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  1. Don't want to bate you, Joe, you'll just have to master it.
  2. Joe is the skull bone found on the street came from the front side of JFK's head then surely the Parkland doctors would have noticed?
  3. A photo showing converging shadows on poles about 6' part
  4. " Anyone have a program that will allow you to rotate less than one degree?" Chris, GIMP will allow you to alter angles by tenths of an angle. i.e. .10 degrees.
  5. Once again shadows seem to confuse you. The three people on the left and top are all vertical. Therefore their shadows will converge in the direction of the sun. (already proven several years ago) So the shadow of the guy at the top is shallower in angle than the two guys lower down on the right. The angle of the shadow of the lower man on the left is greater than the shadow of the man just above him whose shadow angle is again greater than that of the guy who's legs we can just see at the top of the photo, proving my point. Ignore the shadow of Jackie and the guy falling over on the right. They are not necessarily vertical. p.s. it is impossible to compare photo shadows of different scenes, You would need an overall composition showing all three scenes for comparison. I omitted comments inside the quote as they do not concern the shadows.
  6. Nice summary, Greg. And whom was Crafard living with at the time, step forward Jack Ruby. Could it have been Ruby telling Craford where to go in Dallas to make people think it was Oswald all the time. Makes you wonder if it was Ruby who was settting Oswald up all the time.Does anybody know what kind of car and what color, Ruby owned at the time of Tippit's death?
  7. Think you mean the Magnetic Pole, Joe, which is moving westwards toward Russia. Rather than the Actual North Pole is is fixed at 90 ˚ North and 0˚E/W
  8. Funny story, Ron. Just as a matter of interest, the North Pole is only at the top of the globe on Midsummer's day, surely?
  9. Steve, the bullet removed from RFK's brain, did not match the bullets (!) from Sirhan's gun. Ever wonder why?
  10. Thanks, Larry. A very good insight of what was happening before and after the assassination. One little item sticks out from the rest. Why did Martello tell his son to take a sickie from school the very day JFK was assassinated? A very unusual thing for a dad to say.
  11. Agreed Chris. Lisa's book is a very good read. Seems Noguchi got it right.
  12. Best of Luck, Pat. The treatment takes a terrible toll, but will be worth it in the end. Hope all goes well for you.
  13. Just in passing, I remember reading some years ago that Weitzman's daughter said that he believed for the remainder of his life that it was a Mauser not a Mannlicher that was found. Sorry can't remember where I read it, but it is on line somewhere.
  14. Funny that the C.I.A. is in the word conspiracy. ConspIrAcy Just co-incidence, Tracy?
  15. Sorry, Doug, not available to us on this side of the pond.
  16. Simple. She appears to be wearing high heels in the crop from the Allen photo above. She mentions it in the film I cant remember the name of so that's a weakness Sorry to disagree with you, John, but you are mistaken, Mary is wearing "flatties" not high heels, in the Allen photo. What makes you think that she is wearing high heels?
  17. Ron, it looks like the left shoe of somebody, and it can't be the guy who is above Jackie. He would have to be a contortionist. (Unless the shoe was "painted " in)
  18. Eddy, the Z film shows the limo already several yards past where the limos was supposed to have hit the kerb. (Frame 134)Maybe one of the reasons for the alterations the film itself.
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