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  1. Both sites have lots of pages on WTC7. 911review does mention WTC7 indeed, but I can't find what they have to say about it. Do you or they, by any chance, suggest that it was wired and demolished in a few hours? I'm sorry to say that this site of yours is obviously run by incompetent or/and dishonest researchers whose job is just to pretend responding to 9/11 truthers. I cannot believe they ever will convince anybody seriously searching. They might, however, satisfy somebody desperate to be reassured that everything is normal. Nice try. Laurent
  2. While I have little doubt that Johnson was aware of the plot in advance and agreed to cover it up, I cannot believe he masterminded it, as Philipp Nelson claims. I came to wonder whether that LBJ thesis recently pushed forward could not stem from an ultimate effort to mislead the public away from the true culprits, just like the original lone nut theory. Since the testimonies of people like Billy Sol Estes or Barr McClellan obviously cannot be trusted, I am suspecting that the miraculous discovery of Wallace's fingerprint in 1998 is a fraud. That fingerprint could have been planted to blackmai
  3. OK, I will check what the 911Research site have to say. I hope they address the WTC7 issue, the "smoking gun" on which Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth are focusing. If you are interested in JFK research, I recommend you check into the "Bush connection" on thedarklegacy.com.
  4. Hi, I'm a new member. I ended in this forum searching for JFK stuff. But what led me to be interested to JFK's death was the 9/11 controversy. I am not alone is this case, I believe. I became convinced by the arguments of 9/11 truthers two years ago. Not by the kind like James H. Fetzer, but the kind like Richard Gage and his 1700 architects and engineers. To claim there were no planes on the twin towers is ridiculous, and I wonder whom this claim really serves. That there were no planes on the Pentagon, on the other hand, is common sense: the difference is that tens of thousands of people ha
  5. I was born in France in 1960. I originally earned a degree in engineering (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées), which proved useless for the brief career in pottery that I then undertook. I am now teaching English in high school. In 2008, I completed a PhD thesis which I then turned into two books, La Lance qui saigne (The Bleeding Spear) and La Mort féerique (Fairy Death), both dealing with tales and legends of immortal heroes and restless ghosts in medieval romance. I see JFK as the hero who saved us from nuclear apocalypse, and is still bleeding in Elysium (where womanizing
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