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  1. Larry, can you provide a link for the Records building film you referenced in your post? Thanks
  2. If the guy has any connections with Alpha66, why doesn't someone ask Veciana. Now that he's made a public appearance he might be willing to answer questions like this....
  3. so we have the Zapruder film, the "other" Zapruder film, and this "Hunt/Sturgis" film. They've got to be out there somewhere...
  4. Mr Lane, thanks for posting on this forum. Despite the dwindling numbers, there's still some great interaction here. I've been reading this forum for years. I hope the powers that be keep it functioning. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Pittsburgh last year. Here's my take... I lived in Hoboken NJ for 16 years. 2 of the 4 mayors while I was in town went to jail for corruption related charges. I then moved to central New Jersey. In the last few years the mayor for Hamilton has gone to jail and the major of Trenton has been busted too. Throw in the problems our Gov has had and you g
  5. Mr Caddy, I've checked out someof the Hager links. On this one, paragraph 5, Hager states "There were three shooters, one was actually located in a storm drain on Elm Street under the overpass. This was where Johnny Roselli says he fired the first shot, which hit JFK in the throat." I've never read anywhere that Roselli admitted to being on of the assassins. Have you ever come across this before? Where? Thanks William
  6. I wonder if the supposed bullet hole in the link Rob references lines up with bullet hole that Horne claims you can see on the "the Smoking Gun" episode. has anyone with a high def TV ever looked that up?
  7. Mr Lifton, you reference your interviews (audio & video) in your posts. Will you ever make them available to the public? Thanks, William
  8. Regarding Robert Morrow....at one point, perhaps several years ago, his graphic descriptions of the sex issues of the case were getting a little out of hand. I have noticed that it has been toned down since then. Perhaps he realized it. Perhaps a mod made a suggestion. Either way, this is a good example of a postive behavior modification.
  9. John, I have read thousands of pages on this forum. Concerning Jim & Tom, I feel the positives far outweigh the negatives in this situation. If you decide to reconsider your position, I'm sure many members, like myself, will support your decision. There's too much at stake. More open minds then ever are going to find this forum over the next 6 months. I'm all for limiting the disrespect, but this is the "Education Forum!" C'mon John.... give them a timeout and let them back in the game!
  10. I was watching Joe Scarborough on MSNBC this morning. They were talking about drone strikes and how the CIA is hiding info about how many people are getting killed....probably quite a few people who are unintended targets. Then they talk about the next few guests including Mr Sachs and his new book about JFK's pursuit of peace with Russia. How ironic....from the CIA hiding info to JFK. I recently saw the movie Argo. At the end of the movie the actual identity of the CIA agent who tricked Iran is identified, yet they won't release 50 yr old docs.... Recently, for the fun of it, I started
  11. Just saw this on CNN http://www.cnn.com/v...i-ufo-files.cnn More detail http://vault.fbi.gov/ Has anyone every utilized this for research?
  12. Is Wecht's knowledge of the case thorough? or does he just stick to the medical issues.... I've listened to Horne on the radio.
  13. If O'Reilly were to host a series of shows and he brought in DVP and Bugliosi, and he wanted some educated CT'ers...I would recommend having.... -Doug Horne -Jeff Morley -Cyril Wecht
  14. Everyone, I wanted to bring something up that might be helpful. I just listened to Jim D on Black Op Radio. I thought it was very informative. I've only listened to 4 or 5 shows. I'm sure there are many people on this thread who have been listening to this program for years. You can certainly go back and get the back catalog of programs. On this board there is a list of "recommended books". Would it be useful to have something similar? My favorite was an episode with Doug Horne discussing his new book. Should we get Len to suggest a "top 10" for people that find their way to this bo
  15. http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/entertainment/celebrities_gossip/Arlen-Specter-hospitalized-with-a-serious-illness-friends-confirm.html?cmpid=124488469
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