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  1. I'm going to have to pull the book out tomorrow, but in Talbot's Brothers book, he dedicates around 15 pages to a man who was on a military plane that parked in Dallas on the way to the West right around the time JFK was killed. The man says the plane was not supposed to stop in Dallas but did, and it let on 2 men, one that looked exactly like LHO (as he found out later). Can someone elaborate more on this story? I'll try to find it tomorrow in the book, but reading this thread that rekindled my memory about the subject.
  2. Never heard of this book or theory, but it sounds a lot like the beginning of the movie 'SALT' starring Angelina Jolie. If you've not seen it, it starts with the premise that in the early 60s, LHO went to the USSR and was killed and replaced by a 100 percent lookalike Russian assassin named Alex Hidell. And then Hidell is the one who killed JFK. The U.S. Gov figured it out and thats why it had to remain hush hush. I enjoyed that movie, good action, good twist at the end. Had no idea it had JFKA stuff in it, and was surprised to see it in the intro of the movie.
  3. Not much action over at that site. It was even down for most of yesterday. Doesn't seem like things are picking up. As for LHO, I think the theory that he was an FBI mole spying on the Right Wing Cuban/CIA group is plausible. I think it was in Talbot's Brothers book where someone named 'LEE' tipped off the SS/FBI about an assassination plot in Chicago early Nov 63. The trip was hastily cancelled. Same m.o., high powered rifle from behind where the sniper was going to be shooting from a tall building.
  4. I wouldn't go that far as to say, Nixon was the "mastermind of assassinations". What assassinations are they talking about? Nixon did help in creating an assassination squad that I'm sure took orders from their handlers, it all works through a channel, and by 1968 Nixon kicked out the thirty remaining CIA assets and kept them from infiltrating into Cuba, Nixon never really liked the Cuban people, so could Nixon have said he would have done things differently had he won against Kennedy in the 1960 elections when it came to the Bay of Pigs and US military? I'm sure he did to save his own skin, however, it would have been easier to pass the buck so to say to Kennedy, then eliminate Robert Kennedy so Nixon would win his presidential election term as he sought to run against RFK. Nixon may have wanted someone assassinated and pass on certain information, but one is never to close to any operation to get caught. I don't believe that Nixon was eager for the Kennedy assassination. I think a contract of sorts was made out the night before. The assassination was already planned. Clint Murchison Jr held a meeting at his Dallas home. Hoover was there, as was Tolson, Nixon, and lastly, Johnson. I think everyone in that room was against Kennedy, except, cruelly, Richard Nixon. There was nothing for him to do but say nothing. He himself could be in danger. I think if anyone broke that contract they were performing suicide. Nixon's wife, daughters and Checkers would all be in trouble. Now the reason I say this is because a photo exists of Nixon in an airport (Dallas or Idlewild?) on 11-22-63. He either knows that Kennedy's dead or he expects to hear so. I'm sure he had a few drinks. He looks like he's crying. He and Kennedy had run against each other in 1960. Now one knew about the death of another and could not stop it. IMHO, I don't think Nixon was a part of the assassination. He just had no choice. His Moon Walk Hoax in 1969, I believe, was a secret gesture toward the dead John Kennedy who wanted a man on the moon in "this decade." If Nixon disliked Cubans, why did he hang out with Bebe Rebozo? I thought he was Cuban. Kathy C I think you're right that the writing was on the wall with JFK in that meeting. But having someone from the previous administration like Nixon, who I will assume must have been in charge of some kind of secret operation or division within the government that was passed onto JFK's admin (like the Bay of Pigs), tells me that there must have been some kind of giant mess up JFK did that involved national security relating to the previous admin. Something they still have not told us about and may never. Nixon was just there to get the down low on what was going to happen to take care of this mistake. I don't think Nixon was that low to agree or plan to kill JFK out of spite. He knew the election was stolen but he was no angel himself from what I've read when it comes to cheating votes. Not sure what you mean by moon hoax, I think we did go there in 69.
