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  1. In Pittsburgh last Nov Rob Reiner’s presentation was done via video. He took questions and I asked him about AI. He said he has been in meetings about it and to him a potential use of AI would be to bring more clarity (precision) to the Z film
  2. Very weak…a short blurb… don’t know what the goal was
  3. Looks like this might be a new segment in his prime time show
  4. I just saw an ad for a new Jesse Waters show on Fox… JFK Series. Starting tonight. Anyone have any info? Quick google didn’t bring up much
  5. There’s a really good Black Op Radio episode with Jim G
  6. When the pardon happened I really thought that was going to be the first of many dominos to fall….boy was I wrong https://www.justice.gov/pardon/black-history-month-2024
  7. The agents who didn't react failed to execute their duties. It's that simple. Knowing what we know now, the agents in that detail should probably be combat vets...
  8. On a virtual presentation at Pittsburgh Talbot made a reference to the fact that 60 Min (Hewitt) and Wapo (Bradlee) bigs didn't use their platform to push for JFK truth because they were afraid it would destroy their careers. Fear.... isn't that how LBJ bullied Warren into a corner...
  9. Next year during the campaign Trump/Biden could be forced to explain their decision to not release the files more specifically. Hopefully Bobby can back them into a corner.
  10. If elected, could Trump or RFK Jr reverse Biden’s final determination of the JFK Act?
  11. David, I don't believe anyone asked him that. The first half of the presentation was about his background with the Secret Service and what he did leading up to Dallas. Robenalt was with him and assisting. I don't think there were any "hard hitting" type of questions. I might be making a mistake with my memory... Landis said that when he finally wanted to bring out to public his recollections he reached out to an unnamed Secret Service contact. This person, who knew of the Wecht Institute/Cyril involvement, reached out to the president of Duquesne (who the agent knew) who then connected with Robenalt. Someone will certainly correct me if I'm wrong. What I can say David, is it's not too late to get some clarification. I recommend you reach out to Robenalt immediatly.
  12. I was at the recent Pittsburgh event. I'm really glad I made it. I believe he believes what he's saying now. He seemed very sincere. If you would like an answer to the 83/88 issue I suggest you pursue it. So many of the presentations were very interesting. I was even able to ask Rob Reiner a question!
  13. One of the highlights of Ep 4 is the line drawn from LHO early troubled youth to MK Ultra. Russel interviews are brought to life. It’s brought up as a possibility….
  14. Jim D mentioned somewhere….listen to the recent Black Op Radio. It’s fantastic on this topic. Has something like this ever happened before concerning an act of Congress?
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