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  1. I think the guy arrested and still held in Guantanamo, who are govt thinks was the organizer of the 9/11 attack, is a patsy. my only problem with the 9/11 ‘truthers’ is that they focus on melting steel, controlled demolitions, building 7. We will argue about those things forever. Far more interesting to me are the redacted pages on Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 Commission report, Senator Bob Graham’s dissension on that issue (he is the much younger brother of WAPO’s Phil Graham) and his subsequent fictional novel. If anyone has read Bernard Levy’s book on Daniel Pearl’s Pakistan kidnapping, it’s the British born Pakistani that arranged that kidnapping who should be looked at. But we all know of US blind eye to Pakistan, who after all created the Taliban. No one wants to look. Like with JFK, we spend little time on Who done it.
  2. Thanks - I confess I didn’t read the article. It would seem very obvious that the way to counteract all this hypocrisy is never let an interview go by, never miss a chance to point this fact out. Of course the debate seems to have shifted to mask mandates. But here in SF we now have vaccine mandates too. Our choral director, who lives in Sweden, has just resigned over the vaccine mandate because he is unvaccinated. He is also not a Trumper or a woo woo new ager, but a very intelligent masterful musician. I’m personally confused about vaccine mandates. If vaccinated people can still get Covid, and still spread it, isn’t testing the better way to go? The only way to know if someone is truly safe to others is if they test negative, assuming the accuracy of the test.
  3. What is clearly missing is whether or not Trump and his political cronies have been vaccinated.
  4. Thanks Jim for posting these two essays and for all your work. I was glad to see that at the very end of Paul’s second essay he broached the idea that perhaps FPCC was in itself an Intelligence Operation. That seems very likely to me. It may be impossible to prove, especially given the fact that FPCC files are still hidden. But it has the earmarks of an Intelligence front, a lighting rod to draw subversives out, and to use against the members.
  5. I agree about Westbrook. Hard to imagine that he and Lumpkin weren’t well acquainted and perhaps in coordination that day
  6. Looks good. Does Blakey think LHO was there too? Which witness descriptions dovetail with that?
  7. Steve - that is a possible explanation. But it could also be an intelligence unit within the DPD.
  8. Steve et al - I received Jack Crichton’s oral history transcript. The key sentence, in describing how Colonel Lumpkin, Deputy police chief, called him on the evening of Nov 22 to ask if he knew a Russian interpreter for Marina. Quote - “ He (Lumpkin) was Deputy Chief of Police at that time. But he also had an Intelligence unit. And I, at that time, I was CO of the 488th Strategic Intelligence Unit. And I had previously been a CO of a counter-intelligence detachment here in Dallas and about 100 people in that unit and about 40 or 50 of them were from the Dallas Police Department. So I knew a whole bunch of these guys. And Lumpkin and I were especially good friends. And Lumpkin …. I answered the phone, and George said “Jack, do you have anybody in your unit who can come down and act as the interpreter in interrogating Marina Oswald?” And I said “No, I’ve got some good translaters but nobody that fluent”. He said “We need somebody desperately”. And I didn’t realize it at the time, but the Dallas …Dallas had charge of the ….what was going on in Dallas then. It was not a federal offense to shot the president then, that where the occasion occurred, the local community had authority. So I said “Well, George, I have a friend named Ilya Mamantov, who is a Russian. He is a geologist with Sun Oil Company, and maybe he’ll do this”. He said “Call him right away”. So I called Ilya. He happened to be at home, and he said “Well, I will be happy to act as interpreter”. And he said “I know the Oswalds, and I might be able to tell the police something about them”. And said “I’d be happy to”. So, George sent a squad car out and picked Ilya up, and sirens screaming”. When reading the rest of the oral interview it becomes clear that Crichton was well read in JFK assassination literature.
  9. I’m glad you mention Lansdale, a perfect example of the close ties between military and CIA. And of course the CIA asset mayor and his brother, close second to Dulles and a USAF Colonel. Indeed the various branches of the US Military have Intelligence branches. The distance between Allen Dulles and any General or Colonel is a phone call. De Mohrenschildt May or may not have been a CIA asset, but when he meets with officials in NYC and DC regarding ‘sisal’ it’s with Army Colonel Sam Kail and Dorothy Matlack of US Army Intel. (ACSI), along with CIA asset and Bush crony Thomas Devine.
