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  1. What would JfK think? What would he do?

    I attended a Zoom conference the other night and cyber threats. I think it’s obvious that nation states can no longer rely on physical muscle to be top dog. There can no longer be a top dog when state or non state actors can hack into nuclear power lands and weapons facilities. Time to make peace. I never liked Red baiting. I don’t think of China as the Yellow Menace. Are we still at odds with Communism? Do we dare to think we sit on moral high ground? 

  2. The one negative and provable thing about Joe Kennedy was his attitude towards Jews, even if he did advocate establishing safe havens for Jews in Africa and other places so they could leave Germany.His isolationist views and his anti-semitism were not out of the mainstream at the time, and his children certainly didn’t inherit this attitude. 

  3. 10 minutes ago, David Andrews said:

    We love the Kennedys so much, they just have to be victims, and represent essential goodness, and always be minimally culpable and therefore excusable.  Because that is how we see ourselves.

    I see them as evolving flawed human beings who raised themselves up and created a short lived rather idealistic dynasty. 

  4. 4 hours ago, David Andrews said:

    Why would anyone making that kind of money legitimately, risk making much less illegally? 

    Because the Volstead Act soon devolved into a joke, and - as in the War on Drugs - prosecutions were selective.  Those prosecuted tended to be from among the class of immigrant descendants that the Act was meant to protect the WASP teetotal populace from.

    And no one believed it would last, just like a spectacular trading development on the Street.

    I really don't see bootlegging as beyond Joe Kennedy's moral compass.


    I don’t see it as beyond his moral compass either, but bringing liquor into Massachusetts by boat during prohibition needn’t be proof of longstanding ties to organized crime. I’d have to have more to go on than Costello’s statements. 

  5. Let’s see what Jim has to say. RFK jr had plenty to say about his grandad in American Values, even mentioning Halpern. I don’t trust mafia sources as much as family. Pete - I don’t want to come off as an expert. It’s my nose for bs at work here. I’ve read and seen so many times what an awful chap Joe K was, but he worked for FDR, and that might have been enough to begin the character assassination. 

  6. Chuck - nicely done. I’ve read all of Bill Kelly’s work on this, as well as Talbot. The only quibble I have is the connection to Volkmar Schmidt, whose story seems part of the Dallas incrimination of Oswald. Schmidt’s guilt over turning Oswald into an assassin is a bit much. What do you think? I doubt that Oswald ever went to Mexico City, though if he did there was impersonation going on there anyway. And I’m not sure he tried to kill Walker.

  7. 21 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:


    I am not aware that Halpern did the hatchet job on Joseph Kennedy and the Mob.

    I think that started with Double Cross, that piece of crud book by the Giancanas.  At least in any serious and popular way.  

    It might have been done by another Mob guy before that.  

    But I did do some work on it and that is also BS.  See below:


    Just read your review - once again a great one. It seems to me that a major journalist/historian ought to take this on - if only mainstream media paid any attention to your excellent work. It seems so crucially important to the whole sorry Kennedy tale and fable. I can’t even watch for a minute any of the Kennedy family biopics and series that get aired. I’ve tried to watch one or two with people, and they just eat it up. Joe Kennedy has been completely maligned. My bet is that many reading this probably believe that stuff because it gets repeated so often and is firmly esconced in mainstream history. Joe was a crook, and his son a Cold Warrior. RFK Jr did take it on in American Values, but he is now completely dismissed despite decades of good work because of his stance on vaccines and on the billionaire takeover of everything. I’m not sure if the mercury in vaccines causes autism, but I can say with absolute certainty, having read it on the CDC website, that it is still in wide use. How many people know that? Any vaccine packaged in multi dose format has to, by law, contain mercury. Have any doctors that anyone here knows ever informed their patients that single dose flu shots sans mercury are available for the asking? Leaving vaccines out for a minute, RFK Jr is right on the money when it comes to the billionaires and their multinational corporations and foundations. They are taking over everything - media,  governments, seed bank, arable land, aquifers. 

  8. Greg - I really appreciate your line of inquiry regarding Oswald’ movements and Larry Crafard. You make a very logical if unproved assumption that Crafard was working for Ruby, that he shot Tippit (presumably to cover a trail) and was going to shoot Oswald. Let me ask you to speculate - do you think Ruby was taking these actions on orders from mafiosi? Or someone else? In addition to his mob ties (which I’m not sure are very well documented) he also had ties to others in the Dallas milieu like McClendon, and to local cops. He mentions Edwin Walker by name while in custody. What’s your take on Ruby and his henchman Crafard? 

  9. 10 hours ago, Anthony Thorne said:

    I think you could expand the group of witting participants - Dallas, Secret Service etc - if you figure that some of them knew that something had been planned, and had then been done, but they still had no idea who did it or planned it.

    i.e "Do us a favour and let Jack Ruby through the door / keep the crowd at bay while these guys get in a Rambler and escape / stop any nosy journalists from asking questions etc etc etc". Followed by "You don't need to know the details. But keep everyone happy and you'll be rewarded."

