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  1. Thank you William Kelly. Our project is moving along smoothly. We have several questions that Mr. Russell can help us with hopefully concerning George De Mohrenschildt.
  2. Can any member of the Forum help me to contact Dick Russell ?? I know your not to post e-mail addresses here.Possible through a private message or something.Any help would be greatly appriciated .Thank you Tommy Wilkens
  3. In Willem Oltmans personal notes he tells that George de Mohrenschildt had told him several times that he was very surprised that President Kennedy wasnt killed before November of 1963.He goes on to tell Oltmans that he expected him to have been killed much earlier than he was .
  4. In Willem Oltmans personal hand written notes he tells in detail of his private one on one meeting with Jim Garrison.Garrison tells Oltmans there investigation has shown that the Plot to assassinate President Kennedy was hatched and planned out in Feb. of 1963 the very same month and year that George de Mohrenschildt disappears to Haiti .
  5. Hello Jim... I thank you for reading my post and I admire you and always take special notice to anything you post here and all you have done to finally set the record straight on the assassination of President Kennedy.. Jim all I can say is after a very long study of Willem Oltmans personal hand written notes and following the tone of his day by day hour by hour notes I must say he was a legitement investigative journalist.He wanted to crack this case and he came about as close as anyone to doing it .His friendship with de Mohrenschildt went much deeper than just the assassination.Oltmans was a house guest at least twice a year for over 10 years in the de Mohrenschildt apt.Let me just say the two were very close if you can read between the lines.And that is made clear in the notes.And its one of the reasons de Mohrenschildt trusted Oltmans so much.
  6. In the Willem Oltman archives in Den Haag the Netherlands Willem Oltmans tells of a private one on one meeting he had with Robert Kennedy and says that Kennedy asks him to please not go to see George and Jeanne de Mohrenschildts. He tells Oltmans that the de Mohrenschildts are very very dangerous people and he should have nothing to do with the two !!!! He does go and not only goes but forms a very close friendship with both George and Jeanne and the rest is history.
  7. Let me guess there is substatiation of Oltmans' claims? The story soesn't even make sense. why move his car around? Hello Len ,,, I have no ideal why they would move his car around other than to screw with his head as they accomplished . I do know I personally read the hand written notes that Oltmans wrote down the night that it occurred .In his personal notes Oltmans tells just what happened his notes were very indepth and recorded by the hour .After 12 days of intense study of his personal notes I found Mr. Oltmans to have been a very honest and straight forward investigator.He tells in his notes he knew he was on the right track with de Mohrenschildt and he worked him slowly over a period of 10 years and finally de Mohrenschildt trusts him enough where he begins to tell the real story of his involvement.In his notes Oltmans says de Mohrenschildt wanted immunitee if he told all and revealed names.de Mohrenschildt tells Oltmans he is scared he will go to prison .
  8. Why is it suspicious that he wasn’t wearing his shoes? Hello Len The tapes of de Mohrenschildts death have sounds of foot steps leading up to the shot gun blast. Have never heard a foot step in socks .This spring I will be going to the Palm Beach court system and asking to hear the tape and to see the official report.
  9. At George de Mohrenschildts coroner inquest in Palm Beach Florida it reveals some strange things.In the notes the very first thing mentioned is that de Mohrenschildt was found sitting in a high backed chair in his stocking feet ,,,no shoes only socks.Then we hear about the ghostly foot step sounds heard on the Nancy Tilton taping of the daily soap opera. Socks foot steps !!!!
  10. After over 150 hours of researching the Willem Oltmans Archives we have found so so much interesting material.One small one I will pass on was a personal letter written from de Mohrenschildt to Oltmans were he says to Oltmans have you heard the latest one ? Lee Oswald rises from the grave on Nov. 25 looks around the USA and says ¨God Dammit I killed the wrong President !!!!!
  11. Thanks. Hello Pamela Way to go dear sounds very interesting .Good luck and I look forward to your posting what you find .Have a question for you on the SSX 100 . Have seen a picture once that showed what appeared to be a snap on dark colored vinyl top that covered the plexy glass top ? Always wondered was that what that was .
  12. Greg I don't understand how anything new I post would ever be seen other than under one title .I dont see anyone else on the Forum posting under only one thread .
