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  1. Vince, I just finished reading your book, Survivor's Guilt (2013). I should have read it long ago. Here are just a few of my remarks: Chapter 2: A "Hot" City Goes "Cold"; No Threats. Here is the main crux of the matter, to me. The Secret Service PRS (Protective Research Section) provided three separate reports, as you said in your opening sentence. Never was any threat reported for Dallas -- where UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson had been struck on a Dallas street, and spat upon on October 24, 1963. As Chris Cravens wrote (1993), that WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK handbill circu
  2. Bill, Jason Ward and I have a web site in which we have been developing the WC testimony of Dallas Police, Deputies, and the Dallas FBI and Dallas Secret Service. Here it is: https://www.ciadidnotkilljfk.com/ Forrest Sorrels is, in my current reading, the dirtiest of office holders in Dallas, vis-a-vis the JFK Assassination. The White House Secret Service relied almost entirely on the local Dallas Secret Service agent, Forrest Sorrels, for their perception of Dallas -- and IMHO he deliberately deceived them in coordination with FBI agent James Hosty, Robert Alan Surrey a
  3. Joe, By the numbers again -- (1) The person who actually struck Adlai Stevenson on the head with her poster was a well dressed older woman. When Adlai asked her why she did it, her reply was, "Well, everybody else here knows why -- why don't you know?" The key in my opinion is that Dallas was itself a bastion of the Radical Right. Oil billionaire H.L. Hunt was a heavy financier of the John Birch Society. Another Dallas socialite on Radical Right was the academic giant, Robert Morris, president of the University of Dallas (who was a former attorney supporting Joe McCar
  4. Joe, by the numbers again: 1. Thanks for raising Dallas Deputy Roger Craig in this context. Despite problems, I accept most of his testimony. Yes, Sheriff Decker was involved up to his neck. He expected total obedience from his men, and he got it. After all, he was the man who got Bonnie and Clyde. He was a legend in Dallas. Nobody was going to cross him -- except Roger Craig. In my humble opinion, Craig was killed by the same Dallas plotters who killed JFK. 2. In my opinion, Decker and Hosty were among the super right-wing residents of Dallas. They were very close to Dalla
  5. Joe, By the numbers: 1. I interpret James Hosty having lunch during the JFK motorcade as a sign of his contempt for JFK. He claimed he loved JFK (Assignment Oswald, 1996) but he had to say something to his son, who helped him write his book. His son probably didn't want to hear how much Hosty liked General Walker and Robert Alan Surrey. In my reading, James Hosty "turned" in order to follow them. They belonged to high Dallas society along with H.L. Hunt and Robert Morris. All these people despised JFK. 2. Hosty repeatedly insisted (Assignment Oswald, 1996) that he had no r
  6. Vincent, Extremely interesting material. I should have obtained your first book long ago. I fixed that tonight with an amazon order. I'm impressed by your citation of White House Secret Service (SS) Inspector Thomas Kelley, which came to us through the FBI, five days after the JFK Assassination, at 10:30 AM. Some woman, who refused to give her name, said she had attended several Dallas speeches by Forrest Sorrels. She said that Sorrels showed no inclination to protect JFK. She said Sorrels was plainly "against the Kennedy administration." Evidently she was a Democrat, because
  7. Hi David, Thanks for your interesting information about Dallas Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels. I clicked on the link you provided, and I read the parts you cited, and a bit earlier and later. GREAT DOCUMENT. Here's some of my feedback: 1. Sorrels' refusal to talk with the HSCA is valuable information, IMHO. 2. I'm not interested in Jack Ruby. IMHO Ruby was an afterthought for the JFK plotters, because Oswald was supposed to be killed in Oak Cliff -- not J.D. Tippit. 3. I'm not interested in the Cellar Coffee House scandal of the Secret Service. IMHO -- havi
