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  1. Well thought out theory. What do you make of the copy found by DeM later with Oswald's writing 'hunter of Fascists ha ha'?
  2. Plenty of leftist talking heads on Current TV and MSNBC - Rachel Maddow, Cenk Ugur. Much more now than in the last several decades. But if by left you mean old left like Chomsky, none, and certainly none who would openly express a conspiratorial view of hiatory. I don't think we are very far apart btw. Things are screwed up. Money and power corrupt absolutely. Nothing new here. Threats to the system are dealt with, and what we see of government is a sham, as are most of our history books. When people rise up, as they tried to do in the 60's, well... You see what happened. All of it. Not just the major political assassinations, also Kent State, floods of illegal drugs, agent provocateurs like in the 1968 Democratic convention, and countless less visible acts. As for Obama, he like any other intelligent do-gooder has his hands tied in ways that remain pretty much invisible. But - to get back to the subject at hand, is the new TV drama centered on Parkland Hospital? When is it coming?
  3. Len - I don't buy Boone's filmed admission. Both he and Weitzman imo just played ball. They were policemen, and we know how they do. Its a rare cop that will go against the tide.
  4. I think Paul that your inferences about Martin's age are logical. I also think that the fact that Weisberg and Schoener paid little attention to the first part of the film taken at Walker's home lends credence to their whole story, which is given extra historical context by the fact that Weisberg was looking for New Orleans connections, as was Garrison and everyone else. It is astounding how little attention was paid to the very real possibility that it was Walker who was, with some help, the action officer in charge of the plot. Paul - in your research have you come across any real connections between Walker and the hawks among the Joint Chiefs like LeMay?
  5. Mr. Heidenheimer - I think you are overstating the case. Obama is no rightist. He's not a 'liberal' either. And we do have leftists on TV, though not nearly enough. Of course if you position yourself with die hard Communists or JBS you are going to view American politics in an extreme way. How do you view Oswald?
  6. The Enfield story is pretty new to me. But the Mauser incident is of course impossible to erase from history as we all saw it.
  7. I find it hard to believe that the first rifle found at the TSBD was Oswald's. its hard to imagine a misidentification by two guys who should have been able to tell the difference, and they did swear to it in writing, did they not?
  8. Jim - Do you think the backyard LHO photos are fakes? Paul - what is your source on the gathering where Volkmar Schmidt turns LHO towards Edwin Walker?
  9. Paul - I visited your website. Its hard to know where to start. Do you have any suggestions?
  10. Harry - could you tell us how Oswald came to the attention of the JBS group that decided to set him up as the patsy? Did you ever meet Oswald?
  11. I keep thinking the same thing about Pawley, the soldiers of fortune, the CIA and mafia guys, the Cuban exiles. There are simply too many stories, too many connections,too much disinformation. Most importantly, these guys, in their attempts to get Castro, whether by killing him or by getting the US to attack him, were singularly unsuccessful. That in a nutshell is why I believe that it wasn't from this group that we are going to find the killers of Kennedy. It does not seem likely to me that the plot to kill JFK originated from the 'eastern establishment'. Sure, the old CIA boys were angry at JFK. But he was one of them. They didn't hate him. Mr. Kelly posted something - sorry I cannot locate it right now - about how the JBS is the source of so much finger pointing at the left, and to them the left was just about everyone in the eastern establishment. They never complain about the Texas 'cowboys', the oil and defense companies. Its more than just a blind spot. Its deliberate disinformation, and shows the JBS for what they were - the old confederacy. That's where you find real hatred, not just anger. And that's where you find the willingness to kill an American president. Dr. Strangelove, Seven Days in May, etc, and JFK and the Unspeakable, a meaningful book which shows some of the Joint Chiefs for what they were - warmongering idiots. For me it is this nexus, practically headquartered in Dallas, that needs deeper penetration. What is the truth about the mysterious passenger who conversed with Oswald on the bus to Mexico? Why did Oswald go to Mexico? I cannot believe it was to meet Kostikov, or to get a visa to enter Cuba. Its what some plotters wanted us to believe, but I don't think that is what Oswald was up to. I think he was hunting fascists. I would love for someone to prove to me that my suppositions are wrong.
