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    Medicaid funding for children's mental health treatment, helping parents find solutions to delivering excelling mental health treatment to their children, JFK truth, fly fishing.

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  1. I read the annual report of the Jamieson facility years ago and discovered that they had all of the technology in their Dallas facility (optical printer, etc) necessary to create the special effects needed to produce the “official film record” of the JFKA that would eliminate the credibility of “car stop” and other inconvenient witnesses. For the equipment to be so close, and the editing capability on site in Dallas to be so accessible, and for the zfilm to have passed through those same fingers suggests that this is a prime location for some further research.
  2. We’re figuring out that part of the plot was to have a movie of the big event to stand forever as a “record” of what happened that could replace peoples’ recollections of events with the “best evidence” of what happened, to suppress conversation about it. Fifty years later, the technology isn’t as flawless as it once seemed to be. The thought that two CIA employees at a film editing facility in New York might be helping to obfuscate things (divert attention away from the Dallas Jamison facility) is intriguing, for sure.
  3. Don’t forget that the Jamison film company had all of the technology on site in their Dallas facility to edit the Zfilm as effectively as any film lab in the US (they were known as “the Hollywood of the midwest” after all). The necessary edits could have been done right in Dallas, within an hour of the shooting.
  4. Has anyone else noticed that the hand gesture that Honest Abe made when he was interviewed on TV on the afternoon of 11/22/63 was more consistent with the appearance of JFK's head at Bethesda (the right side blown-out) than with a hole in the back of his head (and the rest of the head intact) that was documented at Parkland? He was describing what his film would *eventually* show (rather than the actual wound at the right rear of the head through which brain and gore were sprayed onto the driver's side taillight and officer Hargis). Maybe he was psychic as well as honest.
  5. Pat, your analysis of the 2016 election was terrific. Thanks so much! Best wishes for a fast & full recovery!!!
  6. Chris, this is the most comprehensive, clearly described summary of the stumbling blocks facing anyone who wants to understand the truth about anything. Even things that they themselves have personally experienced/witnessed! Nice work!!!
  7. I'd welcome any deeper understanding of the rest of the visual record of the JFKA. The Zfilm has received entirely too much ink (in more ways than one).
  8. I read Tragedy & Hope several years ago and squeezed the same realizations out of it. Quigley was one of the people who was a mentor to Bill Clinton and who he praised roundly for his insights and understanding of political realities. I really appreciate the extent to which several of the people on this thread are reading the same books and finding the same thoughtful, insightful information in them that I have. It's becoming a real "meeting of the minds" here, isn't it. So glad to be a part of it.
  9. Watched the HOPIUM program. No doubt that appeals to hope (for change, for justice, for integrity) have resonated with people of all sorts throughout history, and will always do so, and explains why politician/actors strive to embody it and ride the optimism it produces into office. That they are merely actors in a production not of their making is clarified by their behavior once in office....
  10. Is it possible that the "National Security State" operatives and the "fascist oligarchy" operatives are competing forces, and that the US is in the midst of a power struggle between those two forces (acknowledging that there are undoubtedly some with loyalties on both sides)?
  11. Remember that the people who were successful in manipulating voters "just enough" to get Trump elected in 2016 (read Chris Wylie's book Mind F*ck for more information about them) proved very sophisticated in their understanding of the Electoral College and how to move the levers of power to achieve their goal. The same people are probably behind the events following the 2020 election when their "plan a" didn't work. The people in the spotlight are actors -- they are never responsible for the production.
  12. I do believe that the pageantry put on display in the US Capitol on 1/6 was probably a diversion intended to conceal (not reveal) a more diabolical production that was underway behind the scenes, which was thwarted by unexpected actions that couldn't be countered fast enough to get the production back on the rails (the JFKA plotters were a little more successful). I'm really interested in knowing exactly why Mr. Pence refused the ride offered to him; suspicion about the intentions of the SS players seems a viable hypothesis. The effort we've been expending in trying to figure out what really happened on 11/22/63 seems to have been time well-spent as we try to figure out what's happening to our country right now. We need to keep the events in focus and slice up the time line carefully so we don't overlook crucial events (the best way to thwart the confirmation bias) and minimize sidebar attacks on each other.
  13. This thread is pulling pieces together and creating a plausible explanation for the pageantry displayed on 1/6 as a distraction to conceal a more diabolical process. Trump is looking more and more like a Trojan Horse that was propped up and pushed into play by oligarchs and fascists who used him to put policies and players into position that would further consolidate their power. Pretty sophisticated -- put "a basket of deplorables" on stage to cavort for the cameras while the levers of power are being manipulated deftly behind the scenes to keep the Horse in play. Ghastly.
  14. No place on Earth has a greater density of assholes per square inch than a school. Any school. And they’ve been getting more numerous with every passing generation, especially in the US.
  15. There are so many influences that shape a person's outlook and sense of optimism for the future. It has been widely recognized that our children have become more pessimistic; their beliefs about heroism and the value of risk-taking have become tainted. When my son was in 5th grade, he had to do a science project, so like most parents I suggested some ideas for an interesting project. The one he liked best was a sinister black covered box with a hole cut in it a little bigger than a fist. The project was to show the box to students in the 1st grade and compare their responses to students in the 8th grade when they were told "There is something inside here that may make you uncomfortable. Will you put your hand into the box?" The hypothesis was that the younger children would be less likely to put their hand into the black box and that the older children would be more likely to explore the box (a stopwatch was used to measure the delay in sticking the hand into the box), but the exact opposite occurred! The older children were less willing to explore the box. The 1st graders hadn't learned to be afraid, but by the time they were in 8th grade, the message had gotten through! Once courage is subverted, it can't be retrieved or revived, and the society we've created has done a phenomenal job at undermining and subverting courage. That was the point of my essay on "Emotional Memories" and why I think it's so important to give children "corrective emotional experiences" in their lives that thwart the message of fear and cowardice that are otherwise directed at them in school and the social media in all its forms. Thanks for your encouragement and I look forward to future helpings of inspirational viewing/reading!!!
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