  8. Thanks, Joe. I like your line of thought here. I'm seeking data that links Hosty and Sorrels, here. I think they worked together -- and any data that can show how closely they worked together from 1953 to 1963 in Dallas would be very interesting to me. I didn't see your earlier post, however, about, Hosty saying, "We had three of them -- Ford, Russell, and..." What was the question Hosty was answering? I agree that Hosty was more faithful to others than to his WC oath -- but I don't think the others were the FBI. Hosty totally trashes the FBI in his book, Assignment Oswal
  9. I find Dallas FBI agent James Hosty's 1964 Warren Commission testimony strangely inconsistent with his 1996 book, Assignment Oswald (1996). Yet, if Dallas FBI agent James Hosty is suspicious, then Dallas Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels is equally so. James Hosty began his full-time FBI work in Dallas in 1953. Forrest Sorrels began his full-time Secret Service work in Dallas in 1941. The first month that Hosty moved to Dallas, he met his counterpart -- Forrest Sorrels, who had already been living in Dallas for a dozen years. They had worked closely for ten years before JFK
  10. Hi Pamela, I wouldn't use the word "pushing" here. I find plenty of evidence for claiming that the theme of V.V. Kostikov and his alleged plot with Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate JFK is repeated continually in Hosty's text in Assignment Oswald (1996). I'll illustrate by citing just a few pages which reference Kostikov: page 48 LATE OCTOBER 1963 . Jeff Woolsey, Immigration Naturalization Services (INS) asked Hosty: "How about Oswald in Mexico City contacting the Russians?" . Hosty cites an FBI memo of 10/18/1963 citing earlier CIA records, saying that Oswald was
  11. Thanks, Michael, for verifying my claim here. I will make a further claim. James Hosty would "unequivocally deny ever having made the statement to Lieutenant Revill or to anyone else that, 'We knew Lee Harvey Oswald was capable of assassinating the President of the United States, we didn't dream he would do it.' " In that denial, Hosty merely denied stating those exact words. I believe Hosty there, because newspaper journalists sometimes make stuff up when they don't have the exact wording. Besides, Dallas Police Lieutenant Jack Revill never said at any time, in writing or
  12. That's interesting, Pamela. Have you read Assignment Oswald (1996) by James Hosty? Do you agree that this conspiracy theory by James Hosty appears in the book from the first chapter to the last chapter?
  13. Hi Pamela, I have two specific questions for you -- a scholar who has interviewed James Hosty personally. 1. What is your opinion about Dallas Police Lieutenant Jack Revill, who claimed in WC testimony, and in a 11/22/1963 memo to his boss, Captain Gannaway, that James Hosty told him personally on 11/22/1963 that the FBI knew that LHO was a danger to JFK, but held this back from Revill and others pledged to protect JFK? 2. What is your opinion about James Hosty's conspiracy theory about Soviet Embassy consul Kostikov and Lee Oswald in a plot to kill JFK? All best, --Pa
  14. Hi Pam, Over the years of this thread, I've done further reading and research. Chris Newton changed my approach quite a bit when he found for everybody that 10/18/1963 FBI memo that James Hosty (Assignment Oswald, 1996) claimed that he saw just a few days after it was published. Here it is: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=61074&search=Kostikov_and+Cable+and+orleans#relPageId=3&tab=page So -- I had to take back my claim that the FBI memo never existed. I'm not embarrassed, and I thanked Chris Newton back then, and I thank him today, too. It was a gr
  15. Well, it's been two and a half years since I started this thread. I am returning to it for a number of reasons. First, I want to emphasize that I challenged writers here to produce the 10/18/1963 CIA memo that James Hosty claimed that he saw (cf. page 48 of his book, Assignment Oswald (1996). Within a couple of weeks, Chris Newton produced that CIA memo. Great work, I said, and still say. In the interim (in other threads on this Forum) I have moved on to the book by Oleg Nechiporenko, Passport to Assassination: The Never-Before-Told Story of Lee Harvey Oswald by the KGB Colon
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