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  1. ...or is it just me? Can't get on as of right now.
  2. I may be behind the curve on this. Joan Mellen has a harsh and negative view of Turner vis a vis his performance for Garrison. I am quite sceptical of her views since 1) I read the Turner/Christian RFK book years ago and it is an exceptionally fine piece of work, and 2) she ascribes motives and possible culpability to RFK for Dealey Plaza which I believe are not credible. Has Mr. Turner ever discussed or replied to her criticism - attack really - of him?
  3. For a great discussion of Maddow and "conspiracy theories" by Abby Martin on RT TV, go to "http://rt.com/shows/breaking-set-summary/todashev-death-fbi-investigation-324/" click on "download video" underneath the graphic. Maddow segment starts at 22:55. Awesome!!
  4. They can't be the same. Compare noses. Eyebrow arches. Alignment of ears to eyes.
  5. "It would appear, from this morning's Washington Post (1/25/13) that Snowden is in fact going to stay in the Soviet Union." David, that would be a pretty good trick! The Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1989.
  6. Buried among DVP’s video archive is JFK’s civil rights speech of June 11, ‘63. Given that MSNBC has seen fit to reproduce it, I am posting it here also. Does anybody, including him, think that....oooohh just maybe the segregationist/white supremacy types in the south, not to mention higher ups in the military/intell community might, just maybe coulda been, aroused enough to seriously consider killing him for it? OTH, supposing Oswald to be the commie malcontent the WC and its sycophants insist he was, would this speech have motivated HIM to murder JFK? Seriously? http://tv.msnbc.com/2013/06/1
  7. P.S. Stone's JFK didn't name anyone specific as a conspirator or assassin. Evidently the DiCaprios will. Can a case of libel or slander be brought on behalf of a dead person by his/her relatives? Slippery.........
  8. Just spitballing here. If their movie ids Marcello as complicit in the assassination, would his relatives have a basis to sue? I realize this subject is pretty slippery. I haven't read Waldron's tomes, but if he did this, and they didn't sue...well I don't know.... My latest wet dream is that they somehow drag Garrison as an ally of Marcello or something like that into it and give his kids a case for slander or libel to bring into court. Wouldn't that be something?
  9. This doesn't have much to do with JFK except for maybe two details. 1. What I boldfaced in the paragraph. 2. Unless I missed it, Allen Dulles isn't mentioned once in the piece. Maybe that's not important though. Kind of mind-blowing anyway..... "Ruth Fischer, code-named "Alice Miller," was considered a key Pond agent for eight years, working under her cover as a correspondent, including for the North American Newspaper Alliance. She had been a leader of Germany's prewar Communist Party and was valuable to the Pond in the early years of the Cold War, pooling intelligence from Stalinists, Ma
  10. Greg, I appreciate your response. What I had in mind was not a duplication of DP, but an approximation showing a car at about the distance of the limo from Zapruder moving in the same direction, etc. etc. Doesn't have to be Dallas especially. Can an 8 mm film be altered the way the alterationists say it was....that was my only point. Obviously using current technology it could. As to 1963 era technology, doesn't Douglas Horne describe how it would have been done? Optical printers, traveling mattes and such? I've seen documentaries showing how effects were achieved in the silent era - surely th
  11. I have a suggestion that might help to clarify the Z alteration issue. How about somebody take an 8 mm movie camera and film a similar scene of a car traveling at 11 mph from left to right with people moving in the background, then slowing to a stop then picking up speed. Process it. Then alter it taking out the stop, using techniques available in 63-64 as much as possible. Release both. At least that would show whether the alteration scenario is plausible. Wouldn’t it?
  12. Greg Parker said: "But if were writing a bio on the man, I know I could put aside personal feelings and do an honest and balanced job." "Despite that, and my obvious animus toward him in every mention of his name in these threads, if I had to write a piece on him that was needed for a site like this or wikipedia, I would do a fair and balanced job." Whew, Greg, you are a paragon. Very few people other than msm "journalists" would make that claim I think. On what basis for example would you decide that certain facts or events were unimportant or irrelevant? How much emphasis to put on this
  13. As I'm sure most of you know, Wikipedia's treatment of JFK has been pretty thoroughly dissected (autopsied might be a better term) at CTKA. I thought a current discussion of Wiki's unreliability might be of some interest although not specifically about JFK. http://www.salon.com/2013/05/17/revenge_ego_and_the_corruption_of_wikipedia/ http://www.salon.com/2013/04/29/wikipedias_shame/
  14. Speaking of suspicious characters, have you ever noticed "hard hat man" as I call him in the Algtens photo? Here the shots have already started, one of the later car doors is open, I believe it was LBJ's car or his bodyguard, and this guy is standing with his feet planted, arms crossed, looking backward, AWAY from the President. I've always wondered who he was and what his story was. As far as I know, nobody else in DP was wearing a hard hat that day.
  15. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/11/jfk-assassination-50-years_n_3259817.html?ref=topbar Execrable article. Video clip shows Thompson beginning that he foisted a false fact upon the world back in 66 or 67. He doesn't actually say what it was however. What was it?
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