  10. Question for Jim - how can you say we now know it was the CIA with absolute certainty? When I look at Dallas I see far right military connections throughout the Police and the motorcade, and a thoroughly right wing Dallas corporate establishment, a city where the haters were in charge. I see a Vice President eager to assume leadership and commandeer the most important evidence - the body, the limousine, a secret service detail ready to follow his orders and willing to expose their president to extreme danger. I suppose I should ask you this basic question - what is the CIA? How do you define it? Under whose orders do they operate? What is the connection between the CIA and the military? Are they really two distinct organizations? How much evidence does one need to see that they are linked?
  11. I have no faith in congressional select committees. A public trial would be much more direct. Trump’s tax returns have still not seen the light of day. He’s still ‘objecting’. NY Attorneys have been ‘investigating’ Trump for nearly two decades. He remains uncharged. This doesn’t prevent me from concluding he is a criminal hiding behind his phalanx of lawyers. One could say the same about many corporate criminals. They literally get away with murder. That’s our justice system at work, ineffectual.
  12. I find the vaccine debate perplexing and annoying. To me it comes down to mercury. Is their thimerosal in the vaccines or not? It seems that the industry acknowledges that there might be a problem with it. I have a very old friend who is a top level pathologist. He was on board with the anti vaccine movement in the early 2000’s when servicemen were being shot up with multiple vaccines prior to deployment in Iraq. He tells me that today’s vaccines no longer use mercury. But it’s clear that some vaccines do contain thimerosal. As with much these days getting at the truth is very difficult. When posters here provide links to articles and papers it doesn’t actually help me. Ascertaining the level of expertise and or the trustworthiness of one expert or another is hard to do. I much admire RFK Jr for a lifetime of activism, and I remain convinced that he is right about mercury, no matter which kind it is. But is there mercury in a flu shot? The CDC says you can get a flu vaccine with or without mercury, but I don’t recall being given a choice. What about the Covid vaccines? Anyone know? How about the new shingles two dose vaccine being recommended nowadays? Is the CDC correct when they say there is no mercury in childhood vaccines?
  13. It has to be ordered - it’s not a transcript. I’m going to fill out the necessary paperwork and see what happens
  14. Steve - I’ve been in touch with the 6th floor museum curator. I asked why I couldn’t find the Crichton file. Interestingly it turn out the name was misspelled. I am assured that the museum still has the oral history.
  15. Don’t you think there is a more likely sociological component, more economic than racial?
  16. Good one. I see you’re carrying the ball alone, and doing a fine job of it.
  17. Who is Rolf? Interesting post, but no way to fact check.
  18. Adam - I’m not Joseph McBride but when I read his book I tried to calculate this, and in my opinion he had time, though 10 minutes of hanging around seems too long. The fuel station was I believe less than a mile away. I also determined that his alibi was full of holes. I wish Joseph would weigh in here. The best explanation for Tippit’s death is for me that he was expendable, and dangerous to leave alive. Dead men tell no tales.
  19. I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a police officer shooting from behind the picket fence, and my bet it that it was Tippit. It’s the best explanation for his movements afterwards, and for his death.
  20. Hundreds of years ago the Church censored scientists who turned out to be right. Because of that we are rightfully wary of censorship. Today’s religion is the one pushing climate science denial. So shall we censor today’s ‘church’? As much as I agree with Mr. Niederhut, I don’t think censoring the voices of climate deniers will change anything. However, the lack of concerted action here and globally in the face of incontrovertible evidence is a disgrace and a global catastrophe. Are those that argue against censorship here also in doubt that climate change is human caused?
  21. Maybe Stone could be convinced to release two 2 hour movies instead, the second focussing on who did it rather than on Oswald.
  22. Couple of thoughts. I have little doubt that major and minor media outlets are still assets of the ‘deep state’ when needed. It’s also true that negative coverage of real conspiracy fact is self perpetuating, because journalists are protecting their employment. I heard an hour long show on Project Censored (KPFA) yesterday looking at the increasingly popular blogs, and in particular ‘left’ or ‘prog’ blogs. I recalled how uncomfortable I was listening to Jimmy Dore, during the Trump presidency, criticizing Democrats. After all we had a monster in the WH, and we needed to get him out. What possible good could come from examining the marginalizing of Bernie Sanders? Well, that’s where we are now. Major media is completely partisan, and I simply cannot watch CNN or MSNBC anymore. I can barely read The NY Times. The only place where there is anything resembling freedom of the press is in the ‘1% of the news produced by the marginalized ….. Mockingbird assets were (are) simply individuals who will write a slanted story on CIA request.
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