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  1. I think this was part of the framing of LHO. The story makes little sense, no matter what Marina and DeMohrenschilt said. They simply can’t be trusted.
  2. Come on Cliff. You’re blinded by your adherence to the shot in the back that you dismiss the rest. Do you think there were three shots? Do you think the head shot came from the rear?
  3. Cliff - do you believe SA Bennett’s report? To me it smacks of circling the wagons.
  4. Well, Hank isn’t around anymore for clarification. Jim D is. Maybe he knows what the Mary Meyer issue was. I recall having a minor disagreement with Jim on a Mary Meyer thread, and he convinced me I had missed something. He didn’t completely turn me around, but he made a good point I couldn’t dispute. Funny - I remember crawling my way through Scully’s posts with varying success. But I don’t recall Albarelli posting here, though I’m sure at one time he did.
  5. The more I read the Sheridan material the more I wonder what information compelled many authors to say that Sheridan was doing RFK’s business in 1967. Would anyone like to post here and defend that supposition?
  6. Gene - Do you know if this interview is the original source for RFK’s oft quoted statement that he asked Dulles in a way that Dulles couldn’t lie to him? Must be. Have to ask - is Sheridan asked about RFK’s death? amazing that Sheridan’s work for nbc is hidden. So why do people say he screwed with Garrison at RFK’s request when he had been working for nbc for two years by that point?
  7. So basically your plot absolves CIA central command, though you say it’s at least possible that Angleton and Dulles might be in on it. And you still base Phillips’ involvement to Veciana’s stories? I was on that page for a long time, but no longer believe it. Well, who knows? I think like Cliff that the killers, the actual shooters and those for whom they worked, had an agenda different than Cuba - Vietnam. Castro lived out his days in relative peace, unlike millions of SE Asians. This is why I think it unlikely that the shooters were Cuban. Going down the trail of the Cuban exiles is surely suggestive, and they certainly had a grudge. But they never got what they wanted. Also down that hole are CIA/Mafia connections. The shenanigans at the autopsy, the murder of Oswald, all done by forces not engaged in with the original false flag operation or the piggybacked one, for expediency, rallying around the flag and the new Prez, or their own self interests. In a nutshell, changing Cuba policy was the target of both plots. It does seem logical, and I would bet it’s a majority opinion that Cuban exiles were at the heart of it. My opinion differs, and that all it is - an opinion - from yours because I think the piggybackers set up the false flag operation before they hijacked it, providing cover for themselves. I think the CIA/Military nexus is at the heart, and that Lansdale is a more suspicious character than Phillips. I incline towards outsourced assassins that did not include Oswald and were not shooting from the TSBD, either Corsican or from that drug running clique, shooters for hire. What I really disagree with is the notion that some Cuban exiles took advantage on their own and turned a faked attempt into a real assassination.
  8. Benjamin - It’s hard for me to square the Oswald Legend, which I think most would agree was orchestrated by his handlers, with his possible involvement as a shooter. After all, the footprints of Intelligence surrounding Oswald throughout his life up to New Orleans and beyond would have remained unnoticed were it not for the assassination. They are easily explained as parts of other Intelligence operations. The Legend made him a good patsy, but I cannot imagine him accepting the patsy role wittingly. I agree with the logic that he would have been watching the motorcade, not shooting at it. Investigators have been plagued with rabbit holes over the 58+ years, and personally I think the biggest of these is Ozzie himself. Can we analyze his movements before and after, and avoid the elements that were part of his Legend, such as firearm ownership, proCastro sympathies, Walker shooting, multiple wallets, trips to the Mexico Embassies etc? Your analysis presumes his guilt in some manner, and you try to fit everything into that envelope. Mine presumes his innocence and does likewise. Meanwhile, the murderers remain unknown, unacknowledged, and unpunished. That’s a Rabbit Hole. There are other ways of seeing his movements, and removing the bits that seem planted is useful in my opinion. I do think the idea of a piggyback operation is very logical, and it has been posited by others. Your theory needs the guilty being named, or guessed at anyway, and I’m talking about the Cabal that hijacked the false flag operation. If Oswald, involved or not, drinking a coke or not, expecting help disappearing afterwards or not, having and using a handgun or not, going to MC or not, shooting a police officer or not, etc etc, didn’t kill JFK, who did?
