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  1. In Last Second in Dallas, Thompson gives a startling history of how the audio recordings currently available as "DPD police radio recordings" were composites created from the original media (that no longer exist), leaving several recordings and transcripts of varying integrity behind. Suffice it to say that there is currently no recording that could be called "the soundtrack of the Zapruder film," although enhanced versions have reportedly been created that align with the apparent gunshot visuals that exist on the extant version of the Zapruder film (which itself may not look exactly as it di
  2. Finished reading Thompson's Last Second in Dallas. Lots of information focused on the DPD recordings and how the recordings available today came into existence (they are composites) and needed to be subjected to extremely rigorous analysis by exceptionally skilled professionals in order to be useful as evidence. Thompson's book provides a wealth of information about those who have used the recordings to reveal the truth -- and documents the apparently intentional, nefarious efforts of some "eminent" authorities to conceal it. But the question looming for me is: where was the microphone that
  3. I just searched for and found the phrase "Check it" in the DPD Channel 1 audio recording but I was not able to detect any sound or apparent fingerprint of a gunshot within 3-4 secords of that phrase in the recording I listened to. According to Thompson's Last Second in Dallas, the first shot occurred about 3 seconds after that phrase appears on the recording. Either my audio equipment isn't as sophisticated as I wish it was, or the fidelity of the audio recording I have of the DPD Channel 1 isn't high enough. In any case, I'll keep looking and listening as this process continues. Best wish
  4. Thanks so much! I've been collecting versions of the DPD audio recordings for the past couple of years and am especially interested in ones prior to 12:00 noon. If you can help me find any of those, I'd sincerely appreciate it! Of all the evidence resources, those seem to be among the harder-to-fake pieces (not like the visual record) since editing of audio content almost always leaves a particular "fingerprint" in the wave form. The AF1 tapes are among the best examples of that; with "pops" occurring where the ends of the spliced tape overlapped and "voids" where the ends of the spliced t
  5. Mark, you're most welcome! Where did you get the dictabelt transcript that you used in your 7/17/2020 release of Motorcade 63?
  6. The most likely microphone that would have been traveling through DP at about 11 mph would be one inside the JFK limousine or on the Queen Mary. Just a thought. With all of the DPD and SS radios operating on different channels at the same time, maybe the signals got crossed and the sounds of the shots picked up by a SS microphone got "mixed" into the DPD dictabelt recording system as "crosstalk." Thanks for the encouragement of my efforts to understand what happened!
  7. Speaking of wave forms.... Thought this would be helpful. The acoustical analyses go far, far beyond this little paper but sometimes its helpful to look at the data without numerical overlays and analyses. Hope this stimulates conversation! By the way, Mark Tyler's work with Motorcade 63 has been a terrific source of information and perspective, thanks so much!
  8. Chris, the depth of your understanding of dictabelt technology is certainly well beyond mine, so if it is possible for two transmissions to be encoded "at the same time" I guess it's technologically possible for the dictabelt recording to contain both the ambient "stuck mic" up near the Marriott as well as the high amplitude, short duration bursts characteristic of gunfire. I did a wave form analysis some time ago and found evidence for at least six "shots" on the tape, but thought that they had to be artifacts if the only available mic was a mile or more away. Makes me want to pull that aud
  9. A police officer (I think he had ID #30 or 38) was reporting about crowds walking along Stemmons near the Marriott hotel (across from the Trade Mart) and it seemed that the start of the open mic problem coincided with his transmission and continued until after the shooting. With the sirens approaching and passing his position, it seems reasonable to conclude that he was located somewhere between DP and Parkland, so no shots in DP could have been recorded from a microphone that far away. The audio profile of the "open mic" section of the DPD recording definitely shows some high amplitude shor
  10. Both trajectory lines are based on "connecting the dots" between a hole at the right rear of JFK's head and the depositing of blood and brain matter onto the driver's side tail light area (and officer Hargis) -- evidence that has been corroborated widely. In the trajectory line on the Moorman photograph, it points to the spot along the picket fence on the knoll where others have identified a "photographic anomaly" that could be a human head. The trajectory line in the Nix film frame is scaled to the same point as the origin in the Moorman photo, but if my two-shot sequence is correct, the sh
  11. Reading Last Second in Dallas now. Fascinating history and insights. The incongruity of audio and visual evidence suggests a different sequence of events may have happened in the last second at DP. I thought this might stimulate conversation. It's clearly speculative but I think it fits with the corroborated evidence I've seen.
  12. I look forward to seeing how the fact of the President's head being turned toward the knoll at the point of impact of the shot from that direction (during that "last second") which would permit the exhausting of gore onto the driver's side tail light area and officer Hargis (to the left and rear of JFK) which indisputably must have occurred based on fluid dynamics (fluids in motion travel in a straight line) and the substantial amount of corroborated evidence for it in the record, yet that positioning of the President's head is missing from the extant Zapruder film.
  13. David Lifton released a "Best Evidence" research video that presents the testimony of several of these witnesses and includes their observation of the arrival of the President's body at Bethesda in a "body bag" rather than wrapped in sheets as it was in Dallas. That video is also available on YouTube. He wanted to capture these peoples' testimony on film when his book Best Evidence had been published, so that the truthfulness of his accounts of their testimony could be verified. As we review the record and the evidence, more details are emerging that call the authenticity (completeness) of
  14. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to watch so many people seeking truth and traveling conscientiously on their own individual paths, yet having the courtesy to appreciate that while others' paths may not mirror their own, they are making contributions to understanding nonetheless. The truth "will out" only if the confirmation bias is recognized as a threat and conscientiously thwarted as the enemy of understanding, no matter the path being taken. Special thanks to Micah and all of the others here who appreciate what I'm talking about.
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