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  1. No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public For over a decade, the program, now tucked inside the Office of Naval Intelligence, has discussed mysterious events in classified briefings. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/23/us/politics/pentagon-ufo-harry-reid-navy.html
  2. entagon UFO footage needs scientific and military investigation, states expert UFO footage publicly acknowledged by the Pentagon DOES contain physical anomalies which are "worthy of serious scientific and military attention", according to an expert. https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1309894/pentagon-ufo-footage-video-DoD-aliens-alien-news-space
  3. Interesting.From NY Times. https://www.nytimes.com/video/us/100000005607812/look-at-that-thing-us-navy-jet-encounters-unknown-object.html?smid=tw-share
  4. Senators want the public to see the government's UFO reports https://www.politico.com/amp/news/2020/06/23/senators-ufo-government-reports-336021?__twitter_impression=true
  5. Saw this in one of our UK newspapers.Thought I would share it with you all. JFK files reveal Dallas cop shot by Lee Harvey Oswald may have been the real gunman Here is the story. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/jfk-files-reveal-dallas-cop-11422539
  6. The thing that has always struck me is,with the previous attempts.Should his security not have been on Red Alert.I would have thought that apart from the pilot car that was way ahead.They should have had a security car in front of his.At least a Police Car in front.
  7. I thought the Cuban Missile crisis was the beginning of the end.He only just restrained his Generals from starting WW111.And he was talking via the back door to Kruschev. I imagined the likes of Curtis Le May in a room with other top brass saying something like that damn Kennedy needs shooting,he is a Commie.And someone saying.Yeah,lets do it.But I always had a vivid imagination.
  8. I agree with Lance.In 63 I doubt those involved in the JFK Assassination would have known we would have internet access,nor the modern means to view images.I can see no reason to micro manage stuff to that degree.
  9. Have you seen this re free energy Wade. COLD FUSION: Wendelstein 7X star-machine PROVES the dream of limitless FREE energy A COLD fusion machine aimed at creating limitless supplies of energy from a few litres of seawater has been fired-up and is working exactly as the designers hoped. Source: http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/751174/Wendelstein-7-X-reactor-machine-creates-endless-supplies-energy-seawater
  10. Greer turns his head so fast that it does not look humanely possible.Its like a whiplash.
  11. This is from a normal Lincoln Convertible which shows the same screw James highlighted. http://www.conceptcarz.com/view/photo/1364404,13478/1962-Lincoln-Continental-MK-II_photo.aspx
  12. I found the same claims here,Jim and Joe. http://www.irishcentral.com/news/jackie-kennedy-blamed-lyndon-b-johnson-for-jfk-murder-127220093-237788131
  13. Re the Italian connection Paul.It has long been believed that the CIA had input of the death Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro.A story here is interesting. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/1581425/US-envoy-admits-role-in-Aldo-Moro-killing.html
  14. Re Firecracker sound.This may be of interest to participants in this topic. Why Use a Gun Silencer So if they don’t make them anywhere near silent, why do people use them? It turns out, there are a lot of advantages to silencers, particularly for military usage, including: A typical reduction in recoil of around 30%, which increases accuracy and reduces firing fatigue on the person shooting. Drastically reduced flash, which can be a huge advantage for military personal, particularly in night operations or for snipers. By getting rid of most of the flash, firing won’t reveal your position from a visual standpoint. This can also be a critical feature if firing around explosive gases, particularly if, before firing each round, you put a piece of tape over the silencer opening to help prevent the gasses from entering the barrel of the gun. Silencers help significantly in masking the position of snipers, not just because of getting rid of the flash, but also for audible reasons. Snipers can effectively mask their position by positioning themselves such that the bullet will pass by large hard objects, which will reflect the “crack” sound from the supersonic bullet much more effectively than the “bang” sound