatal wounds to JFK and Connally. Besides, You and I both believe there were shots after the head shots, yet we do not "comprehend" that these shots resulted in injuries. So I don't really understand how injury-comprehension is relevant. It is the sound of shots that we're discussing, not injury recognition. As regards your frustration that I don't answer questions about Moorman and Hill, please remember that you refused to address testimony of a gazillion witnesses I quoted earlier. on the grounds that you have little time for it. You have also not responded to the evidence against your theory that witnesses tend to try to sound "normal" after a few months. You did not respond to my question about Clint Hill. My questions you haven't answered are far more than your questions that I haven't answered. I don't really believe your promise not to post anything unless I answer questions about your couple of witnesses. May I ask yet another question? Why did Jack Franzen said that he heard an explosion that he thought was a firecracker and THEN after the other shots he saw blood in JFK's head? www.history-matters.com/analysis/witness/Index.htm Why did his wife noticed the same pattern? http://www.patspeer.com/chapter7%3Amorepiecesofthepuzzle The Frazens were not in the "upper-end" of Dealy Plaza, which you believe to be the only place this "firecracker" was heard.
  15. The big problem with your argument is that we are asked to believe Zapruder, his secretary, and the many, many others were 1) incapable of hearing 6 shots/echoes, but also that they 2) were wrong about hearing shots before z-313. By your division-by-two methodology, then we would have to assume that all these witnesses heard 1 or 2 shots (two shots divided by 2 or three shots divided by 2). Your last post also did not address why Hill and Moorman did not try to be "normal". You theorized that people tend to behave that way. Finally, you falsely stated that Clint Hill said the first shot he heard occurred at z-313. In his WC testimony Hill said "the second noise that I heard had removed a portion of the President's head." And lets not forget that your theory that people try to go "normal" a few months after the fact has been disproved. Hill and Moorman always continued to stick with their not-normal testimony. Therefore you would be on shaky grounds to tell us that Clint Hill simply tried to match what most other witnesses were saying. And one more question about Hill: Do you admit that your shots-divided-by-two theory posits that Hill only heard one shot? (2 divided by 1).? How do you explain that? At one point you said that only people "at the upper end of Elm St." (Willis and his family, for instance) heard a pre-313 "firecracker". But Zapruder was not at the "upper end of Elm St.", yet he heard a shot before z-313.
  16. The movement in Zapruder's camera was so large around frame 190 that it was even greater than that of z-313. When we couple this fact with JFK's clutching of the throat before the fatal shot, it is no surprise that all those witnesses heard a shot before z-313. Please explain: I would also like to add that your theory that people tend to try to sound "normal" after a while is on shaky grounds. During her Warren Comission testimony Jean Hill claimed to have heard up to 6 shots AFTER the head shot. There's nothing "normal" about that, compared to the typical 3-shot or 2-shot testimony of others: https://www.maryferrell.org/wiki/images/8/8d/Photo_hsca_ex_176.jpg Mary Moorman also stuck with her not-normal testimony even 50 years after the assassination: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread713461/pg1
  17. changing testimony cannot explain why on Nov. 22, 1963, the same day of the assassination, many witnesses said they heard the first shot prior to z-313. On Nov. 22 there was still no bandwagon to jump into. James Chaney (motorcycle officer): "and when the second shot struck him in the face then we knew someone was shooting at the President." Bobby Hargis (motorcycle officer): "About halfway down between Houston and the underpass I heard the first shot. It sounded like a real loud firecracker. When I heard the sound, the first thing I thought about was a gunshot. I looked around and about then Governor Connally turned around and looked at the President with a real surprised look on his face…The President bent over to hear what the Governor had to say. Douglas Jackson (motorcycle officer): "About that time I heard what I thought was a car back fire and I looked around and then to the President’s car in time for the next explosion and saw Mr. Connally jerk back to his right and it seemed that he look right at me. I could see a shocked expression on his face and I thought 'Someone is shooting at them.' I began stopping my motor and looking straight ahead first at the Railroad overpass and saw only one Policeman standing on the track directly over the street. I looked then back to my right and behind me then looked back toward Mr. Kennedy and saw him hit in the head" Sam Kinney (Secret Service): " At this time, the second shot was fired and I observed hair flying from the right side of his head" James Underwood (reporter): "“As we made the turn here at the intersection of Elm and Houston I heard first a loud report. It sounded to me like a giant firecracker. Then in quick succession two more." Glenn Bennett (SS Agent): "A second shoot followed immediately and hit the right rear high of the boss's head." George Hickey ("SS Agent): "As 100-X made the turn and proceeded a short distance, I heard what seemed to me that a firecracker exploded to the right and rear. I stood partially up and turned to the rear to see if I could observe anything. Nothing was observed and I turned around and looked at the President’s car. The President was slumped to the left in the car. I heard what appeared to be two shots and it seemed as if the right side of his head was hit and his hair flew forward." Malcolm Couch (camera“Just as the President’s car turned the corner, I heard a loud shot that sounded like at first a backfire. And then I heard another one. And then finally a third shot." S. M. Holland: "the President’s car was coming down Elm Street and when they got just