  13. Willem Oltmans tells in his personal notes of many meetings he had with psychic detective Gerard Croiset from Enschede the Netherlands. Croiset was a highly respected clairvoyant with extraordinary powers who had assited law inforcement agencies in Holland and all over Europe and the United States. Oltmans tells of Croisets visions of the John F Kennedy assassination and how he pinpointed the location were the assassination plot was hatched. On November 9. 1976 Croiset meets with Oltmans and Carl Enkelaar of NOS Television and in a private session tells that the assassination of President Kennedy was plotted on a ranch 46 miles from Dealey Plaza. There on the ranch were a small group of what appeared to be Cubans and a large man with a large texas style hat. Croiset tells how there were three groups that fired on President Kennedy and by car they retreated back to the ranch once the killing was completed .
  14. Mr. Lane Just wanted to tell you how much those of us who care about the truth and justice in President John Kennedy's assassination admire your work and thank you for leading the way and giving us all hope that just maybe one day the real truth will finally be allowed .It is a true honor to be in the same Forum with you . Thank you Tommy Wilkens
  15. Very interesting De M knew a lot. He was a dangerous person as a result. A family member moved my car at the library once. That is very disconcerting. Hello Pamela Thank you dear for your kind comments.The stuff I have found in the Netherlands shows de Mohrenschildt was a key person involved in the plot to assassinate President Kennedy .Thanks for reading
  16. Thank you for posting this, I had never seen this info. So many killed to cover up what E Howard called "the big event". Dawn Hello Dawn Thank you for your comment. The things I am seeing in the Oltmans archives is just the most interesting material.One of the things that struck me was that all this Kennedy assassination material was stashed away all the way over there in the Netherlands .These archives are under tight lock and key and it does seem they know what they have in those 29 feet of files .We will be returning in the second week of Dec. and taking up were we left off in our last second time visit.Thanks for reading !!!
  17. Hello Bill I will certainly try that if it helps the Forum readers and memebers .Thanks for reading
  18. Hello Bill I will do that but what worried me was will my posts fade away to lower pages were most people wont go that far down into pages 5 or 6 or 7 most people wont go that deep .And will I be able to change my titles for the different things I bring to the forum ? But what ever you feel comfortable with I will try that .I am just glad to be a memeber and contribute . Bill makes a good point. If you put the material in one thread I will give it a link from my page on DeMohrenschildt.
  19. In the months leading up to George de Mohrenschildt leaving the United States for Holland to tell of his involvment in the Kennedy assassination to NOS Television with Dutch journalist Willem Oltmans, he openly tells Oltmans of his fear for his life. In Oltmans personal notes he says de Mohrenschildt tells of strange occurrencies in Dallas that caused de Mohrenschildt to fear for his life. On several occasions de Mohrenschildts Ford Pinto was parked in the faculty parking lot at Bishop College in Dallas and when he would return to leave for his apartement, the car would be gone. de Mohrenshildt says he would look around the campus and there he would find his car moved to another parking spot. This happened maybe 10 times, de Mohrenshildt tells Oltmans. Oltmans says in his personal notes that he tells George that possible he is mistaken and forgets where he parked his car, until one Friday evening Oltmans tells that he had gone with de Mohrenschildt in the Ford Pinto to the Bishop College Libray where it was very private and de Mohrenschildt felt comfortable talking in a private area of the library concerning the Kennedy assassination. As the evening grew to an end Oltmans says the two men leave and exit the library only to find de Mohrenschildts car gone. As they look around the campus parking areas sure enough they find the Ford Pinto parked in another location from where they had parked the car upon entering the library. This time Oltmans says they find laying in the front seat of the car, a note that says " We know where you are at and we know how to find and get you" Oltmans says the note was not there when the two men left the car to enter the library. This came from the Willem Oltmans archives in Den Haag the Netherlands ..