    There could be plenty of 'insiders' who were on the periphery of the plot, who played a part, and who benefited, yet who truthfully have no idea who planned it, who the triggermen were, what the full details of the plot was. All they likely knew was if they played their part and did their piece and kept their mouths shut, they'd be happy with what they were given afterwards. 

    Agree. Plus several DPD detectives were involved in setting up Oswald, so at least one had to be in the know

  10. 31 minutes ago, David Andrews said:

    It may be asking a bit much of J. D. to put him on the Grassy Knoll and the autopsy table.

    Tippit looked like a tallish, rangy type.  There's video of JFK shirtless on a beach in 1962 to compare to the Bethesda photos.  Add a year and some cortisone bloat.


    It is weird though. Looking at dead JFK and then imagining it being Tippit instead isn’t hard. The ‘death mask’ changes ones appearance 


  11. 7 hours ago, Chuck Schwartz said:

    Benjamin, the Miami / Cuban / New Orleans nexus may have been a subset of the CIA / Army Intelligence / JCS group- they were not separate entities, in my opinion. In any organization, though, there are differing opinions, which can fracture the  organization.

    Thank you. Certainly no real barrier there. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Norman T. Field said:

    Tippit's widow being brow beaten into accepting cremation instead of burial (most uncommon in a fundamental Baptist home) screams 'red flag'. Supposedly of similar size, build and coloration with JFK, Tippit's corpse could have been used to fake 'autopsy' photos. There are also  statements by Roscoe White claiming that he had to kill Tippit.

    I tire of 'theories' from folks who haven't done their basic homework and due diligence prior to publishing their speculation. 

    I also find the current forum software ranking me as a "rookie' rather incompatible with my almost 20 years of forum membership and more than 40 years of investigation into the assassinations of the '60s. Who created this flawed algorithm?



    Number of posts create the algorithm.

    thanks for encouraging people to read McBride’s book. I agree - it’s eye opening. 
    I’m inclined to think that he had to be killed because he knew too much, rather than killed to provide impetus to the search for JFK’s killer.
    Someone asked why would his killer be on foot? Isn’t there decent evidence of another cop car parked nearby and seen by a witness? There has been exploration of his life and movements prior to his killing.

    McBride was the first to interview his father, and it seemed important to me. After reading the book I examined Tippit’s alibi, and it does not pass the smell test. It’s clear he had the time to be at Dealey Plaza, and to be at the local gas station 15 minutes later and Oak Cliff a few minutes later. 

  13. Jim - really good review of Newman’s book. 
    I read Last Investigation many years ago and was very influenced by it - great book. I watched Veciana’s 2014 coming out party, and I’ve read some of Into The Storm. Veciana surely lied lots, and no one is really sure where the lies stop and the truth starts. Even if David Phillips was his CIA handler, his story of seeing Phillips with Oswald may be untrue. One doesn’t lead to another. The jury is out. But what is important, and Jim points out this is not Newman’s unique contribution, is that the Pentagon was running Alpha 66. I saw Newman present this evidence and found it convincing. This does hurt Veciana’s general credibility, and also brings Army Intelligence right into Dallas. And of course we know that Army Intelligence backgrounds were a common denominator in the DPD. I await more info on Lemnitzer from Newman’s future books.

    I find Newman’s beliefs about Nosenko and Golitsyn incredibly illogical and troubling, especially as his source Bagley was closely associated with Angleton. Golitsyn did much harm, and made so many wild and ultimately false accusations against people here and elsewhere. There is a Big Lie lurking somewhere when it comes to understanding the Cold War. Does favoring Detente, or even Peace with the USSR make one a KGB tool? Was JFK a KGB tool? We really should ask who was Angleton working for?

    The hard line way of perceiving politics is alive and well, and more destructive than ever. And when we look at these events, these Spy games, in hindsight, I believe we get a glimpse into secret workings of power, a Deep State if you will that is not bound by National borders and is united by enormous financial power and gain. 

  14. On 9/22/2021 at 7:21 PM, Denis Morissette said:

    Listen to this November 27, 1963 interview of Marguerite Oswald by the Secret Service in which she claims that FBI agent Odum showed her a photo of Jack Ruby *before* Ruby shot Oswald. Turned out that the photo was one taken of an unidentified man at the Russian embassy in Mexico City. I think it is the photo on the right that was printed in the Warren Commission volume in spite of CIA’s objections.



    Unclear on something - how do we know this is the photo that Odum showed Mrs. Oswald? 

  15. 1 hour ago, Pete Mellor said:

    A first test screening of the film Dr. Strangelove was scheduled for November 22, 1963. The film was just weeks from its scheduled premiere, but because of the assassination, the release was delayed until late January 1964, as it was felt that the public was in no mood for such a film any sooner.

    Are you sure that wasn’t 7 Days in May? 


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