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  1. Very interesting stuff. I'm an artist, and am pretty lousy at mathematics in general- can you answer a couple of questions for me? Much of this thread is pretty obtuse to me. 1. Is the ultimate conclusion that this research points towards result in one, two or only the third of the "official" accepted shots happening further down the street? 2. Am I to understand that the traditional frame 313 impact might occur further down the street- closer to the steps than the mark on the street? 3. Have the after-assassination replacement/movement of various signs and possibly lampposts been taken int
  2. And what if it isn't? I post very infrequently here, mostly because I only offer my opinions if I feel I have something specifically meaningful to add to the topic. I generally don't speak up at all, unless I feel like I am on extremely firm ground, because, most of the researchers, CIA moles and concerned citizens who write on the boards are quite serious and well read and don't need my two cents. Obviously, Ms. Baker's story is not "all untrue". She worked at the same outfit as Oswald, during this super critical time period in the events leading up to the JFK assassination. They lived in t
  3. Roberts openly admitted to the Warren Commission that he ordered Hill and Ready to stay with the car right in the middle of the shooting. He perjured himself, claiming an outlandish distance between JFK's car and and the followup car that did not exist, and then lied again to the commission about the vehicles speeds to try and make an excuse for holding his agents back, (as well as claiming there were motorcycles in the way blocking the agents from being able to reach the Presidential vehicle without getting themselves run over.) It's really hard to believe Emory Roberts denied the President
  4. Mr. Groden's long awaited book will be available for sale any day now. It has been printed. I consider both of his pictorial books on the assassination very well done, with high quality images and production values, compared to most publications on the assassination. I've been looking forward to this one for a long while. I encourage everyone to support his work. He has been a tireless champion in his lonely quest to represent something other than the "official position" there in Dallas, and self publication of a book like this is expensive and difficult. There have been a number of rumors a
  5. Newman's work on Oswald and the intelligence chain of documents related to him is among the more intricate and subtle works extant on the subject of the covert operations leading up the assassination of our President. The book is demanding and very rewarding, for those who are truly motivated in unraveling the events that transpired which involved creating the legend of the patsy, and compromising the FBI and other institutions in a way that would insure that no real investigation would ever occur. There is no skimming through this work. It takes dedication, attention and a willingness to wad
  6. I think that it is perfectly reasonable to believe Governor Connally may have had his rib shattered in these frames. Note, Connally himself has not "reacted" to the strike, because human beings take time to react, and we tend to forget how many frames actually fill each second in this film. The jacket movement seems about right to me, time wise. It will take time passing before Connally “knows” he is hit- and of course, the same applies to the President's reaction times. The doctors when queried by the Warren Commission lawyers noted that when a bullet strikes bone, it is very painful, and pe
  7. "If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself." -George Orwell, 1984
  8. I'm not as knowledgable about the alleged Oswald attempt on Walker as in some other facets of the case, but doesn't all of the evidence collected pre-JFK assassination point to two shooters, both with cars, and an entirely different bullet caliber recovered with a different spectrographic makeup? Isn't 100% of the evidence suggesting Oswald was involved come from dubious sources- Marina threatened with the deportation of her children whilst held in isolation, or from known intelligence assets, the Paines and the Baron? I suspect a much stronger case could be cobbled together proving that tho
  9. The question is, what reliable evidence is there, at all, that Oswald even knew about the trek to Mexico until after the assassination? There is more solid proof that he wasn't there, than he was...photos of someone else said to be Lee, recordings of someone impersonating him badly, and proof via documents-witnesses putting him back in the states at that time. What is there- a bus stub of questionable origin? I feel that the entire production was created to force Hoover to accept Oswald as the sole assassin, and provide everyone else the excuse not to investigate the assassination. Knocking
  10. I've been reading with interest the threads discussing coming together for some sort of presentation on the year of the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, and also on the matter of a timeline to be published this year. In my opinion, the most valuable sort of presentation for public consumption would be some manner of graphically rich combination of multiple timelines and prezies which included clips and photos. A sort of dedicated and updatable website, or maybe a section of an existing site, dedicated to presenting in a straightforward fashion a relatively uncluttered and simple depic
  11. In my opinion, Mr. Fetzer is brave in his willingness to put life and reputation on the line to protect the American Constitution and the Liberties then-in offered to it's citizens. I agree with some of what he says about basic, simple alteration of the Z film, but am not convinced one way or the other about the complex parts of his theory. I would offer the observation that now is not the time to try and squeeze questionable answers out of the evidence. The "center" of the plot was long ago revealed. Why do we insist on trying to prove details that are not needed to convict those who planne
  12. I have had a number of researchers who write regularly here on this site privately ask me why I don't contribute more often. I have to admit I sometimes begin to...I will read something I have thoughts about, and begin a lengthy response, only to erase it after a lot of work. I sometimes feel terribly guilty at not doing more, because I do feel strongly about the assassination and it's consequences to our country. What stops me isn't insecurities about what I have to say or how I write it. It isn't fear either of an Imperial starship with Darth Vader giving me the old evil force choke hold.
  13. I believe the source of this quote may be Mark Lane, who gave a PBS television interview in New Orleans the day the California polls closed, before Robert was assassinated. He publically spoke about Kennedy's message, passed to him via Jim Garrison, that if he was elected President, he would open a new investigation and blow the whole case open. Writer Jack Anderson was in the audience, a guest that same day, and asked Lane questions. Anderson later told Lane he had written a column about Lane's announcement, titled "Ominous Prophecy". As far as Lane is aware, it went unpublished. Lane wrot
  14. When a writer or movie maker wants to deliver information to an audience, deliver a message that the audience will truly understand and integrate into their lives, the best way to accomplish this is to offer them the message from a unique, interesting perspective in a form that forces them to reflect upon the film or book to puzzle out the answer for themselves. When you just drop the info into their lap, it's boring and feels preachy. The writer needs to provide them the basic structure and integral points on the topic, and let that lead the reader or watcher to the conclusion via their own
  15. August 4, 1965 They're selling postcards of the hanging They're painting the passports brown The beauty parlor is filled with sailors The circus is in town Here comes the blind commissioner They've got him in a trance One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker The other is in his pants And the riot squad they're restless They need somewhere to go As Lady and I look out tonight From Desolation Row. Cinderella, she seems so easy "It takes one to know one," she smiles And puts her hands in her back pockets Bette Davis style And in comes Romeo, he's moaning "You belong to Me I Bel
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