from a non-suppressed shot. This will make it impossible for an observer to tell which direction the shot came from, because it will sound like it’s coming from every direction in a perfectly chosen environment. Wolves actually use a similar technique in modulating their howls to make it sound like there is a huge pack of wolves surrounding something, instead of just one or two. Suppressors change the perceived sound of a gunshot enough that most people wouldn’t recognize it as such, particularly in a city environment where there are numerous ambient noises. Firing an unsuppressed gun in a small closed area, such as a bedroom or the like, can permanently damage hearing due to the noise being reflected back at the shooter at close range; this can also disorient the person firing the weapon. Using a silencer significantly reduces this risk. Source; http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2010/11/gun-silencers-dont-make-them-anywhere-near-silent/
  15. For Kathy, The Ultimate JFK Secret: Who is REALLY Buried In Arlington? Source: http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=17710 J.D.Tippit: Dirty Cop, JFK Conspirator and unwitting body double for JFK on the autopsy table?Source: https://jfkplayersandwitnesses.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/j-d-tippit-dirty-cop-jfk-conspirator-and-unwitting-body-double-for-jfk-on-the-autopsy-table/ Tippit Autopsy http://www.jfkassassinationforum.com/index.php?topic=426.0;wap2
  16. Police have named Sir Edward Heath as a suspected paedophile in the most extraordinary twist yet in the ongoing investigation into allegations of historic child abuse. Appealing for potential victims of the late former Prime Minister to come forward, Wiltshire Police revealed that he had been named in relation to offences concerning children. Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11780308/Sir-Edward-Heath-child-sex-abuse-claim-Wiltshire-Police-faces-investigation.html
  17. I think a shot from the storm drain is possible.People see storm drain and think storm drain.Think of it as a pillbox as used in wartime and its a good place to put someone.I would guess there were shooters posted in many different places for the chance of a good shot.Not all may have fired.
  18. Thanks for posting the link Douglas.You are obviously a intelligent man,who was at the centre of momentous events in the sixties. I am open minded about UFO,s like I am most things.But the way that anyone who mentions them is attacked by the MSM leads me to think there might be something more to it than meets the eye. I enjoyed the whole debate.So thanks again for posting it.
  19. I noted this picture on Greg Parkers forum,re Prayer Man.Someone suggests with a picture they post that PM may be holding binoclars.I have to say I agree.The fingers look curled and what PM is holding certainly looks bigger than a bottle.For those who are interested,take a look here. http://www.reopenkennedycase.org/apps/forums/topics/show/13180628-prayer-man-s-hands-and-face
  20. Lee Harvey Oswald was linked to the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle alleged to have been used to shoot President Kennedy by the hair and fiber analysis of FBI expert Paul Stombaugh. The Warren Commission’s final report drew conclusions from Stombaugh’s testimony that buttressed assertions about Oswald’s guilt, particularly the association between hair and fiber evidence allegedly tying Oswald to the rifle. The Commission considered Stombaugh’s testimony of “probative value,” the report stated. But a devastating recent study by the Justice Department and the FBI shows that close analysis of cases involving hair and fiber testing raises grave concerns about the role of similar scientific testimony by law enforcement experts in criminal convictions. Read full story here. http://jfkfacts.org/assassination/new-fbi-study-hair-analysis-warren-commission/#comment-754934