  12. John - must have been Town Hall. Anyway, I was there, and that's how it ended.
  13. Just saw this response. Thanks for the welcome to the board. I appreciate your skeptical approach. I would ask you a question too - what is your take on the JFK assassination? 9/11? My thinking on 9/11 is that it might have been a false flag event that went wrong. I don't buy the on the ground detonations theory. The notion that some interested parties in the US would have killed 3000 Americans for nefarious political and economic reasons is untenable. But allowing or somehow facilitating a terrorist attack is not. So I am able to entertain the possibility that there is some US involvement. Although post 9/11 events, such as the coverup of the findings of official investigations, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, don't prove prior involvement, they certainly get my attention. Clearly I have a conspiratorial view of history. To put it simply, great concentrations of money and power and desire for same cause people to conspire, to think long term, and often to resort to violence as becomes necessary to their survival. As for JFK, I remain convinced of conpiracy. I am pretty certain that I can narrow it down to two interested and possibly interconnected power groups - LBJ and his Texas cowboys, and Edwin Walker and the John Birch segregationist military and ex-military anti-communist hawks. You didn't ask, but I don't mind sharing. I am no expert, and not a first hand investigator, just a concerned citizen. Have you ever seen my trading cards?
  14. Oswald was being played for sure, but I doubt he saw it that way. I think he thought he was the man pulling the strings. Remember 'I led Three Lives'? Oswald had constant interactions with suspicious and dangerous characters intersecting with all of the Kennedy hating groups that became suspect in the assassination later. His intelligence files have been largely hidden from view. For now I am assuming he was investigating something, or several things. He starts out with military intelligence, then CIA, and later FBI, all of which entities have done their best to distance themselves from him. Whose to say that his relationship with DeMohrenschildt wasn't his idea? What about Banister? Was forming a FPCC branch in New Orleans someone's idea of sheep dipping him? Maybe. But that assumes he was really stupid. In hindsight it has the result of making him look like a Castro lover. But maybe he was trying to draw people out of the woodwork in order to see what they were up to. Same could be said about his interactions with JBS and KKK, possibly with Ruby. He said it himself - he was a 'hunter of fascists'. His trip to Mexico doesn't fit well with this theory if we assume that what he was doing there was trying to get to Cuba or Russia, or worse to meet with KGB. But what if that wasn't him? Maybe he was following some other leads in Mexico City while someone he was spying on began the process of preparing him to take the fall for JFK's murder and link him, without his knowledge, with Kostikov.
  15. Oswald went to Mexico, but was it Oswald or the 'mystery man' that met with Kostikov? I read through Mr. Newman's presentation, and if I understand his views correctly he is saying that whoever dreamed up the Kostikov/Oswald connection (virus) knew that it would provide cover for the actual conspirators because it would cause the massive cover-up that ensued. Isn't it also possible that the plan was cooked up by extreme anti-communists willing to gamble on the possibility of nuclear war? You know, guys like general Buck Turgidson or Jack D. Ripper? If the Kostikov story was a deliberate plant it had to at least have been conceived by someone who knew who he was. I doubt that LHO knew, because assuming he wrote the intercepted letter to the Soviets he got his name wrong. I doubt that the Soviets or Castro would have taken a gamble on a virus that implicated themselves - too dangerous - and don't think the mafia were that sophisticated. That pretty much leaves renegade US military and intelligence, retired military commie haters like general Walker, and of course LBJ himself. The advantage of the LBJ theory in this case is that he was in the best position to make sure that the virus worked as intended. But as I am sure, and history shows, that LBJ would never have sanctioned a nuclear strike on the Soviets, he would have had to be very sure of his ability once he became president to control the investigation. To get back to Oswald in Mexico, if he wasn't trying to get a visa and wasn't meeting with Kostilov, what was he doing? I've read some of the confusing and sketchy info on this and can't make much sense of it. But I don't buy the idea that he was trying to get to Cuba.