about to the Arcade I heard what I thought for the moment was a fire cracker and he slumped over" James Altgens: ""There was a burst of noise - the second one I heard - and pieces of flesh appeared to fly from President Kennedy's car." Abraham Zapruder: "11-22-63 interview on WFAA, at approximately 2:10 PM) “as I was shooting, as the President was coming down from Houston Street making his turn, it was about a half-way down there, I heard a shot, and he slumped to the side, like this. Then I heard another shot or two, I couldn't say it was one or two, and I saw his head practically open up, all blood and everything, and I kept on shooting." William Newman: "But the President’s car was some fifty feet in front of us still yet in front of us coming toward us when we heard the first shot and the President. I don't know who was hit first but the President jumped up in his seat, and I thought it scared him, I thought it was a firecracker, cause he looked, you know, fear. And then as the car got directly in front of us well a gunshot apparently from behind us hit the President in the side of the temple.” Frances Gayle Newman: "(11-22-63 second interview on WFAA, at approximately 1:17 PM) “We were standing next to the curb so the children could see the President. And the car was just up apiece from us and this shot fired out, and I thought it was a firecracker, and the President kind of raised up in his seat. And I thought, you know, he was kind of going along with a gag or something. And then all of a sudden the next one popped, and Governor Connally grabbed his stomach and kind of laid over to the side. And then another one—it was just awful fast. And President Kennedy reached up (with both hands she reaches for her right temple) and grabbed--it looked like he grabbed--his ear and blood just started gushing out." Charles Brehm: "The first time he slumped and the second one really blasted him." John Chism: "And just as he got just about in front of me, he turned and waved to the crowd on this side of the street, the right side; at this point I heard what sounded like one shot" Marvin Faye Chism: "The President was standing and waving and smiling at the people when the shot happened."
  18. In these paragraphs from Hudson's testimony to the WC, the head shot is the second shot he heard, not the first: "He was on the left side and I was on the right and so the first shot rung out and, of course, I didn't realize it was a shot, what was taking place right at that present time, and when the second one rung out, the motorcade had done got further on down Elm, and you see, I was trying to get a good look at President Kennedy. I happened to be looking right at him when that bullet hit him - the second shot. Mr. LIEBELER - That was when the bullet hit him in the head; is that correct? Mr. HUDSON - Yes; it looked like it ht him somewhere along about a little bit behind the ear and a little bit above the ear. http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/hudson.htm
  19. The books and essays that I've read by conspiracy theorists do not mention John McCone or Maxwell Taylor as suspects in having participated in the JFK assassination. Can we all conclude then that they are not suspects? After all, RFK named his son after Taylor. But wasn't Taylor a hawk anyway? Wasn't he all for bombing Cuba during the Missile Crisis as reflected in the transcripts of the Chiefs' conversations? Didn't Taylor ignore JFK's peaceful approach to Vietnam? The absolution of McCone and Taylor would be impressive as they were chief of the CIA and chief of the Joint Chiefs, respectively.
  20. My theory is that Veciana didn't rat on Phillips because he (Veciana) came to admire JFK. I read Fonzi's book a long time ago and my memory is fuzzy, but I believe reading that during the 70's Veciana wanted to keep raiding Cuba in the hope of topping Castro, but Phillips wanted none of this and refused to help Veciana. Phillips allegedly framed Veciana who then went to jail for a year or two based on a phony drug smuggling allegation. If anyone here has Fonzi's book please confirm.
  21. McAdams complained about a professor's position that his students are not allowed to express opposition to gay marriage. So Marquette suspended him. Although Marquette as a private institution is not bound by the First Amendment, I don't think what McAdams said was that big of a deal.
  22. I had not been in the forum for a long time so I googled "pat speers education forum" for recent content. Your post was one of the returned items, and had a date of Nov. 13. I just forgot to check the year. Hey, I was only 10 years off! LOL. I was even ready to purchase your "upcoming" book.
  23. Some of Speer's most solid work is IMO the systematic analysis based on witness testimony apparently proving a shot at or near frame 190 of the Zapruder film. To my knowledge, no researcher has even attempted to debunk his 190-frame analysis. Speer's work is a careful balance between science and intuition. He is a non-conformist and revolutionary who doesn't go with the flow. His work is much more persuasive to me than that of Fetzer, Lifton and others. I think the future of CT research should revolve around Speer's theories. There is one little thing however that I have doubts about, Mr. Speer. Do I remember correctly that you once implied that Connally may have known JFK was going to be killed? What makes me reluctant to believe this possibility is the fact that Connally was in the line of fire. Why would he agree to sit in such a risky spot in the limo? Besides, Connally is one of the best 190-frame witnesses. Why would he testify that a shot happened in this location? As far as I know, pretending that a shot occurred at this time was not part of the cover-up. Finally, I'd like to add that one of your most significant conclusions (although you don't seem to be 100% sure) is that Oswald shot Tippit. I believe I read that in your site. I believe you based that conclusion on analysis of gun powder residue on Oswald's right hand. I read it a couple of years ago so excuse me if I misremember. If I'm right, I think you should include the Tippit bit in your list of conclusions.
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