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  1. Well checking the end note in the Wiki article that quote is cited to Shane O'sullivan's book... which I don't have myself. I would have to believe that he cited a secondary source though because as far as I know only Fonzi, Dorff and myself would have talked to Ruben who I would believe would be the only viable source of a quote like that. And the quote does appear to come from Reuben. I did talk to Fonzi and Dorff at length about Morales over the years but we never really discussed RFK, nor did I discuss RFK with Reuben. So I can't say Morales didn't say it....but if that last
  2. If you dig into Morley and Talbots work they did identify both real world individuals and confirmed their presence at the Ambassador. I'm not going to recall any more from memory but I think that was part of what convinced them.
  3. I'm familiar with some of that material on Morales...like the special credit cards...I heard that from his friend Reuben. Just don't know about that remark on being in LA.....although I have to say he did have family in the area and did occasionally visit them, I do know that. On his death, certainly Reuben thought it was suspicious - and also knew that Morales was concerned about his and his familie's security - over threats from people he had worked with during his career. As to the photo imaging, it might be interesting for you to contact Morley and see if they did any image enhance
  4. As far as I know Morales was deceased by the time this came up, I don't recall his family stating anything about his admitting anything about RFK and I was close to a researcher who was close to them and have some of that correspondence relating to his wife - which has nothing of the sort. Certainly his family was aware he had done things he did not talk about - his wife had been with him on Latin American assignments and in SE Asia. Up to the point of this RFK claim she had been open to some dialog. Personally I had much more communication with his friend Reuben and that was all about JFK.
  5. He was assigned overseas at the time, at that time he would have been Chief of Base at Pakse...with his family...he came out of Laos to Vietnam circa 69/70 and out of Vietnam in 1971.
  6. I think this is probably a good example of why I should stop responding to these sorts of posts...of course I did talk with Jeff about their research and did a variety of other work on the subject as well as have lengthy talks with Shane about the information Talbot and Morley turned up. As Jim says, Talbot himself determined that the identifications were wrong and had been convinced in the beginning. As far as Shane is concerned he did admit to me in exchanges that he had decided he was wrong as well but he didn't ever really issue a retraction of any sort that I'm aware of so its still in
  7. Some things just never go away.... this was researched and debunked years ago... https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/Essay_-_The_BBCs_Flawed_RFK_Story.html
  8. So far I've seen nothing but the document I posted which would even suggest a contact between Ruth and Oswald's family - and it says nothing specific (or verified) about Ruth Pain contacting Oswald's family....t
  9. Calvin, the document I provided certainly does not support Ruth requesting information about Oswald's family and at this point I think I've said all I have to say about this.....appears to me to be just one more diversion that keeps people going in circles.
  10. I highly recommend Eric Tagg's self published book on Walthers, very hard to get these days....I got a copy long ago and talked with Tagg and then with Walther's long time partner and friend who was a bit guarded but with only good things to say about Walther's credibility. https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=30358529064&cm_mmc=ggl-_-COM_Shopp_Rare-_-naa-_-naa&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3vudotCo7gIVl-bjBx2higF0EAQYASABEgID3vD_BwE https://www.amazon.com/Brush-history-personal-journey-into/dp/B0006RU1OW
  11. Ron if you read section Five again I think you will find all of that mentioned and Ruby role described as actually a working asset in Dallas - then evolving to being ordered to first monitor and then kill Oswald, giving him no choice and threatening him with his family. Pretty sure I cover all that in considerable detail - connecting him to Roselli, and linking them all the way back to Jack's trips to Havana (financed out of Vegas) and ultimately to Roselli himself.
  12. Nothing more than you mentioned...simply that there was something in the Navy files about Ruth Paine trying to contact Oswald long before he showed up in Dallas. Its actually quite a good match to what shows up in this document although looking at the document suggests all sorts of problems with the claim...
  13. I don't think so and I'm surprised there have been so few comments on what has been rumored for so long...this would seem to resolve years of rumor and speculation. I assume folks are reading the link but its hard to tell that anyone but John has paid any attention to it?
  14. Certainly that could not have been the plan, that's why Martino said the full plan aborted with Oswald's being taken into custody alive. They could not know what he would say, and they had very little in the way of resource on the ground - Ruby was it, which his why his involvement had to totally change, he became physically ill, and took off on a completely different tangent...first reporting on Oswald, trying to capture any rumors he could get about what Oswald was saying and ultimately had to do everything he could to silence him. I really tried to get that across in Tipping Point
  15. I talked at some length with him and as I recall he described running up the steps to the west of the pergola in the encounter...
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