  16. If Walker was behind the JFK assassination, why did Ruby kill Oswald?
  17. I enjoyed Mary's Mosaic and think Mary Pinchot's story is interesting. I think that Tom made some good points. Question for Tom: Is it your opinion that the info you dug up is sufficient to discredit Janney's book? Do you have any other findings about mr. Mitchell that disprove the other allegations about him, such as documentation of his Georgetown U. Post, or that he stayed at a CIA-connected hotel? Are you sure that the William Mitchell who graduated Harvard in 1963 is the same one that testified in the Pinchot murder trial? Is Bill Mitchell of California the same man that testified? I would also ask the same questions of Fetzer and Janney, if he is tuning in.
  18. I have never seen anything to suggest Ruby knew Walker. I posed the question because I wondered what your take was on Ruby's motives in killing Oswald. I have always assumed he acted on orders from someone, but who? If Walker was behind the JFK hit and Ruby knew it, why would he kill Oswald? Did Ruby have any reason to protect Walker? Or did he kill Oswald because Oswald could have implicated Ruby in the assassination? It was Ruby's act that forever caused me to doubt Oswald's guilt. If one follows your theory, Walker knew right after the attempt on his life that Oswald was the shooter and was protected and possibly even hired by RFK. Of course there is no concrete evidence of RFK's protection of Oswald, but Walker's belief in this regard is proven. Oswald's sojourn in New Orleans shortly after this event makes me wonder if Oswald was investigating something. Perhaps Oswald's street theater there was a misdirection of his own making to disguise his true motive, an investigation of the minutemen. I know this is stretching. Surely there is much evidence that he was up to something with the Cuban exile community there. But Miami would have been a better choice for this. Most investigators think Oswald was being played by someone, creating bonafides for his pro-castro stance. Even if that is true, it leaves me wondering who Oswald thought he was playing. Perhaps Banister, a minuteman and racist. Whatever Oswald was and whatever he believed, whatever kind of double or triple agent game he was playing, he certainly wasn't a racist.
  19. I would also add that it is suspicious that this general theory should be under-investigated compared to others.
  20. Paul - you have managed to keep this important theory alive on this board more than anyone else. There are of course many theories and many haters, people with motive and means. But no one could have hated the Kennedys more than Walker, and I do indeed remember that even in nyc the first suspects were Walker and the racist rightists around him. I have grown increasingly less willing to implicate the CIA eastern establishment types because Kennedy was one of them. It certainly seems odd that a collection of operational CIA types working with anti-Castro Cubans and mafiosi could be such failures when it came to assassinating Castro, but succeed in masterminding the killing of a US president. It seems to me not coincidental that the plotters chose Dallas. If the assassination was the work of the racist Birchers and their military and ex-military cohorts it fits in with the history of the US from its inception. The perpetrators thought they were heroes in the best southern tradition. To them they lost the Civil War to the same eastern establishment internationalists that later became the Communist menace. They intersect with all the other possible parties to conspiracy, most especially the military industrial complex and the Texas oilmen. You rightly point out that covering up a conspiracy of southern racists was just as imperative as it would have been to not blame foreign communists. It might have led to another round of civil war. And we still face the same deep divisions today.
  21. Paul - is there any evidence that Ruby and Walker knew each other?
  22. Yes - who looked something like him. When I looked at some pics of Hendrix I thought he resembled Phillips, and fit the description by Veciana. But it was later when I reread the account of Seth Kantor, who while at Parkland hospital a few hours after JFK's death received a phone call (no cell phones, so how did that happen?) from Hendrix in Miami who was already peddling the Oswald did it story and had Oswald's official background at his fingertips, that I started looking at Hendrix. Apparently there is some evidence that he had already been working with or for the CIA for several years by that time, and flash forward a few years and he is officially working with Phillips in South America. They were already aqcuainted with each other in 1963. Of course there may be nothing here, but if anyone had more biographical info on Hendrix I'd sure like to read it.
  23. In response to an earlier post by Christopher Hall, I would respectfully disagree that turning on a president or other powerful DC insiders to LSD indicated a flawed character. Even before I read the two books on Mary Pinchot I thought that someone had turned JFK on to a different view of the world than the one he grew up with. I used to think it was Ms Monroe, a liberal and a politically aware individual. But Mary Pinchot is a more likely choice. Her background shows her to be a free thinker and an intellectual and an idealist. Others have suspected Leary's 1983 bio of embellishing the truth, or even making something up for publicity purposes. For me it has the ring of truth. As for LSD's transformative power given the right set and setting, I have no doubts.
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