  20. Good work. de Mohrenschildt is central to everything having to do with Lee Oswald, imo. This seems to be an unpopular area of research, however, so be prepared for doors to be slammed when you least expect it. Thank you Pamela ... Yes I am aware that a good number of people like to think George de Mohrenschildt played no role in the plot to assassinate President Kennedy. But after years and years of researching de Mohrenschildts ties to the CIA, to the KGB and French intelligence and now after personal hands on research of the Willem Oltmans archives and his close personal friendship with de Mohrenschildt, I have found that there is no dought that he was involved in the plot to assassinate President Kennedy. Let me just add that in this case I have found that a lot of people who mean good and well, are but armchair researchers and have not gone and seen the material first hand and done the hands on foot work that is really needed when one does a true indepth investigation of an individual. Thank you again Pamela I have much more to add to the forum on our last research of the Oltmans archives dealing with George de Mohrenchildt .
  21. Very interesting, Tommy! Keep up the good work. --Tommy Thank you Tommy. It's a real honor to be a part of this Forum and I hope I can contribute .
  22. In Dutch invetigative journalist Willem Oltmans personal notes he speeks of several private, one on one meetings, with General Dimiter Dimitrov, the former Bulgarian. The meeting takes place May 31, 1977 in Amsterdam at the Marriot Hotel room #437. Oltmans tells in his notes that Dimitrov confirms that George de Mohrenschildt was one of the key persons involved in the assassination plot to kill President Kennedy. He also tells in his personal handwritten notes that Dimitrov had a private, one on one meeting, with then President Gerald Ford and tells Ford who set the assassination plot into motion. He then mentions in his notes that Ford tells Dimitrov to hold all his information under his cap and to tell no one else!! Oltmans also tells in his notes that Dimitrov also knew Preident Kennedy and Robert Kennedy personally. Even at this late date with every Kennedy assassination researcher knowing of the Bulgerians story and everybody and their brother has discrdited him as far out and dreaming up a wild tale to tell, one must ask, how does this person got a private, one on one meeting, in the Oval office with the President of the United States if he is so way out and such a crackpot?? Leads one to believe he had some kind of credibility to have been given a private meeting with the President.
  23. Just returned from Den Haag, the Netherlands, and a study of the Willem Oltmans Archives located in the Dutch Royal Library, which are loaded with personal notes from the investigative journalist concerning the JFK assassination. One set of notes reveals that Russian First Secretary Kuznetzov who met with Oltmans and George de Mohrenschildt in Brussels Belgium, right before de Mohrenschildt dissapears and fleas europe - was the former head of the KGB in the Netherlands. The notes also reveal that de Mohrenschildt and Kuznetzov knew each other personally .Seeing and reading the hand written notes lead me to feel George de Mohrenschildt had ties to the Russian KGB .
  24. Thank you William for your reply. Yes I have read de Mohrenschildts manuscript many times. I think speculating and thinking and being open-minded of different scenario's is helpful when you have a case such as this one. If none of us ever speculate of what could have been the truth we would all just believe the Warren Report. I know we all want hard concrete evidence but after 30 plus years of researching this case is a maze of dead end leads and red herrings and shady characters. But those of us who care about the real truth and justice dig on. My speculation that de Mohreschildt possible had asked for protection from that Soviet First Secretary Kuznetzov came from my seeing first handwritten notes of Willem Oltmans. He was there, he saw it all transpire and once it was over he made very complete notes which he was well known for. In those notes it leads one to believe something happened in that meeting between de Mohrenschildt and Kuznetzov. So one is left to speculate what really happened that day in Brussels Belgium.
  25. After researching Willem Oltmans archives and reading the personal notes of Willem Oltmans I kind of wonder if, the by chance meeting, as we have all been told, could have really been a planned meeting between Oltmans and de Mohrenschildt and First Secretary Vladimir Kuznetzov. NOS Dutch television for whom Oltmans worked was ready to drop a bomb shell of the real story behind the J.F.K assassination supplied by George de Mohrenschildt. Could it have been that de Mohrenschildt went to the Soviet Secretary Kuznetzov asking for protection and to be taken and spirited away into the Soviet Union ?? I have seen myself the handwritten letters from George de Mohrenschildt to Willem Oltmans that he fears if he stayed in the United States he would be arrested and jailed and charged with conspiracy to assassinate Predident Kennedy. And once the Soviet Secretary rejected the plea for help, de Mohrenschildt began to panic and thats why he fled Brussels so quickly, he even left his underwear behind. And then as the pressures began to mount and it appeared to de Mohrenschildt that the whole thing was breaking apart and the end was near, he ends his own life or so the story goes.
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