  5. 'The Kennedys' 2011 mini series is linked below. Greg Kinnear does the best job I've ever seen as JFK from an visual/behavior aspect. The forum won't let me allow too many media links, so just follow part 1 episode 1 here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m6k6IKGn4U Each Episode has 3 parts (example Episode 1 Part 1 / Episode 1 Part 2 / Episode 1 Part 3) until it reaches Episode 5,6,7,8 which are full episodes in one link - 40 minutes each. Enjoy!
  6. ok, will try to get this back on topic. This may have been discussed in another similar thread but I'll post my questions again. And for the sake of argument, let's just say the whole UFO phenomenon is real. I hate to do this since it mixes the JFK assassination with something on the edge of reality, but oh well. So if the President does not have high enough clearance to look into JFKA/UFOs, when was this clearance taken away? I dont think any of us know, but can we maybe estimate? Let's say Truman , Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, and Nixon all had access. From the quick google search I did, it appears they did (Eisenhower alledgedly met with Aliens, JFK knew of it too, and Nixon was all over it and told Jackie Gleason). So when did this access to this information end? Ford? Carter? I would suspect Carter. Ford knew too much about JFK since he was on the commission. Also, if Clinton was told both those subjects are out of his clearance, does that mean they are somewhat related (start twilight zone music in your head here)?
  7. Seriously, this is a joke right? Let me check the calender, April 1st , no, wait, it's not here yet. I saw his little spiel on the video, and sorry Jack, but we already have a Mitt Romney running for President. His name is ... Mitt Romney. This is the kind of stuff that makes our dedicated, educated, and rational quest for the truth about 11/22/63 mix in with bigfoot hunters, the fake moon landing crowd, and Elvis is alive people. Make it stop please.
  8. By tramps do you mean the 3 that were found in Dallas after JFK was shot? I had thought those 3 were part of a 2ndary team in Daley Plaza that day there to finish off JFK in case Kennedy survived the ambush in the plaza.
  9. What is your opinion about Rhodes and his ultimate goal of 'reacquiring' America thru peaceful means? With our foreign policy in the last 50 years or so, it appears that he didnt need to reacquire anything, the U.S. just followed standard Empirical rule.
  10. Here is a theory I keep hearing on many JFK Assassination anniversary programs of late relating to Cuba. It could be all b.s dis-info, but can some of you let me know if you've heard of this : +Cuban Missile Crisis did not fully get all the nukes out of Cuba. The monitors WERE NOT the United States, but rather the United Nations. +Nukes were left in Cuba until the late 70s and finally taken out during the Carter Administration. +Military/Joint Chiefs/ Congress knew about the remaining missiles and found it unacceptable to have those nukes left in Cuba. +Kennedy fought with establishment about this, and establishment - Congress + Military, basically privately impeached him. This could not be done publicly as the nation would demand war on Cuba thus leading to war with the USSR. Country/World could not go thru another missile crisis. +Decision made to 'impeach' JFK by other means i.e. Dallas I dont know who the person is who promotes this theory, but he's always called on the C2C program on the 11/22 anniversary shows the last few years. You can probably get a copy of this show on youtube from the last 2 years.
  11. Did you really buy that line of baloney? Clinton was an "insider" since practically day one of his career when he made friends with Win Rockefeller. There was no way that he was going to rock the boat and they kept him busy in his second term just so he wouldn't get any ideas. I disagree with your assertion that every president knows/knew about JFK but I'm sure most of them can guess. In descending order, I believe these presidents knew/know the most: Richard Nixon George H. W. Bush Dwight Eisenhower Gerald Ford Lyndon Johnson George W. Bush Bill Clinton Jimmy Carter Barack Obama Ronald Reagan Given his quote about the CIA in December of 1963, Harry Truman knew something. Truman for sure. he came out on 12/22/63 exactly one month after JFK died criticizing the CIA in a filmed speech. There are some researchers that theorize that Presidents nowadays are told the truth about JFK once they get in, and that the finger points at LBJ. They are told to keep it a secret so to protect the office. Who knows. George Bush the first picked Dan Quayle as his running mate. Maybe he knew nobody would threaten him with Quayle 2nd in line in leading the country.
