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  1. I just finished watching "JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man's Trick" a fairly new film by Francis Richard Conolly. This 3.5 hour film is available on Youtube. Overall, this is the best overview of the JFK assassination that I have seen. The film covers everything from the historical underpinnings of the assassination to the details of the shooting and the following coverup. The film is great in many ways. I found the general overview to be mostly accurate and nicely presented. The summary of the shooting in Dealey Plaza was really great. I didn't agree with every detail of w
  2. From Al Martin's "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider", page 8: "From 1987 to 1991, I cooperated with every Democrat investigating committee in Washington investigating Iran-Contra and later investigating Iraqgate, BCCI, BNL, etc. from the early stages of the Kerry Commission hearings in 1987 to the Tower Commission, the Hughes Commission and the Alexander Commission. .... Of the 1,300 witnesses, subpoenaed, deposed, interrogated before these committees, 413 have since died under clouded circumstances." And on page 17: "(When Bill Casey headed the Agency, he would remark p
  3. I have recently finished reading "Nemesis: Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O, and the Love Triangle that Brought Down the Kennedys." Nemesis is a great book and an absolute must read for anyone interested in RFK's assassination. Peter Evans is a great writer and a great researcher. He conducted a huge number of interviews to produce the book. Nemesis is both very readable and very well researched. Peter Evans lays out a compelling case that Aristotle Onassis was involved in the plot to kill RFK. Onassis himself confessed to financing RFK's assassination. The first part of the book is ba
  4. I recently finished reading "Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects", by Kevin Ryan. I would now rate "Another Nineteen" as the best book I have yet read on the topic of 9/11. "Another Nineteen" is a very, very well researched book. Kevin Ryan must have spent a good part of the last decade reading, researching and organizing the information in this book. The book itself is hard to summarize because in many ways it is a summary of a huge amount of information. Kevin Ryan's understanding of the 9/11 op and the fake war on terror are profound. He uses the framing of inv
  5. From the blurb on the back of "Intelligence Matters": "Intelligence Matters also make a meticulous and at times starling case for official Saudi Arabian complicity in the 9/11 plots". But of course the Saudis would not have done this by themselves. And once you follow that thread, you get to a plot that involves so much high level US participation that it needs to be covered up. In my opinion, the Saudis are maybe only 10% of the whole story.
  6. Porter Goss was co-chair of the "Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11". He co-chaired with Senator Bob Graham. This inquiry failed to calm requests for a more honest accounting of 9/11, and the 9/11 Commission was later created. Senator Bob Graham was so unhappy about his experiences with the joint inquiry that in 2008 he published a book, "Intelligence Matters, The CIA, The FBI, Saudi Arabia, and the Failure of America's War on Terror." In "Intelligence Matters" Graham tells the story of how the Bush white house sabotaged t
  7. Robert, I have to disagree with you about 9/11. I believe, and I believe it can be proven that 9/11 was a false flag attack. Given your deep knowledge of how the national security state works, if you do a bit of reading, it should be fairly easy for you to understand the 9/11 op. I have only come to think about 9/11 in the last year or so, and given that is it much more recent and less well researched than the Coup of '63, the 9/11 op is less well fleshed out than the JFK assassination, but still, there is more than enough evidence at this point to clearly prove that 9/11 was a black op
  8. David, If you are interested in recent FBI history. I highly recommend chapter 4, "Louis Freeh and the FBI" in Kevin Ryan's recent book "Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects". The whole book is very, very well researched and footnoted. Kevin Ryan has pulled together information from a wide variety of sources. The chapter on the FBI does a nice job of highlighting the systematic failures within the FBI to stop terrorism before and during Freeh's tenure. I just finished reading "Another Nineteen", and I now consider it to be the best book written to date on the bla
  9. Raymond, Although I don't think that J. Edgar Hoover was actively involved in the planning of the shooting part of JFK's assassination, I am quite convinced that he had knowledge of the plot beforehand and was actively involved in plot. Hoover's and the FBI's role in the plot had two big parts, first suppressing pre-assassination warnings about the plot and secondly, running a good fraction of the cover up. I have read of a few examples of the FBI failing to follow up on pre-assassination threats to the life of JFK. I wish I could cite these off the top of my head, but I read things and
  10. I have just finished reading Enemies: A History of the FBI, by Tim Weiner. Overall, I found it to be a mediocre book; a sanitized version of the history of the FBI. The best part of the book is the part that covers the formation of the FBI and the very early days of the FBI. The closer the book gets to the present day, the weaker it gets. Weiner did have access to some recently released papers from Hoover that provide an interesting insight into the early days of the FBI. One interesting thing I did learn from the book was the mutual hatred and rivalry between J. Edgar Hoover and Allen
  11. Sorry about the poor image quality. I could not make tables work in the editor, so I used an image file. But I could not get the editor to show a high res version of the image. Please see the attached pdf to read a high quality version of the table. If anyone knows how to make this post look nicer, I would appreciate the help.
  12. The 9/11 attacks were a false flag attack (where an attack is made to seem to be from someone other than the real perpetrator) led by the Bush family, Dick Cheney and the Saudis. Osama Bin Laden did not plan or orchestrate the 9/11 attacks. They were most likely conceived by GHW Bush and his inner circle. The planning, training and coordination of the hijackers is done by the Saudi royal family, Saudi intelligence and companies closely related to Saudi intelligence. Anti-terror defenses in the US are systematically disabled by members of the Cabal placed within the anti-terror operations of
  13. Paul, It looks like he is trying to pin it on Castro: http://jfkfacts.org/assassination/news/at-the-newseum-epsteins-unconvincing-indictment-of-the-pro-castro-assassin/ Best, Mark
  14. Since the time I started this thread, my thinking about Ed Epstein has evolved. I am now of the opinion that Ed Epstein is a knowing agent of disinformation. When I first met Ed, I knew very little about him or his background. At that time, I knew that he had written on the topic of the JFK assassination, but that was about all I knew. When we had dinner, I was somewhat puzzled by Ed's seeming lack of interest in the JFK assassination. He came across as someone who had not paid much attention to the assassination in the past 20 or 30 years. Although he said that he thought the CIA wa
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