  9. Several possibilities. What was he doing in New Orleans when he got into a fight with exiles?
  10. Kirk - death rate per infections, not per population. And I think the low estimates are based on approximations of how many asymptomatic cases there are. In California last I checked the death rate was about 1.8 % of known cases. Bear in mind that good and timely treatment usually works. I agree with you about everyone being an expert now. I sure don’t feel like one, and I just love it when people I know who are refusing the vaccine start sending me articles saying that they don’t understand it all BUT.... what worries me most definitely is the cure being worse than the disease. If a vaccinated country like ours can get back to attending performing arts and eating inside restaurants and gathering with friends without masks I will feel relieved. I am single and trying to date online, something I’ve done before. Most recently I was told by a double vaccinated woman that she would only meet me outside with masks. I have a neighbor who is like that too. The fear is in my opinion out of all proportion, and we can thank our media for being so one sided and so intent on bad news for that. If fear of this or any other virus becomes the norm we are in for a future shock of vast proportions.
  11. It also casts doubt on his MC trip, which I personally believe was fiction. As for his involvement with Cuban exiles, it doesn’t mean that he was in league with them.
  12. Gene - I inserted this excerpt from a longer document which I linked in a thread I started a few years ago called “interesting interview with a Cuban exile”. One can search YouTube and find a segment of an interview which Skorzeny gave to a Canadian journalist in which he is asked if he ever worked for Castro, to which he responded something like ‘yes, and to the enemies of Castro’. After reading Major Ganis’ relatively poor book on Skorzeny (I say poor because Ganis seems a bit too taken with Otto, and because his conclusions are absurd) I began to wonder what was the real relationship of Skorzeny to the rat line segment of the CIA, and also to his military equals in the US. Even this excerpt seems too willing to link Skorzeny to Russia, almost like a deflection. It’s absolutely clear to me that Mossad, rather than executing Otto, used his services against Egypt in the early 1960’s. Whenever I bring up Skorzeny on this forum I’m met with little response. No one wants to ponder the deeper implications of Paperclip, the fact that, as the D-state article points out, it wasn’t just scientists that were scrubbed it was SS too. What makes this interview I quoted interesting to me is the source saying he understood through his connections that Skorzeny was supplying arms to Cuban exiles. What is that about? And he actually states Madrid and Belgium. Well, Otto lived in Madrid. But Belgium? This is why I think Skorzeny is connected to the QJWIN program. Arnold Silver, CIA station chief in Belgium, was, while still in Army Intelligence, Otto’s case officer in 1947, and he was in part responsible for how Hitler’s commando was released from Army custody. And Silver was William Harvey’s contact through which QJWIN was recruited for operations against Lumumba. So here is a Cuban exile drawing that weird connection, and then the interviewer inserting on his own the deflection towards Soviet operations.
  13. Gene - thanks for the link to D-state article. I’m never quite sure what to make of that website, but always find it interesting reading. When you ponder LHO’s relationships in the Dallas White Russian community what do you come up with? I have a wacky theory about DeMohrenschildt. Though he paraded his liberal tendencies, I suspect he was a member of the Skorzeny network, as were others in that Dallas community.
  14. I just read Jim D’s article, written by Linda Pease, about Otepka. It does not even mention RFK, but does mention Sheridan. I tried to find biographical info on Jay Sourwine, general counsel for the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, with little success.
  15. Me too Gene. I wish Jim D or even Joan Mellen would post here and respond. Mellen has claimed things about RFK with authority, essentially explaining his post assassination actions as due to his sense of guilt. Perhaps Jim has published his views on Otepka on his website.
  16. Hoover’s memo to George Bush of the CIA comes under the heading dirty laundry. Perhaps he was just making sure the CIA didn’t mess with him by letting them know that he knew what they were up to.
  17. From my understanding the manuscript was unfinished when Hank passed. Perhaps when the book is finally released Leslie Sharp will come on here and answer some questions. As a fan of Hank’s work I contacted him on FB and he was very friendly even though we never actually met. He shared a few tidbits which really got my interest, asked me not to talk about it. Perhaps he did likewise with some others. Then he left a message unanswered. I found out a month or two later that he had passed. Due to the startling things he shared with me I became concerned that his last work would never see the light of day. I found out through others here that Ms. Sharp was working on getting the manuscript published. I found a way to contact her, she responded and was very forthcoming. We have communicated many times. I think she is faithfully trying to get the work published as Hank envisioned it.
  18. Hi Gene - nice summary. Pamela asked the question about RFK interfering with Garrison’s investigation. Do you think this falls under the same heading - that something is off about this? It seems clear that Sheridan did that. I haven’t dug down enough to know for sure if that is well documented. Assuming it is, how good is the evidence tracing Sheridan’s anti-Garrison actions to RFK? After more thought something occurred to me. It seems possible that General Walker’s claim - that he knew Oswald had shot at him, had been taken into custody that night, had been released on orders from RFK, none of which was ever stated by Walker until after 11/22 - could have come from Robert Morris, through Otepka.
  19. Richard - maybe I’m blind - where does this file come from? FBI? I
  20. Yes - thanks - exactly what I was referring to. So what do you make of Otepka’s tale?
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