  12. I'm sure each President in the last 30-40 years probably knows the truth about what happened to JFK. It's interesting that these guys have so many questions like the rest of us about the event pre-presidency but once they get in, it's status-quo. Bill Clinton was a big JFK conspiracy guy when he was gov. and if you all remember when he was running in 92, he said first thing he'd do when he got in was find out who really killed JFK.. Can't remember the guys name but one of his buddies from Arkansas (heavy set guy) was asked to look into JFK but was stonewalled all the way through.
  13. Mr. Kaiser, I hope you do well in your time off from this forum plus I really hope you write and publish your book! I don't know you, or even pretend to know you, but from your brief bio and from your recent posts, I think you are a man that is in pain. At least that is the feeling I get form your last posts. I realize you had a great bond with your father and that he was taken away from you, so I really hope your book helps you bring some closure to that aspect of your life. Good Luck!
  14. Thanks for that information Mr. Montgomery. I was sure there was a ebook for this title but I'll check my library again. I have read this book twice and I really don't know what to say. I think BarrM is telling the truth, but I surely didn't like the made up conversations and the 'the conversation would have happened this way' type of approach. I'm in the middle of reading Nelson's 'LBJ : Mastermind' book and so far it's been excellent. Read that one after you read BJP.
  15. Very nice post Mr. Kaiser. Thing with me is whenever I see such things is also saddens me on what he could have done more if he was never killed. I'm in the middle of Nelson's book and he has a conversation in there between JFK and his secretary. JFK is saying how in his 2nd term he wants to make a life in politics an honorable career and get rid of old congressional rules so that government service is on par with the advances in other areas at that time. Once I read that I just stopped and shook my head for probably 5 min or so. Really sad what this man had planned for the betterment of this country was never given a chance. If you believe in fate and or destiny and that kind of thing, my personal belief is JFK was put here on earth to do mainly do these things in his time : Avoid a nuclear conflict and get out of Vietnam and similar skirmishes. He accomplished the first, and partially did the second (Laos). But with him taken away, he never got the chance to never put us in Vietnam as he wanted to in his 2nd term.
  16. Don - thanks for sharing that. In may cases, I don't believe some folks had it within their means to share what they knew - in Connally's case, for example, even after death the family apparently refused to allow the final fragments to be removed from his body. Mark - Have you ever watched Four Days in November? Pay close attention to the body language of Ladybird and Johnson. Another unrelated bit that would go well with what you've posted is the case of Emmett Louis Till. There is footage of the reaction of Roy Bryant and J.W Milam when it was announced that they were acquitted. 'Telling,' I guess is the word. Apparently they later confessed to the crime in a magazine interview. Even recently, I watched Joran van der Sloot giving an interview. Well....I'm no expert. I wonder what an expert would have made of his eyes batting maddenly every time he responded to a difficult question. I've posted this one before - I think it's a great shot. - lee Hey Lee, Great photo. I agree with Ron that it looks like LBJ is fantasizing about a six shooter. It's a bit comical, really. Unfortunately I haven't seen 'Four days in November' yet but I'll watch out for it. Mr.DVP has Four Days in November on his youtube Channel here, 8 parts : http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?annotation_id=annotation_818373&src_vid=XThQz78UbOY&p=BAA9EF6D0CF44BC0&feature=iv Also thanks for posting that picture. I think this picture is more telling, which I think Mr. Stapleton was referring to : It's an eeiry stare he gives JFK hours before he dies. Almost like his eyes are saying You're going to be dead soon. If you've seen the video of this event, you see this stare and then LBJ looking JFK up and down.