  21. This one Bob, We now return to what are loosely-termed the "backyard photographs" to examine the photograph which originally inspired this article. Mrs. Marguerite Oswald, mother of Lee Harvey Oswald, testified before the Warren Commission at Washington D.C. on Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th February 1964. On the morning of the first day, she made the following amazing statement concerning events at the Paine house on Friday 22nd November 1963 - presumably in the evening: "Now, gentlemen, this is some important facts. My daughter-in-law spoke to Mrs. Paine in Russian. 'Mamma', she says. So she takes me into the bedroom and closes the door. She said, 'Mamma, I show you.' She opened the closet, and in the closet was a load of books and papers. And she came out with a picture - a picture of Lee, with a gun. It said, 'To my daughter June' - written in English. I said, 'Oh, Marina, police.' I didn't think anything of the picture." After carrying on in a similar vein for a minute or so, Mrs. Oswald continued: "But I say to my daughter[in-law], 'To my daughter, June[?]', [a]nybody can own a rifle, to go hunting. You yourself probably have a rifle. So I am not connecting this with the assassination - 'To my daughter, June.' Because I would immediately say, and I remember - I think my son is an agent all the time - no one is going to be foolish enough if they mean to assassinate the President, or even murder someone to take a picture of themselves with that rifle, and leave it there for evidence.......... I said 'No, Marina. Put it back in the book.' So she put the picture back in the book. Which book it was, I do not know." "So the next day, when we were at the courthouse - this is on Saturday - she - we were sitting down, waiting to see Lee. She puts her shoe down, she says, 'Mamma, picture.' She had the picture folded up in her shoe. Now, I did not see that it was the picture, but I knew that it was, because she told me it was, and I could see it was folded up. It wasn't open for me to see." (36). At this point there is nothing to indicate whether or not this is one of the series of photographs apparently taken in the Neely Street backyard. A few minutes later, however, J Lee Rankin, General Counsel to the Warren Commission, showed Mrs. Oswald an enlargement of one of the two known (at that time) "backyard photographs" found during the search of the Paine garage, together with a composite of those two photographs (37). Mrs. Oswald said: "No, sir, that is not the picture. He was holding the rifle up, and it said, 'To my daughter, June, with love.' He was holding the rifle up." The question and answer sequence then continued: MR. RANKIN: "By holding it up, you mean --" MRS. OSWALD: "Like this." MR. RANKIN "Crosswise, with both hands on the rifle?" MRS. OSWALD: "With both hands on the rifle." MR. RANKIN: "Above his head?" MRS. OSWALD: "That is right." (38). After further questions and answers on other matter, Mrs. Oswald described how the photograph was destroyed in a suite at the Executive Inn, on the outskirts of Dallas, during the evening of Saturday 23rd November 1963. This developed into what was virtually a monologue directed solely towards Mr. Rankin: "And Marina comes with bits of paper, and puts them in the ashtray and strikes a match to it. And this is the picture of the gun that Marina tore up into bits of paper, and struck a match to it. Now that didn't burn completely, because it was heavy - not cardboard - what is the name for it - a photographic picture. So the match didn't take it completely. The last time I had seen the picture was in Marina's shoe when she was trying to tell me that the picture was in her shoe. I state here now that Marina meant for me to have that picture, from the very beginning, in Mrs. Paine's house. She said - I testified before - 'Mamma, you keep picture.' And then she showed it to me in the courthouse. And when I refused it, then she decided to get rid of the picture. She tore up the picture and struck a match to it. Then I took it and flushed it down the toilet." (39). Source: http://www.jfklancer.com/bymain.html
  22. No, A CIA Agent Didn't Just Admit To Murdering Marilyn Monroe. Did a retired CIA officer recently admit on his deathbed that he murdered Marilyn Monroe? Nope. It’s all part of a stupid hoax from fake news site World News Daily Report. The story was picked up by conspiracy theory aficionados InfoWars, among a host of other sites. But as Snopes points out, the image used at the top of the World News Daily Report story doesn’t show a CIA agent by the name of Normand Hodges. The photo actually comes from a 2014 article in The Guardian about ill prisoners. Source: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2015/04/no-a-cia-agent-didnt-just-admit-to-murdering-marilyn-monroe/
  23. I got the same,I have copied the link to see if it works. http://jfkcountercoup.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/phillip-shenons-cruel-and-shocking-act.html?m=1 It does work.
  24. Carmine,one gets the impression that you are trying to bait Greg and Lee.If you want to argue with them,why not use the PM,which in this instance does not mean Prayerman.
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