  17. Have not read it yet but he was on C2C a few weeks ago. I think I posted some links to the audio in another thread. I'll try to find those. Basically he does get into the JFK assassination in the 2nd part of the show. But he also has a wacky theory that Nixon may have been a homosexual. So take it for what it's worth. Found it : Fulsom Interview Part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtcpd5M6pKA Fulsom Interview Part 2 - Heavily JFK related : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9K3Ffc8lI8
  18. Jim, Have you ever seen this video? If not, then check it out, especially the "clip" from 00:57 to 01.22 during which Ruby says "Well, The Answer Is The Man In Office Now". I borrowed the video from Wim Dankbaar's website JFK Murder Solved Enjoy! http://jfkmurdersolved.com/film/ruby.wmv --Tommy Great work in finding that! I no longer have Marrs book with me, but I believe he had a copy of Ruby's written blame of LBJ. And there were rumors that RFK and the K family did their own private investigation and had one of their men interview Ruby in his jail cell. Whereby Ruby told them the same. Which may have led to this :
  19. What do most of you all think about that book (apologize, can't remember the name) that came out 3-4 years ago claiming that the Kennedy's (JFK/RFK) were planning a coup in Cuba named C-DAY (similar to D-DAY). JFK/RFK had an agreement worked out with one of Castro's brothers to overthrow Fidel Dec 1 1963. If I recall correctly, the theory was that some nukes were still around in Cuba and the 'powers at be' in the US decided they needed to get rid of Kennedy to stop this calamity if the coup failed. I may be mixing up different theories. Also, it was interesting a few years ago that Castro claimed he had informed the Reagan administration of a right wing assassination attempt on him which was stopped due to this Cuban intelligence (http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2007-09-12-cuba-castro-reagan_N.htm). My gut feeling is once Castro dies, if there is any kind of government release of JFK documents, they'll all point the blame or associate the blame on Castro/Cuba. That's probably what they had intended back in the 60s when they had the documents covered up till 2070 or some ridiculous date.
  20. It's been a long time but I think I read it in Marrs Crossfire book like 17/18 years back. If i recall correctly, he had a written letter to somebody (maybe RFK, maybe a reporter??) that LBJ was behind it all. He also said something to the effect of If Aldai Stevenson was the VP, then JFK would still be alive today. I'm sure some of the other researchers on this site can provide some validation.
  21. Nice. Even when you hear this today, we're so programmed and conditioned in this country into hating our enemies it's amazing to hear something like this come out of a President's mouth. These days you'd more likely hear this from some peace hippie group than anyone in the government. Well except Ron Paul
  22. The end result for LBJ was JFK WAS RIGHT! He was right about Vietnam and LBJ and the military were wrong. You could imagine the ghost of JFK laughing at a defeated LBJ in the oval office when LBJ was broken after Vietnam. His ghost laughing and mocking LBJ saying I told you so. After W, I don't think we're going to see any President's from Texas soon. No offense Mr. Morrow, but is LBJ/W/Rick Perry the best your state can produce on a national level?
  23. Ruby pointed the finger at LBJ correct? That's probably why.
  24. I wish someone at a TV network or Life magazine or the military would put The Other Film on youtube. Someone must have access to it. What are they waiting for? Just release it. Most intelligent people believe there was a conspiracy, but there is nothing we can do about something that happened 49 years ago. Show us the film. Did H.L. Hunt have it? Kathy C I thought the other film was just a rumor / urban myth? You're talking about what others call the 'real zapruder' film correct? Unedited version where you see the entire car stop and he get shot form the front with back of head blown out? If it exists, who's seen it but a handful of people. I would imagine somebody owns it in a private collection and we'll never see it. But with the technology today, how come nobody's come out with some kind of animation of what really happened? If they have can someone link it? The only animations / simulations I've seen in the last 10 years or so are ones supporting the LNT. For example, that one ABC did with the late Peter Jennings and a few I've seen on Discovery and History Channels. Someone into animation here create one? Here's the assassination sequence from Executive Action - It's probably closer to how it really went down : Assassination Sequence from the movie WATCHMAN :
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